Tell me bout Mama

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: June 18, 2016

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Submitted: June 18, 2016



Tell me ‘bout Mama

“Dad, Dad, DAD!!!” Screamed the little boy. He ran around avoiding the act of getting his pajamas on. He ran all over couches and under tables knocking things off carelessly. His father trailing behind with droopy eyes and a sore back.


“Zacharia Leishman! Get over here right now and put your dang clothes on.” His father's voice rolled through the house and caught the little boys attention but only for two seconds and then he continued to run around until he was grabbed harshly and sat in the lap of his father. “I have had a huge day at work and it’s a miracle I still have a job! I need sleep, so the sooner you get to sleep the sooner I get to sleep, got it? And if daddy doesn’t get sleep, I am grumpy huh?” He paused and looked deeply into his son's eyes which reminded him of his sons mother. “.... And we don’t want me to be grumpy, do we?”


The little boy sighed and took the clothes from his father and started putting them on. “We never play anymore.” His father looked up somewhat offended but then he realized it was true. He was always at work and too busy to play with his son. Zack grabbed his stuffed bear that was his mom's and jumped into the bed, he fiddled with the quilt which had some string poking out like whiskers poking out of a cat’s face. “Dad?” He asked. His father, Jedd went to his side and stroked his black hair. He smiled and closed his eyes pretending to snore, “DAD!” Jedd opened his eyes once again and whispered “huh?”


“Tell me about Mama!” The smile on Jedd’s face turned into a sad frown and he got off the bed. “Look bud… I need to get sleep. Ask me tomorrow.”


“You're never home during the day.” He complained and looked down sadly. “You say that every time. I think you're scared to tell me about her…” He tucked his feet in his covers and tried to shrug off his father's attitude.


Why don’t you go work eight hour shifts and pay bills and pay a nanny to watch a kid!!!” He said harshly. “Just please go to bed.” Jedd ran out of the room and closed the door behind him and ran to his bedroom and slammed it. He turned to a picture of him and a very lovely girl in winter coats and beanies.  His face was happy in the picture and it reminded him of the good times… when things were simple… when she was still there. Suddenly tears rolled down his cheeks. And those tears doubled up and began to come out fast like the water in a waterfall. He layed on his bed and turned to a pillow that had once been a fair ladies. On that pillow it read “FRIDAY NIGHTS” Jedd laughed and read his pillow that simply read “YOLO SWAG” That brought back memories…. painful memories...  He had tried so hard to forget all about her, but it was no use. He remembered the night they made the very pillows that lie on his bed.


“I’m bored” She said grumpily.

Jedd turned on his side “Well… wanna do something…” He smirked and started to get close to her.  

“YAS! I’ll get the markers!” She shrieked and jumped out of the bed heading into another room. Jedd shrugged his shoulders and went back to sleep only to be awoken five minutes later. He read the clock 2:07 am. He groaned and turned to her “what are you doing.” He could smell sharpie and it was giving him a headache

She grinned “something”

“Why don’t you just sleep?”

“What’s the fun in that?” She laughed. “All you do is lay there and do nothing. And c’mon it’s Friday night, you gotta do something.”

“Friday night?” He asked “What about friday night?”

“It’s our new thing starting right now! No sleep on Friday night. We do something, I don’t care if it staying up staring at each other or throwing shit bombs on people’s houses, we are  going to do something!” She paused. “Promise me never to sleep on a friday night!”

Jedd held out his pinky and intertwined it with hers. “I promise…”


That promise had now been long and forgotten which caused him to feel regret and sorrow. He leaned up and grabbed her pillow and sniffed it, an essence of sharpie and cherry shampoo. That’s what she always smelled like. She never wanted to go through the pain of getting a tattoo so she would draw the same thing on her wrist everyday, a ying yang. She said it would bring her luck.


Jedd took the pillow and hugged it tightly and once again he cried. He had never been one to cry but when he thought of her, it was like a piece of him was. . .missing.  When he lifted the pillow he had seen something he hadn't seen in a very long time. Her necklace tied around a sharpie marker. Jedd wondered why she had kept it under her pillow and why he hadn’t checked in all these years. He grabbed the necklace and put in on and held onto it tight, it was a locket with both of them in it. Soon enough he fell asleep holding the pillow ever so close like it was her.



Jedd rose out of bed instantly and rushed to his son's bedroom. “WHAT’S WRONG!!! WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING!?!?! ARE YOU HURT!?!?! ARE YOU OK!?!?!?” He grabbed Zack and held him tight. He could feel the gentle sobs dim down and tears go on his custom made shirt. He stroked his son's hair gently and spoke in a soft voice telling him it’d be all right.  Zack finally gained control. “Sorry dad… I had a nightmare.” He said regretfully.


“Don’t be sorry! You can’t control your dreams.” Jedd still held Zack close, like Zack was the only thing he had in this world.  Zack began to cry again.  Zack had always had problems with night frights, but he never shared what his dreams were about.


“She had your eyes…” Jedd spoke softly, cringing slightly from the remembrance.


Zack rubbed his eyes “wh-what?”


“She had your eyes… your… your mother… The deepest black pits in this world. When light would touch them it looked like a galaxy was in her eyes. And when she was mad, I swear you could see flames in her eyes… but it was really cute when she got mad.  She would scrunch her nose up and pull a duck face unintentionally. She thought she was intimidating. But it was only the cutest thing in the world.”


“Dad… what was her name?”  Zack said gently trying not to push the limits.


“Zoenna. But she hated it and went by Zoey.”


“How did you guys meet…?”


“It’s quite the long story ….” Jedd didn’t want to talk about it but figured he had to one day, so why not now?


“It was pouring the rain that night.”  Zack's eyes widened. He was excited that his dad was finally giving in and telling him about his mom after all these years.


“ I had just been to a party with my friend Tony. And I didn’t bring my car so I hopped on to the city bus.  I remember the wretched smell of body odor and wet dog.  I had been on the bus for about an hour and we stopped a lot dropping off and picking up passengers.  And that is when I met your mom.  


There was a huge load of people getting on the bus and all of the seats were taken. So the bus driver told us to fit people on our laps or whatever. I remember your mom was the last person on the bus.  She was dressed head to toe in black leather and she kept a motorcycle helmet on her face. It covered her whole face. So it was hard to tell if she was a girl or a boy. But her figure gave it away.  She was so petite. So thin and kinda short. But I was tall,  so in my point of view she was short.  I remember she was looking around for a place to sit.


I patted my lap and the bus started which made her fall in my lap. Something about that one first touch made me go into a- a mode I guess. I felt like I needed to protect her.  So I put my arms around her waist. She didn’t seem to mind. But I couldn’t see her face, so I didn't know.  And every time we went around a corner I would hold her tighter. I didn’t want her to fall.  My pants were soaking wet. from the rain that was on her. I could smell cigarette smoke, cherries, and sharpie marker.  A very interesting mix, somewhat addicting, besides the smoke. But the cherry and sharpie made it feel like I had known her forever.


That ride was probably the longest ride in the world. I wanted to speak to her, but I didn’t know what to say so I sat silent.  Finally I got to my stop and she got off me off the bus, as did I.  She then turned around and pulled out a pocket knife from her pocket. She thought I was following her…


“What the hell do you want!?!” She aimed the knife at Jedd and inched farther away.  Jedd jumped back in fear and put his hands in front of him.


“I don't want anything!!! This is where I get off the bus.”  He pleaded.


“Then what was that shit you were pulling on the bus? Huh? What was that. By the way, creepily sneaking your hand around a girl isn’t how you get the girls. JUST SAYING!”


“I didn't want you to fall!” He replied calmly.


I saw her arms go down slightly and she wasn’t as tense, but she still held the knife in her hand. She reached up and grabbed her helmet releasing her long hair and revealing her face.  Her hair was black and her face was pretty beaten up, but she was still beautiful to me. I couldn't help but stare, and I could tell it made her uncomfortable.


I decided to ask her what happened.


“What’s up with your face?” Jedd asked curiously. He could see that she had gotten offended by his phrase.


“What’s up with yours! A hole, gosh, are you calling me ugly!?!”


“NO NO NO NO! You are amazingly beautiful! But you got some cuts and bruises on your cheeks. You don’t have to tell me anything, I was just wondering.”


“If I tell you… promise you won’t tell anyone or do anything about it?” She asked. Her eyes were adverted to the ground as if she was ashamed.


“Promise.” He said solidly.


She took his hand and led him up the street and to a shop with an umbrella entrance.


“ I… I have… well, HAD a boyfriend. And um-”


“DID HE DO THIS TO YOU!?!?! I’LL KILL HIM!!!” Jedd grabbed her hand and started to leave the umbrella.


“NO!” She yelled. “YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDN’T DO ANYTHING!!!” She yelled at him.


Jedd paused and turned to her. “What happened?”


“We got in a little fight…” She responded with her eyes glued to pavement.


Jedd pointed to her face furious “THAT IS NOT A ‘LITTLE’ FIGHT!!!”


“He didn’t mean to…” She said within pauses.




“ I told him no….” She said quietly regretting her every words.


“No to what?”


“He wanted me to… uh… you know?” She coughed and used the hand gesture…


“OH!!! Well, have you done it before?”


“Yeah. The day we met, but that was it and I regret everything!  Tonight, he was out of it… we were riding along on his expensive motorcycle that he treasures more than life itself. And after a while he stopped it and got off the motorcycle. He turned to me and kinda asked me if I wanted to. I told him no immediately and he just yelled at me and called me ungrateful and he kinda hit me. Multiple times on the head… But it’s all good. I’ve been through it before and what not so it doesn’t bother me.”


“How does that NOT bother you? It’s like you get punished for being good.  You have to break up with him!!!”


“He broke up with me… While I lie on the pavement he told me I never give him what he wanted and he said he was done with me.  And he just… drove off. Leaving me in the cold wet rainy night.  And he left his stupid helmet with me. He payed $2,000 for it. Talk about quality.”  She wiped away some tears from her eyes and gave a fake smile. “I just… I don’t know what to do, or where to go, or what to eat, or anything!!!”


“Come stay with me.” Jedd replied in a chill tone.


“I couldn't. That’d be taking advantage of you. You’ve been ever so kind to talk to me and feel like I have a friend. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”


“It is not an advantage. You need a place to stay and I have a place for you to stay. It’s all good. Don’t worry about it. It’s be a pleasure to have you come and stay until you got things all situated.” He paused. “Please, it’d make me feel better to know you are ok…”


She smiled and ran to him giving him a huge hug “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”  Jedd wrapped his arms around her and exhaled deeply. “Did your boyfriend smoke?”

She laughed slightly pulling away. Yeah, he was a smoker and this is his jacket.  She slid it off and threw it on the ground along with his helmet.


“I guess I won’t need these anymore.”  She watched as the expensive helmet went down the concrete hill. She could hear it cracking as it jumped every bump. She smiled knowing her misery was now over.  Jedd turned to her and he could see all of her pain and sorrow lift from her eyes and he saw a new person. A happy person…


“ I took her to my apartment that night and gave her my bed to sleep on and I layed on the couch. And let me tell you this… she had the worst nightmares. She always woke up screaming. Maybe that’s where you got it.” He paused and stared at the ceiling and soon enough he and Zack were sound asleep.


The morning came and Zack was up early waiting for his father to wake up and finish the story.

“Dad?” He paused. “Dad, wake up.” “DAD!!”


Jedd leaped up fastly. “What do you want!?”


“I want to hear the rest of the story.”


‘Look, I think I have told you enough.”


“That’s not everything! And I want to know everything, please just tell me…”


“There’s not much more to tell.”


“Please just try.”


Jedd sighed, “well, I guess I could dig up a bit more.”


“I instantly fell in love with her. Every morning she would sneak out of bed and make the finest breakfast. Her favorite thing was bacon. We used to watch Netflix everyday after I got off work and while I was at work she would clean and go shopping. We never confessed our love that soon, but I know we both loved each other dearly. One night I confessed to her, and she confessed to me. And the next morning we went to the park and we were swinging on the swing and she fell so I jumped after her. She was a trouper, a real tough one. But as we were on the ground laughing I asked her to marry me. And she said yes. And the-”


“Wait.” Zacharia interrupted. “You and mama never got married..”


“I’ll get to that in a minute if you stop interrupting.”




“Five months after I proposed I couldn’t find her. It was night time, she wasn’t home. My house was filled with loneliness and something felt odd. She left the keys to the truck so I knew she couldn’t have gone far, so I went after her… an hour later I finally found her.  She was in an allie talking to someone...”


“Look, I don’t have it anymore.”


“Where did you put it then?” His voice was cold and dark


“I dropped it and it rolled down the hill, it’s been a long time, I think someone took it…”


“WHAT!!!! I paid $2,000 buck for that thing!!!!”


“And you obviously left it in the wrong hands.”


“What about my jacket, huh? Did ja lose that too?” He growled


“Yes, I left it, it had your smell on it.” She spat out.


“You always said I smelled good!”


“Pah-lease, who would like the smell of moldy smoke? No one?” Her eyes rolled back and she let out a scoff.


“Just so you know, you’ll have to pay for the helmet and my jacket!” He spat out.


“I don’t have that money!!!” She pleaded.


“Well that sucks for you, I will get justice.” He had an evil grin on his face that was twisted and evil.

“Hey!!!” Jedd ran down the alley. “What’s going on here?” He glared hard at the man in front of him. “Who the hell are you?”


“Her ex. What about you?” The man had a death glare and very nice teeth.


“I am her fiancé.” He paused. “And to think that could have been you. Glad she escaped.”


“Psht, I escaped, not her, she is a witch when you get to know her.”


Jedd glared “You never got to know her, only her body. C’mon hun, let’s go.”


She looked down. “Look, I’ll be home in a bit, I need to solve this first, just go home, I’ll be fine.” She gave a fake smile which Jedd knew by heart.


“No! I’m not gonna leave you with this man, It’s time to go home, now let’s go!”




Jedd had never had her yell at him like that. He was stunned. He could see the fear and commotion in her eyes and he didn’t know whether to leave her or stay and have her mad at him.


He looked deeply into her eyes which were now swelling with tears.


“…please…. Please go…” She pleaded with him.


He looked at the man and back at her and decided to give her what she wanted.


“Fine… I’ll go… Be safe, promise me that?” He could still see tension in her eyes and he wondered what the heck was going on. He turned around and backed down the alley and caught one last glimpse before he left. He continued to go to the apartment and a mile away he couldn’t help it anymore. He turned back around and ran as fast as his feet could carry him and he finally got to the ally and then he heard the most haunting sound.




He turned around the corner and saw her, he saw her fall to the ground and he just wanted to catch her but it was too late.


“HEEY!” His voice cracked. The man turned and ran to his motorcycle and he was gone.


He ran to Zoey and grabbed her in his arms. “Zoey, PLEASE, stay with my Zoe, please stay with me.” She flickered her eyes open.


“I love you Jedd.” Tears fell from her eyes. “Please remember me, and please, please save himmmmm…”


“Save who?” He asked, but she was gone. “ZOE!” “Zoe please don’t leave me here, please I love you to galaxies and back, I can’t live without you!”


He could feel her turn cold, her eyes were closed and he was shielding her from the rain.


“Don’t worry baby… I’ll get help.” He pulled out his phone and dialed the police and soon enough he was seeing the love of his life being taken inside the ambulance. He couldn’t move, he just lied in a puddle of her blood that was being washed away by the cold rain.”


“Wait a second.. how was I born then.”


“I went to the hospital the next day and they told me they weren’t able to save her, but they saved you. She never told me she was pregnant or anything. You were so tiny and you had to be in the hospital for 15 months because of that, but I was blessed with you. You have her eyes, you know?”


“I’ve never even seen a picture of her, you took them all down when she died. Where did you put them?”


“I hid them in the attic with some things that used to belong there. Maybe we could go check it out.”


“Dad, lets do it right now!”


“I don’t know…”



“Ugh, fine.”


Jedd turned the flickering light on. “I haven’t been in here forever.”


“Where’s her things?”


“Right here in this box.”


Jedd pulled out a picture, “This picture I took on a bridge in San Diego.”  He was holding back tears but they just wouldn’t stay in. “And uh… This is one in the kitchen, boy did she love that apron.” He turned over to his son who had tears streaming down his face.


“She was beautiful..” He paused. “When did you take this one.”


“Ah! That one is one of my favorites! It was morning after I took her home, she was sleeping but I had to take a picture just in case she left, but she was the most prettiest girl i’ve ever seen sleeping. Not that i’ve seen people sleeping, but she was so breathtaken when she slept….” He sobbed and his voice cracked. “I’d do anything to have her back… ANYTHING!”


“What’s this?” Zack asked as he pulled out a letter. “It’s never been opened.”


“Ah, that is a letter she left the day she… well you know.” He paused. “I’ve been too scared to open it and read it.”


“Well, let’s open it together, right now.”




My dearest boys, I love you so much! I don’t know by this time if you will survive my dear son, but if you did I want you to know that your father was the best man I ever met and nothing would or could ever change that, I knew you’d be in safe hands. He was the most caring person ever. He took me off the streets and gave me love and a home. He will listen and understand most of things you will go through. I know I can’t be there to watch you grow up, for tonight there is a chance I may not make it. Mothers are something that can’t be replaced. They are caring and they help their child grow to be the best they can be, but I know for a fact your father will do that. He will help you, I promise. In your teen years you will go through changes, just make sure you do the right thing. And bear with your dad, he knows what he is doing. Trust me.

And to you my dearest Jedd… I know you probably don’t know what is happening tonight. I got a message from my ex… he said he wanted to sort things out and he told me to meet him where he dumped me off. So That’s where I am going now. In his message he said if I don’t give him his things he will kill you or me. I knew he would so That's why I may push you away. I know he always carries a gun and he isn’t afraid to use it. I love you. I always thought that I knew love, but I never knew love until I met you. You were the only person who hadn’t beat me or treated me like dirt, and I love you for that. I can’t imagine if you hadn’t been there that night. I wouldn’t have met you and had the most amazing two years of my life. And I thank you for that. Words can’t describe how  I feel around you.


Now I leave this with you, son and lover. Never sleep on a Friday night… that’s when the magic happens. On Friday nights, we do something!

© Copyright 2020 Zeej Hawkins. All rights reserved.

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