i'm not a monster (2)

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a cat boy living in an old dark building. he like to be alone he never smile. he don't like people because they all thinks he's a monster. until a girl came and change his life.

Submitted: November 23, 2012

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Submitted: November 23, 2012



ever since i was nine years old i lived in this old building. My parents left me there because they though i was some kind of demon. when i went to this building i never got out of it. nobody in this world understand how i feel. they think if i looked diffrent i don't have any feelings. i always hid my ears and tail, but i was glad that i wasn't alone. i had one friend i gusse you can't call him a friend. he was a black cat when i came to this building i found him, i lived with him for ten years. today was my birth day i turened 19. i gusse there is no point of counting if nobody even care. but one day my whole life changed. while i was sitting in the dark a light came from out side i closed my eyes i couldn't open it. then the light disapper and i heard a voies coming from the door way it was a girl she said " any body there" i kept my mouth shut. i couldn't see any thing, then i felt a hand touching my hair. i didn't move. then the girl turaned on her flashlight. when i saw the light i ran and hid under an old table. she said "wait don't be sceard i wont hurt you, i knew your reall, wow you look so handsome". i said "who are you, why are you here arn't you afraid of me". she said "why your not a monester" she didn't see my ears and tail. i got out. then i said "go away" she said "why do you live here" i said "you won't understand" then she said "yes i will i'm not a little kid, i'm 18 years old" i said "so" she got her bag then she got some cookies and said "do you want some" i said "no go away" she said "if you eat some with me i will go away" "fine" she gave me two. then she said "bye". i felt wierd i don't know why she wasn't afraid of me she said i wasnt a monester. the next morning she came again. she said "hey, where are you" i said "what are you doing here" she said "i forgot to ask you about your name" i said "why should i tell you" she said "i'm emilly, how about you" i said "i'm hyun" she said "wow thats a cool name how did you get it" i said "i don't know". then she said "lets go outside" i said " i can't" "yes you can do it lets go togather" i said "you dont know any thing go away" then she started bushing me until she got me outside. i felt pain everywhere i ran inside then i just fall on the ground, i didnt feel anything. when i woke up i saw her playing with my ear. then i stood up and put my hood on. she said "wow that so cool i've never seen anything like it before". i said "you don't think i'm a monester" she said "why you look cute with the ear" i said "what, did you fall for me or something" she said "yes so, you know what looking diffrent is not a bad thing, every one have secret" then she took her hat off i was shocked she also had a cat ears she was one of us. i said "you knew i was a cat boy". she said "yes" then she asked me why i didn't go outside i said "all the human will be afraid of us and they will start calling us monester" she said "come live in my house my parents also one of us they will understand". when i moved with her family i felt so happy she said "it's the first time i see you smile". My life changed from dark and pain to light and joy. i'm so glad that i mate her thanks to her i found my way out off the dark.

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