'The Men' - Got no place for them in my Life.

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My personal experience and from what I've seen about the 'cool' way the majority of men treat the one girl that gives away everything for their sake.

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012



What exactly crossed your mind when you came across the Title? The reason why I chose this title to begin with was because of my own experiences & more of what I've seen around me. It inspired me to come up with this article & not bother giving it a second thought. 
I'm not here to assume 'All men are the same' . I'd rather assume almost 90 % of them are 'the same.'
I took this opportunity to type in just what I think about 'The Men' I'm talking about here .
Before I begin , I've seen it on several places the saying ," Don't make someone a priority in your life when all you are to them is an option." That is probably the most truest statment I have ever read and one I have come to live by.

So, You think because he doesn't love you that you're worthless.You think that because he doesn't want you anymore that he's right-- that his judgement and opinion of you are correct.If he throws you out, then you're the garbage.You think that he belongs to you because you want to belong to him.Don't. It's a bad word,'belong'. You can't own a human being. You can't lose what you don't own .Suppose you did own him , could you really love somebody who was absolutely nobody without you ? You really want somebody like that ? Somebody who falls apart when you walk out the door? You don't, do you ? And neither does he. You're turning over your whole life to him . Your whole life . If it means so little to you that you can just give it away, hand it to him , then why should it mean any more to him ? He can't value you more than you value yourself. Am I right ? Do I make sense?
Now please , for any man reading this , don't think I hate men. God knows it's far from the truth. What I do hate is the ones that are good at putting on a show , showering their love on the lady , sweeping her off her feet with the most beautiful words .. only to leave her the next minute. It's more like being the complete opposite of being honest. More like playing a game. More like taking her for granted . Who's fault was it ? Hers. Only hers , girl. She made him feel that way , She fed his ego even though deep down , she knew she was far better off.  Maybe she should have asked him to take a look at himself in the mirror for once and see if he really deserved her ? If he really deserved someone like her , all the love & care she showered on him & above all , If he was aware of the fact that she could be somewhere or with someone else instead of being with him?

I'm not talking about 'All' girls here but girls going through what I just mentioned above. Innocent as they are & as sensitive as they can get , they fall prey to the same thing .. once , twice and sometimes more than that until they learn their lesson. It doesn't come easy . It feels like a complete disaster , like she just wants to grab someone and cry . Cry & cry . She keeps crying until she's comforted . She believed that the man she was in love with was the one . Someone she gave everything away for , someone she threw herself on .. thinking he loved her for her. Someone she cared for & was there for through his ups and downs. Someone she trusted blindly with her life , with her past , with her .......every single thing. What did he do next ? Gave her the cold look , the smirk and ended it all . She stood firm , not saying a word until he finally left . That's when she comes back to her senses .... feeling worthless over a man who didn't deserve a second with someone like her. There could be many reasons why he left but let's face it yeah ? He didn't have to make those promises , he didn't have to sweet talk her into things he wanted being done his way , he didn't have to give her hope & nor did he have to make her feel special in the first place. BUT , he did .. didn't he ? Someday he shall look back & see what he left behind but she doesn't have to wait for that day . She should move on & let his loss come running to him on its own. When it does strike him , it'll be too late. Way too late to even face her. That's when she'll be looking back at him , smiling as she does, while she says ' You pushed me away yourself. You made me your option. The same option isn't available anymore.'

I've got this quality , no idea about the rest of the ladies . We can be expressive when we're truly in love .. & with that quality comes the frank attitude. Instead of guys appreciating this , they call it a way of us ' nagging' them. Funny isn't it ?
When we are ourselves , they don't appreciate it and then we're blamed in the end. Why get into a relationship if you can't handle it ? Why give those fake promises and act like you care when you don't.  Now this might be something off the topic but most of us must have come across this. Guys we date .. what's on the common things they all say ? ' You are so beautiful naturally ... Make up isn't your thing. I hate make up ' Haha , sounds familiar ?
They want a girl who's only theirs , who isn't trying to seek attention , who will do anything it takes to make it through with them and into the future. The moment you're left , look at him just once & see the person he's with. Someone the complete opposite of what he wanted . Isn't it strange? They are truly a bunch of indecisive , immature adults. They are confused to death. By 'they' , I am referring to 'The MEN'.  I might be offending many but isn't it all true? You know what guys consider this deep down ? Here .. maturity . They might be knowing they are fault but damn , that ego right there stops them from accepting it. 
Great .. I really sound like I hate on men , don't I ? I must be having this huge problem with them. Ever seen it happen when a man makes a girl think he wants a relationship ...when all he wanted was a convenient sex partner for a while , well that I have a problem with too. I kinda felt guilty about the fact that I had reached to so many conclusions at once  at the start until it hit me right on my face. Let me tell you .. I didn't intend to let out all of this but since I've put an end to letting any guy take over my life or even 'try' to make me feel like he's succeeded into making me belive he's into me , I came up with this one. Even if you are the most beautiful girl on this earth , once they're tired ... once they are bored , they will turn it right back on you and tell you that you are at fault. YOU. He's innocent , love. You were the one who took it way too seriously , not him or Blah ...blah ... and um blah.
I used to have this rule for myself : Play hard to get. I was famous for it but then i let go it and i ended up in a pit. So here's my advice , PLAY HARD TO GET UNTIL YOU SURE HE MEANS EVERY WORD HE SAYS . NOT WORDS...........ACTIONS !  If a guy can't handle you at your worst ... he sure as hell doesn't deserve you at your best. Something I keep in mind and if i do forget about it for a while, I remind myself eventually.

So , ladies .. Make sure when you meet that guy that seems so great that it's him you are falling for and not something he represents that you miss having. And don't stick around once you realize you are being taken for granted ... He won't change .. He'll just change his techniques. If he loves you for you , despite all your faults and mistakes & isn't planning to give up on you ... Don't let that change wither away.

& As for the men .. If you're lying or playing around ,have the deceny to either be honest or get out of the relationship . Give them a chance to find someone who loves them enough to let them be who they are and never have to question if they are being lied to.
& if you aren't and you know you've been at fault ..Digest your pride and ego and give it a try . Fortunately , girls are way too kind at heart and might let you in once again. SOME girls . Is it so hard for you to take that step? Okay , why not apologize at least? or is that even harder ? Gosh.

 To all the girls out there, you are beautiful & you need no man  out there to make you feel like one. Pull yourself up and think it all over. Don't hold yourself back anymore. Take a step outside and see that there are a 'few' men out there who'd do anything it takes to have you or to even spend a minute with you !

 Enough of the crying , the begging you might have done, the sleepless nights and so much more ... 

At times , just be honest. Tell the people you close to or around you that you’re having a hard time expressing yourself and you need a minute to collect your thoughts if you have to.I wouldn't ask you to give up on crying completely cause tears elicit sympathy but so does honesty .

See this ? A recent study found that men cry once a month while women were found to cry at least five times a month. As women, we’re thought to be more in touch with our emotions, and as a result, we’re often we’re better equipped to empathize with other people who are struggling. This is a good thing. But with this responsibility also comes the propensity for tears. It’s okay, though. It’s okay to cry.

I'm done & I hope I passed on what I had to . Ladies, let's chalk this up as a lesson learned .





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