Over the Hills and Far Away

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Nothing, nowhere, devoid, absent, lost, adrift, hidden

Submitted: May 23, 2008

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Submitted: May 23, 2008



The stream of time is flowing through our arterial community
It’s pressure bloats your sense of security
While the acts of patriots become the maneuvers of murderers
Only time will tell how the pages of hastily scribbled truth
Will be understood by the survivors of our selfish greed
We dance round the may pole with our children’s dreams
And squander the fair mother earth with our plundering hands
Ripping her fair skin with our mechanical daggers
Tearing her soft luxuriant mounds with our toothy lacerations
Watching her bleed into your blood bath
While you bathe in the wealth of their poverty
Stroking your political erections that salute the perverse criminals that you breed
Herding the people into the concentrated holiday camps of death
Build the funeral pyres of our exhausted love
Let the shotguns cut down the peaceful dove
Take my heart and eat it for your sacrificial rites
And then we will journey into the dark night
You and I will be united within our circle of desire
And your mind will feed on the fleshy fire
Take care your creativity may become the gleaming vehicle of self destruction
As we fall again into the mire and the impoverished child dreams of barbed wire
But heed the stirrings in the primeval swamp
The genetic echo of the manifestation of the first breath
Like the tight grip of death
A cold stab in your heart
That makes you stop and start
Trashing around as the strings pull your schema apart
Penetrate the description that keeps us in the dark
Illuminate the path where the fallen ones descended from their ark
The truth lies hidden in plain view
And order forms out of chaos
As we march silently into the screaming abyss
I really have to laugh from atop of this hill oh so far away
I see the mists are forming and there is a breeze that now cools my brow

I see you are a traveler…………..

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