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Submitted: April 03, 2008

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Submitted: April 03, 2008



You sit here on your technological throne
While your brain roams the citadels of despair
Yet you wear this banal smile
While your mind carves up flesh for the resurrection 
And your body hides its insurrection
Against those who play with your affection
Entranced you wander with the vagabonds
Shy locked against mounds of scared flesh
You breathe the words of death….
I love you, I love you forever.
Heavens break forth like the dance of shiva
Gyrations create energies of motionless death
I hate your breathing, your chest inflating against my heart
I want to caress your mind but your out to lunch
Devouring my raw soul on your plates of desire
Your fire will never extinguish
Unless your mind quells the rage of the machine
And yet Tibet is far from your dreams
And Yassir Arrafat seems to haunt the jewish screams
Injustice to those who history deems the martyrs
But still Palestinian children throw rocks at the death dream machine
Financed by your tax dollars
Justified by your arbitrary dung scholars
Whose hole watch pocket is thread bare and devoid of sanity
I remember when love was more than vanity
And the reality crows fluttered their wings of perception
Across my mind

I see you have become blind.

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