Love Hurt

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Best friend falling inlove with each other .Is it going to work.Clive got a cheating girlfriend before he sleep with Candy.If does'nt work what going to happen to them.Someone get pregnant the story you will find out.Love hurt so bad Candy wont to run away but the heart wont run she will be still in love.Clive need to decide who he want or else he will a lot.

Submitted: February 21, 2008

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Submitted: February 21, 2008





I guess when you are in love you do stupid things. I have dated before but I was never connected with my ex-boyfriends.Oh you are wondering how to disappoint you my cousin I only have like 3 said Candy. No my sister sister I know what you mean as for me I had a lot of them said Patty. You my best is a guy for about 14 years since we became friends .We know each others problems. We go out we hug and talk about breaking up. Yes, you said he got a girlfriend who cheated on him, did they get back together said Patty. Yes he forgave her because he said he love her. Maybe she didn't do something bad. He found her sleeping with another guy, you I love him but we did something bad said Candy. Come on girl tell me .I went to visit him and we watch movies, talk and we went to his bedroom to chat more and we started to kiss and he said you must tell me to stop and girl I didn't the is a good kisser and he touch me everywhere, he undress me and I was shy and horny as hell and scared I haven't slept with anyone but it felt write, it was perfect I always think of my body how it would look like but I forgot everything said candy. Wow girl but I knew you belong together. I don’t if I want to share him what going to happened to our friendship I keep thinking about him and I get jealousy of the girlfriend and she want to meet her. Candy is you in love with Clive .Yes I am and he phones me we talk normal but the relationship is changed.





1. Did Candy do a right to sleep with her best friend?

2. Must they stop being friends or lovers?



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