Someday You'll Be Fine

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You don't need him to make your life beautiful. Do you ?
You're worth much more than what you take yourself for.

Submitted: January 07, 2013

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Submitted: January 07, 2013



You don't need a man anymore.
Yes, you read that right
Why would you need one for ?
When all you feel is spite.

Men can forget everything ,
Women instead remember everything.
A man is the only animal ,
The only animal that refuses to accept what he is.

They aren't worth your time
You'll realize it when you're just fine .
Why can't you be independent ?
Why should you be dependent ?

Someday , you'll find a real man
You'll be his fan.
He isn't going to let you shed a tear
Nor will you have anything to fear

He will love you for you ,
A love that is for two.
So be patient till then
You never know these men.

These actors you see out there
They aren't going to be fair,
Don't let them fool you again !
No, not once again ...

Love is just a word for them
More like it's a game.
Don't let them win ,
They'll only commit another sin .

I know you're hurt ,
But he was a flirt ,
Now it's time you show him
You don't really need him.

He had two options ,
Either stand up and be your man
or leave.
He chose to leave ,
So ,you could see the man behind him.

Someday , he'll know what he lost
The haunted memories of the past..
While you'll be smiling
Not buying .....

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