The lost soldiers

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the story talks about a 19years old girl who went to the that time girls couldn't go to the army. she was adopted. she wanted to save the man who raised her. read and find out what's going to happen to her.

Submitted: November 23, 2012

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Submitted: November 23, 2012



Once upon time, there was a small village. There weren't’t a lot of people living there, there were only small groups. In one of the groups there was a small family. This family had a mother, father, and a 19 years old girl. They lived happily in a small house.

Until one day a man knocked the door. when my father opened the door there was a man in a army suite. he said “sir, I’m here to tell you that you have to go serve the army or send one of your sons”. I over heard the man. so I ran to door and said “but sir I don’t have any brothers and my dad is sick, please don’t send him”. He said “I’m sorry, but the king said to do this”. My dad yelled and said “Allan go back to your room”. I ran and sat on the roof top.

At night my dad told us that he was going to the army tomorrow. I stood up and said “dad are you serious”. He said “Allan I know your worried about me but I have to protect you and your mother”. So when my parents went to sleep, I go a scissors cut my bony tail and wore my dad's army suite. Then I packed my clothes, food, and got my necklace that my  father gave me when he told me that I was  adopted. he told me that my real mother and father were killed in a fire and I was the only survivor.  I went to the army I was dressed as a boy. I had to go walking all the way there.

The next morning my parents woke up. when they went to wake me up, they saw the letter that I wrote. I said in the letter

“dear mom and dad I’m really sorry but I had to do this. I have to protect my family. Don’t worry I won’t be discovered. If I don’t come back I just want to say you’re the best parents I ever had. I love you so much, thank you for making me your daughter”.

My dad ran to see if his suite was there, He didn't't’t find it.  He said to himself  “I’m so proud of you I wish you can come back”.

While I was on my way to the army camp, I saw a wagon. the boy that was riding it was also wearing an army suite. he said “do you want a ride, I see that you also going to the army”. I said “is it okay?”. he said “yes sure, we’re going the same way. oh... hi my name is Jonny nice to meet you”. I said “hi I’m Allan”. Jonny said “your name is a girls name”. I said “it’s not my fault my parents named me”.

We finally arrived to the camp, there was tents, shouting fields, running fields and a lot of training fields. First we all lined up and they called our names. when they called my name all the soldiers start laughing. The boy that was next to me asked me if I was a girl I yelled  "no".

After they were done calling names, they showed us our tents. “Two people in a tent” the leader said. I was worried I had to share a tent with Jacob, the boy that was standing next to me, He looked like a playboy.

The next day we had to wake up at 5:00am and start training .I though it will be easy but it was so harsh and hard. First we had to climb nets and walls. Then run around the filed 10 times. When I went back to the tent with Jacob we both just fell on the floor. then he said “you look so weak”. I said “I bet I can beat you up”. he said “in your dreams”.

The next morning I woke up so early. I took a shower and then I wore my clothes. i went to the kitchen to cook some breakfast, because I was the one responsible for breakfast in the camp. I started to cook some rice then I burned it. I was trying to put the fire out but then I failed. I wonder why it was a small fire. Jacob bushed me and just put it out. he said “you don’t even know how to cook”. I said “sorry”. he said “why are you apologizing”. I said “I don’t know”. then he started to cook.

When everyone woke up Jacob was finished with the food. Every one sat down. I sat next to Jacob and Jonny. Jonny said “wow this food teast really good. hey Allan you really good at cooking are you sure you’re not a girl”. I looked at Jacob and start laughing so hard.

After breakfast we started to practice. first the leader gave us guns and he said to shoot at the target. everyone missed the target so the leader said to practice until we get it. Everyone got it except for me. Jacob got it, he was the first then he went to sleep. I stayed there and did it over and over for five hours. until Jonny came and said “the leader said you can stop now”. I said “no I still didn't hit it”. he said “did you do check the target” I said “no, how do you do that”. Jacob came and said “you idiot, you hit it already”. I said “what you mean I was here for nothing”.

Then I went to the tent with Jacob. He saw me I was about to fall. He said “are you okay”. I said “yes I’m a little tired”. I went to sleep, my sleeping bag was close to Jacob’s sleeping bag. Jacob said “are you a sleep”. I said “no”. Jacob said “how did you live before you come here”. I said “I was living a happy life, how about you do you miss your parents or girlfriend”. he said “no, I don’t. go to sleep”. I said “why”. he said “go to sleep”.

The next morning I woke up and started preparing breakfast .When the soldiers came to eat they looked at the food. Jonny said “Allan what happened to the food why is it burnt”. “I’m sorry” i said. the leader said “sorry, what do you mean by sorry, your punished. it was your responsibility to cook breakfast”. I had to stand outside for three hours without food or water.

Three hours later I went back to the tent. Jacob said “are you stupid, here have some water”. I drank some and than Jacob went outside next to the lack, I followed him. Then I said “why are you not telling me about your life, I already told you mine”. Jacob said “it’s none of your business”. So I said “let’s be friend, don’t worry I’i'll always cheer you up when you’re feeling down”. He said “I don’t need any friends”. And then he just went back to the tent. When I went back I got some papers and ink then I started writing a letter to my mom and dad I wrote that I’m okay and about what happened.

The next morning the mailman gave the letter to my dad. My dad was so happy that I send him a letter so he ran inside and yelled “hey darling Allan sanded a letter”. So they sat down and read it they were so happy. In the camp I woke up and started training before everyone else I became better at shooting. After I finished I went running while I was running I saw Jacob crying next to the lack I went up to him and said “are you okay”. Jacob said “I’m fine go away”. I sat down next to him. He was holding a letter I grabbed it and read it. It was from his father it said

"dear son I’m sorry but there is some bad news your mother told me not to tell you when she was dying last week. your mother got really sick and then she died. she told me to tell you after you come back, but I couldn't. I’m sorry son, take care of yourself."

After I read the letter I started to cry. Jacob said “why are you crying.” I said “I’m sorry, I guess we’re on the same bout now.” Jacob said “what do you mean.” I said “I also lost my parents.” I got out my necklace. “my parents that raised me gave it to me when they told me that I was adopted, you’re not the only one that lost your mother don’t worry she will always stay with you in your heart”. Then I hugged him, he said “hey what are you doing, get off I’m okay.” I said “oh I forgot.” he said “what”. “no never mind”.

The next morning, the leader said “get ready we’re going to go on a mission.” we had to go to the city to find some peopl call themself “king cobras” they were stealing and killing people.

The next day we arrived to the city then the leader divided us into groups of five peoples. In my group there was Jonny, Jacob, Dylan, Skylear, and me. We had to guard the beach. For me I found everything was normal but, then I saw a man with a black suite heading for an old house. I told Jacob, so he said “i'll go check it out.” I followed him because I was worried. The king cobra saw Jacob then they started to fight. Jacob dropped his gun on the floor. The man picked it and then shot Jacob in his shoulder. so I got my gun and then shot him back. I ran to Jacob he was covered with blood I started to cry and then I picked him and said “please don’t die.” he said “go get Jonny.” I ran to Jonny, “please help Jacob he’s shot”. Jonny said “where”. I led them. I saw Jacob he didn't move I was so afraid. Dylan called the leader and told him. the leader said “what!!! bring him to the camp”.

When we got there the doctor saw him and got the bullet out of his shoulder. Then the doctor said “he will be okay don’t worry he have a strong body”. I said “when is he going to wake up”. the doctor said “I think somebody should stay with him, maybe he will wake up during the night ”. I said “I will stay next to him”. The leader said “okay then, the rest of you can go to sleep now”.

I waited next to Jacob but then I fell asleep. When he woke up he saw me. then he said “what happened” and then he remembered he said “this guy is so weak”. I woke up Jacob wasn't there I ran to look for him then I found him next to the lack. I ran up to him and said “are you okay, how do you feel does it hurt”. He said “you worry too much”. I said “I’m sorry”. Jacob said “why do you keep saying sorry”. I said “I don’t know it became a habit because I always make mistake”. He started to laugh I said “why are you laughing”. he said “dummy”. a minute later he said “you wanted to know about my life”. I said “huh….oh yes tell me about it please”. he said “I grew up in a small place. my family was poor so I had to work, my mom was really sick. my dad stayed next to her for the whole day. I always hated to see other kids playing or smiling because I couldn't do any of that. I always felt lonely and I got in fights all the time. And now I wonder how my father is doing. I wish he’s okay”. I said “I’m sorry” he said “don’t worry I’m okay now, let’s go to sleep”.

The next morning I woke up so early so I could take a shower. We had small building that we can take showers in. I checked the place. Nobody was there so I got my clothes and started to take shower Jonny woke up he came to the bathroom he opened the door I didn't’t see him I was wearing my shirt. He was shocked and then he went outside and then he waited. he said to himself “oh god that brat is really a girl”. I got out of the shower I was sneaking so nobody will see me. but then Jonny bushed me to the wall and said “I wonder why there is a girl in the army”. I was shocked I didn't know he was there, how did he know. I said “are you joking who is the girl”. he said “just admitted I saw everything” I yelled “what did you see” Jonny said “I saw the bandage on your chest”. I said “what!” then I said “okay you win please don’t tell anyone I beg you”. he said “why did you do it” I said “I had too my dad is really sick I couldn't let him go” Jonny said “wow this is the first time I see a brave girl, do you even know what’s going to happen to you if anyone knows”. I said “yes I know, please keep it a secret”. he said “sure” I said “really” he said “yes we are friends aren't we, wait we forgot one more thing, you share a tent with Jacob. What if he discovers that you’re a girl”.“Don’t worry I will be careful”. And then I went back to the tent Jacob just woke up he said “where were you” I said “oh…I,I was just walking around”. He said “okay I’m going to make breakfast”.

While Jacob was cooking Jonny went into the kitchen. he went up to Jacob he looked at him. Jacob looked back and asked “what’s wrong with you”. Jonny said “no…I just want to ask you a question”. Jacob said “what do you want, say it I don’t have time”. Jonny said “okay then, how do you feel about Allan”. Jacob said “what…., what do you mean”. “no your just too nice to him”. Jacob said “mind your words, he’s just a friend” Jonny said “oh…, okay than bye”. When Jonny left Jacob said “what’s wrong with this guy”.

The next day the leader said “get ready we’re going to go swimming” I said “what swimming” Jacob said “what are you scared from water or something”. I said “really funny you won’t understand anyway”. The practice began the leader counted the soldiers then he looked and said “where’s Allan” Jonny said “oh…he is still changing” the leader said “okay then we will start without him, let’s go”. When they all went to the lack I got out nobody was there.

After the practice ended, Jonny came he said “oh my god that was close you should be careful”. I said “okay I’m going to the tent”. “bye” when I got there I said to myself “that was close” and then entered the tent. I saw Jacob with his shorts without a shirt. he was drying himself. And then I just looked away he said “what’s wrong with you, and where were you, are you really scared from water”. I said “no I’m just sick” he said “oh… okay”. And then Jonny just came in, he was so wet then he ran and just closed my eyes Jacob said “wow, so that’s why you asked me how I felt about him, I think I should leave now, take your time”. I said “wait no you misunderstood” then I turned to Jonny and said “see what you did now, oh…, you’re so dump”. He said “what did I do”.

When the night came Jacob came in I ran and said “you misunderstood everything Jonny just did that because i…” and then we heard a shooting coming from outside we got our guns and ran outside there was I think about nine people attacking the camp somebody was about to shoot Jacob but the leader shoot him and said “be careful go and tell the others to get ready”. We went out and started killing them. After they all died we discovered that one of us died his name was James, Jonny’s best friend. Jonny was sitting next to him before he died he gave him a ring and told him to give it to his fiancé, Jonny was crying.

The next morning I saw the ring on Jonny’s hand. I said “I’m sorry Jonny” Jonny grabbed my hand and said “promise me if anything happens to me you will give this ring to James fiancé”. I said “calm down nothing will happen to you”. he said “just promise me”. “okay fine I promise you” he said “thanks”. Then we went to practice the leader said “we have to practice really hard because we are going on a big mission, and we don’t have a lot of time”. we said “yes sir!” “oh… also were going to fight as one big group not the five people groups” so we start practicing really hard.

Then it’s finally the time. First we had to get in our places and when the leader gives us a sign, we attack. It was dangerous because it was on an adage of a cliff. We got into one of the wagons it was only Jacob, Jonny, two other people and I.  We rode the wagon but somebody just came up and stopped the wagon. So Jacob said “get ready” the person opened the door and then Jonny bushed him before Jacob and I get off the wagon. Jonny shout the man so the horses got scared and just ran for the cliff. Jacob said “jump” I didn't know where should I go so Jacob just caught my hand and we both jumped then we rolled on the ground and then like 20 soliders came because they heard the shouting sound we started fighting against them then I just saw Jonny fall on the ground I ran to him the two soldiers just ran away. When I got to Jonny I started to yell and cry. He told me “do as you promised”. and then he gave me the ring and said “don’t die please live for me and James”. I said “hang in there” I stood up and shout the man that killed Jonny and shout the others so angrily until there was only two left. One of them was about to shout me so Jacob took the pullet for me it came in his shoulder and then I shout one of the men but before the pullet hit him he shout me in my shoulder. Then Jacob and I pass out. We didn't’t feel anything.

When Jacob woke up we where in a dark room we were kidnapped. he saw me laying there he came up to me he saw the blood on my shoulder so he took of my jacket. then he was shocked he said “he’s a girl, what am I going to do now”. so he closed his eyes ribbed his shirt and tied it on my shoulder and then I just opened my eyes. I saw him in front of me. He saw me and then he throw the clothes on me and said “wear them” I yelled but then he putted his hand on my mouth and said “shhhh!. I started to cry and said “what did you see” he said “nothing” I said “your laying” he said “hey punk you’re a girl, how come you’re in the army” I said “I will explain everything but please don’t tell anyone”. “fine but first do my shoulder” so I saw a table cloth in the room so I got in cut it in a half and then when I came to put it on his shoulder he said “your hand are cold”. I said “my hand always been that cold” and then I tie  it on his shoulder. After I was done I said “I came to the army because my father was sick and I don’t have any brothers”. he said “I though he wasn't your real father”. I said “even though he was the one who raised me” Jacob said “don’t worry i'll help you go home safely but first we have to get out of here” so we started to look for a way out and then he said “hey come here I found a little window” when we took a look Jacob said “we’re on a island” I said “what how did we get here” “I don’t know, but we have to get out of here”.

Then we heard voices coming from outside. Jacob said “come let’s hide”. We ran and hide behind the boxes because we were injured and couldn't fight. Then two big men came to the old room one of them said “where did they go, go look outside, I will look for them here”. They looked everywhere Jacob kept covering my mouth. The man almost found us but luckily his friend called for him and said “did you find them, I didn't find them”. The other man said “no I can’t find them” so he left the door open and got out. So we sneaked out Jacob caught my hand and said “fallow me” we were looking for the door to get out of here it was so dark and finally we saw a light coming from the end of the hall we got out. It was so hot and the sun was so strong.

First we had to get to the beach. we were walking and walking forever. We got as far as we can but then we got so tired. so Jacob said “lets rest here and tomorrow we will continue”. At night it got really cold. Jacob and I were freezing, and then Jacob said “come closer, it’s cold” I said “no, I won’t” so he just stood up and sat next to me. I said what are you doing” he said “oh…it’s so warm” and then he put his head on my shoulder and then we just slept.

The next morning we woke up I said “oh…that really hurt” he said “are you okay” I said “yes but I’m hungry”. he said “let’s go look for some food”. We didn't go so far but we found this water fall Jacob said “we have to collect a lot of food” we found coconuts we got with us and then we started to find a way out of this island. When we got to the beach we found a boat, I guess it was the same boat that brought us here. Jacob said “let’s go” so we ran to the boat and I got on it Jacob bushed the boat then we started our journey.

It felt awkward because we didn't’ have anything to talk about so we just sat there. Until Jacob said “aren't you scared” I said “why” he said “what are you going to do now, how are we going to go back home” I said “don’t ask me I don’t know but we will see when we get to a land” Jacob said “what if we die on this boat, I’m still young I want to have a wife and a children”. I said “well me too” then Jacob said “who will want a women that went to the army” I said “if I was a man I will like a girl that went to the army because she’s brave and smart” then he laughed and said “smart! Your got to be kidding me” I said “well me too I won’t want to marry someone like you” Jacob said “who told you to marry me, you don’t even know how to cook or clean” I said “yes I do, whatever I can learn” when the night came it was so cold I almost froze I said “can I get your jacket” “no I’m cold” “please” “no” so I stood up  and sat next to him and got under his jacket “ahh… this Is so warm” he said “what are you doing” I said “it’s cold” then we just fell asleep.

The next day I woke up before Jacob wakes up I got some of the fruits washed them and then I said “Jacob wake up” he said “what do you want” “just wake up” so he opened his eyes I said “look, look I made some breakfast” he said “you call that a breakfast”. While we were eating I saw a island so I spit the food on Jacob and said “ll… land!” “What are you crazy, wait what did you say” “land right there” he looked and finally we reached it.

We got out off the boat we were somewhere in Asia because the people looked different and they spoke a different language. We were walking everyone was looking at us. We were dirty and the blood covering our clothes. First we had to find someone that speaks our language. Than Jacob said “we have to buy some clothes, do you have anything we can trade, I only have this bracelet” I said “yes” he said “what”. I took off my necklace and gave it to him he said “no not this” I said “don’t worry we need to trade it, its okay” Jacob said “I promise I’I'll get it back” than we went to the store to trade for some clothes. Hence there was this boy, I think he was the same age as we. Jacob said “how are we going to tell him what we want” I said “I don’t know, what language do they speak” so the guy said “you speak English, hi my name is Ryan can I help you” I said “wait you speak English that’s great now we can ask him where are we” Jacob said “nice to meet you I’m Jacob and this is Allan” Ryan said “is he a girl” I said “no, I’m a boy”. Than Ryan said “do you want to stay at my house” I said “yes, sure”. So he closed the shop and took us to his place.

The house wasn't’t that big but it had two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen and a small living room. So Jacob said “we will share the small room”. Then I said “thanks man you own us one, we will pay you back” Ryan said “I have a way you can pay me back, you can help me with the store” I said that’s great idea we can start now”. Ryan said “wait let me give you some new clothes”. When he was getting the clothes, Jacob said “we can’t let him know about your gender, we don’t know what kind of person is he” I said “yes sir, I will keep it secret”. Ryan came and gave us the clothes then I said “can I use your bathroom” he said “sure but are you both injured” Jacob said “we’re okay”. Then Ryan said “wait take off you shirts” I said “what no” Ryan said “why”. Jacob just took off his shirt so Ryan saw the pullet and said “are you okay let me see” he got some medicine, I just ran to the bathroom, I took off my shirt. I saw the Injury it was scary, I poured some water on it and washed the blood. Then I wrapped a towel around my body and called Jacob. Jacob came in and said “are you okay” I said “just do my shoulder and get out”.

While Jacob was checking my injury Ryan just opened the door and came in. so I yelled, Ryan was shocked and started to yell. He said “hey why didn't you tell me you’re a girl”. Jacob got off his jacket and put it on me. Then he said “I’I'll explain everything” and he took Ryan outside, Ryan kept asking question. I wore my clothes and got out of the bathroom. Jacob said “sit down, we will tell him everything that happened to us”. We sat down and told the whole story, Ryan was laughing in the beginning but when we told him about our friends that we lost he started to cry. Then I started to cry too, Jacob said “am I sitting in an elementary school or something” I said “it’s sad, I lost my best friend” Jacob said “what, so Jonny is your best friend, wait does he know you’re a girl”. I said “yes he was the first one to know”. Than Ryan said “do you still have James ring”. I pulled my necklace, I opened it, took off the ring putted in my necklace, and then I wore it. Ryan said “okay do you want to go to the store”. We walked to the store, I loved to walk in the streets, and everyone I saw there was laughing, living happily and peacefully. When we reached the store Ryan said “I’m hungry lets go eat something”. I said “let’s go I’m hungry too”. We went to a Restaurant that was close to the store, we ate noodles, and worked for a while then we went back home.

When we opened the door Ryan said “Jacob, get your stuff and come to my room, you can sleep there”. I said “why”. Jacob said “sure let’s go” and then he looked at me and said “dummy”. When I went to my room I looked at my necklace and wondered how is my parents doing and how are we going to go home. Then I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth so I just walked to the bathroom and opened the door. When I walked in I saw Jacob and Ryan brushing their teeth, I stood next to them, got out my brush and started to brush my teeth. Ryan said “what are you doing, can’t you see that I don’t have my shirt on”. I said “so what”. Jacob said “she used to see me without a shirt all the time”. Then I said “I don’t think about these things so you can call me “bro”. Ryan said “go make us some breakfast” Jacob said “don’t eat what she cooks you will die”. I said “don’t believe him” Ryan said “wow, you don’t even know how to cook, arn't you scared that nobody will marry you”. I said “no, I’I'll just marry Jacob” Jacob said “what”. Ryan said “that’s great idea” then he turned and said to Jacob “I’m sorry for you man”.

Then Ryan went out to buy some Raman so Jacob and I stayed home. We sat on the couch Jacob said “have you though how are we going to go back home” I said “no, I have been thinking about it all night” he said. “me too, we can’t stay here forever” Allan said. “we have to tell Ryan so he can help us”. When Ryan came back he prepared the food and said “come on its ready, let’s eat”. When we came to the table we sat down, we didn't’t know how we’re going to tell him. Then Jacob said “we have something to tell you” he said “what” Jacob said “we have to go back to our country”. Ryan said “why” Jacob said “I have to go back to the army and Allan has to go back living as a girl". I said “what, no I want to come with you” he said “no you can’t I will tell the leader that your dead” I said “no I can’t I don’t want to lose you like I lost Jonny. Jacob said “you have to go back home, it’s dangerous”. Then Ryan said “why can’t you just stay here”. Jacob said “we can’t”. Then Ryan said “I’m coming with you then”. Jacob said “I have to go back to the army, so please take care of Allan for me, and go with her”.

Then when the night came I kept thinking about it, I couldn't sleep so I went outside to take a walk. I saw Jacob standing there I went up to him and said “do you really want to do this”. He said “yes, it’s the only way”. I said “do you want me to say the truth, I can’t live without you, I like you”. So he looked at me and said “I won’t forget you, I will come back for you, I promise”. I started to cry and then I hugged him”.

The next morning, Ryan started shouting and saying “wake up, come on we’re going to have some fun”. I woke up and said “what’s going on”. Jacob said “I’m tired, what do you want”. Ryan said “let’s go to the beach” I said “really can we”. Ryan said “yes it’s our last day here, so let’s have some fun”. We got our things than we went walking. While we were walking I asked Ryan how he learned to speak English. Ryan said “I came here when I was 16 years old my dad taught me English so I started to speaking it”. Then my dad died when I was 19 years old, so I have been living alone for almost two years”. Then I said “how about your mom, where is she” he said “she died when I was eight years old”. I said “I’m sorry” he said “it’s okay”.

When we got to the beach, Jacob and Ryan took off their shirts and went swimming. I looked at them, I was wearing a short and a shirt, so I just went in the water. We started to splash each other and playing. When the sun begun to set, we got out of the water then Jacob said “look at your shirt” then he got his jacket and said “wear it”. Then we watched the sunset. Ryan said “I wonder if we will be able to come back here again”. I said “let’s make a promise that we will come back here someday”. Than Jacob said “Allan promise me, the first day it snows we will meet again”. I said “I promise you”. Then we went back home.

The next morning, we went on the ship that going to take us to our home. The journey took us four days. When we got home we were about to get off the ship, but I said “I don’t want to go, if I cross that line I won’t be able to live with you again”. Jacob said “don’t forget Jonny’s promise and James ring, I will come back for you, I promise you”. When I got off we went to my house.

When we got to my house I knocked the door my dad said “I’m coming wait”. When he opened the door he was surprised and said “my daughter is back”. Then he started to cry. Then we went in Jacob and Ryan were just standing there, Ryan was about to cry. My mom ran and hugged me. She said “come in”. We went into the house than I said “these are my friends, they helped me, Jacob and Ryan”. My dad said “thank you for taking care of my daughter, I own you a lot”. Ryan said “he’s our friend over all, oh… sorry I forgot she”. I said “dad can Ryan live here” my dad said “yes, of course, Jacob can stay here too”. Jacob said “thanks sir but I have to go visit my dad and then go back to serve the army, I still have two more years”. Then Jacob stood up and said “I will take my leave now”. I followed him and said “why can’t you stay here” he said “we talked about this already”. I said “but…” then Jacob hugged me and then kissed me. He said don’t worry I promised you that I will come back, just wait for me”. Then Ryan ran and said “at least say bye to me before you leave”. Jacob shook hand with Ryan and said “please take care of her” then Ryan hugged him and said “I’I'll sure do, come back safely and don’t forget your promise we'll be waiting for you”.

Two years later

“Come on Ryan we’we will be late”. Ryan said “just wait” I said “no I don’t want to wait any longer Jacob is coming today”. Ryan said “you sure like him”. We went to the train station to bring Jacob I was looking everywhere for him, until I saw him walking. I ran so he saw me, I stopped, we looked at each other and then I start crying so he just ran and hugged me. He said “I missed you, I promise you I won’t leave you again” then Ryan found us and ran he said “hey man I missed you”.

Then when we went out off the train station it started to snow, Jacob looked at me and smiled. When we went home Jacob met my dad and greeted him. My dad said “welcome back” Jacob said “thanks”. Then we went in Jacob told us about his missions and what he did. He said “oh… I forgot did you give back the ring to James’s fianca”. I said “I went with Ryan and gave it to her, she was crying but, Ryan fell in love with her at the first sight”. Jacob said “what, are you serious” Ryan said “well… she was so cute”. Then my dad said “what are you planning to do now”. Jacob said “I’m glad you asked, I was about to ask you if I can marry your daughter” Ryan said “oh… I agree”. Dad said “I agree if she say yes”. Then Ryan said “what do you say Allan”. I said “fine I agree”. So Jacob smiled at me. A week later, we got married and every one lived happily ever after.



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