The fight for freedom.

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No one has escapes the rink of death, but with love on his side...can he?

Submitted: March 03, 2016

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Submitted: March 03, 2016



 The Fight For Freedom


A child not even on the terrestrial world for decade was raucously taken from his abode by bloodthirsty ruffians with vulgar attitudes and nasty attributes and was crudely flung upon a vessel, his devoted parents and his tranquil home was then gone and all of the peace he once had was replaced with sorrow and bulging whip marks. At that very day, he became Composante Ship.  His scrawny physique had been so pushed and labored, that it doubled in size and substantial muscles pierced through his figure and bestowed upon him the gift of strength.  And of course, he didn’t just get strength… he worked for it.


And it wasn’t just swabbing the gruesome poop deck or feeding the barbaric captain. It was muscle ripping work, loading hulky cannons, carrying gallons upon gallons of the salty sea water leaking into the splintered vessel, hoisting sopping sails, throwing putrid dead bodies from aboard, loading materials on and off the vessel and too many more back breaking duties to count. At first it was hard, but as time proceeded he had grown fond of the work and didn’t need to strain one muscle to get a job done… He was content with his work because work was all he had.  The only things that made him unhappy were the words said to him by his “fellow” crew mates.


That time was long and forgotten. This little boy had now grown into a man, he was 27 years of age and had grown more muscle, his hair was now to his waist with a red color. His eyes were sea green and full of kindness and his face was a vermillion tone with red freckles, this grown man humbly took on the name Chadmin Dante.


Chadmin had fallen in love with a girl named Meelah Barker, one of the nicer crew mates. She had long, curly,  nut brown hair that glistened in the afternoon sun, coco eyes that held only one emotion… Happiness. Her teeth were pure white and her heart was filled with cheer and joy, t’was as pure as gold like her skin that shown in the golden sun. Chadmin had grew very fond of her and asked for her hand in holy matrimony, but he still needed the permission of her father.  When they arrived in Herculaneum they rushed to her father's blacksmith shop. He was welding a crown for the King, a crown that was created to find the ruler of the kingdom for years and years to come.


Her father wasn’t ideal with the idea of relinquishing his precious daughter to Chadmin, for he did not know him and didn’t know Chadmin's values. So he told Chadmin to mold an eagle from gold to symbolize Zeus, the Sky, Thunderstorms, Lightning, Air, Winds, Clouds, Weather, Law, Justice and Honor. Chadmin had never welded or molded anything, so he feared that his happiness with Meelah would be no longer.  He looked to the cloudy skies and asked Zeus to give him the strength and knowledge to mold the symbol.


His firm hand grabbed the materials and like a professional, with his monstrous hands he molded the gold with skill into a shape to start with. At times he scorched his hands with the hot metal, but he was determined to win Meelah.  He used a near bye stick to draw the feathers and he put great effort and detail into the gold. After a multitude of time he finally finished.  Meelah’s father joined him in the steaming room and took the eagle from Chadmin. He examined the molded art and lifted his bushy eyebrow.  He was very pleased with the work and told him he and Meelah could be married at sundown. The couple was overjoyed and glad that they could be together, but they could not live a normal life…. He was still a slave. He didn’t know how to get out of that life, but he needed to be with Meelah he loved her and wanted to be with her more than anything in the world.


That night after he and Meelah promised and made their vows to one another he went to the ship with courage in his hear. He was going to ask for his freedom and gain the key to unlock the chains of so many years of slavery, but he knew it would be hard.  The salty ship lay in the rusty dock collecting mussels that clung to it with great might.


The night was as black as the eyes of the coldest black hole and was lit by candles aboard the ship. The splintered wood stabbed his blistered feet and it was frigid and damp as well. Every step felt like an eternity as he made his way to the “wardens” den. He could smell a biting aroma which was very familiar. The warden had been drinking and was in the least bit sober.  He could see the captain passed out on the floor. He knew now was the time to take the key to his chains. It was linked to the brutal warden’s pants.


He slowly moved his body and went to the warden’s side and grabbed the keys, but as soon as he did that he was seized by the arm and brought forth to the warden’s face. The warden leaned in real close and whispered “You didn’t think I’d let you go, did you?”

Chadmin gulped and got the courage to do something that would change his life. He reached for the glass bottle of the red wine and hit it with all his might upon the warden’s head. Instantly the warden’s orbs fell behind his eyelids and he was out of it once again.


Chadmin seized the keys and ran all the way back to Meelah and her beloved father.  Her father took the chains and unlocked them. Chadmin could feel freedom in his souls once the cuffs were taken off. It was almost peculiar to see himself without the bonds of slavery upon his hands.  The handcuffs that had enslaved him were thrown into the fire and melted into the finest sword with a glimmer in the sun and an eagle was engraved into the silver handle.  And from that moment Chadmin promised himself he would never part with it.


The next morning, he awoke to an aroma of eggs and hay. He could hear metal clanking in the other room and could feel the warmth of home. He hadn’t had a home in so many years and now that he had it, he couldn’t think of anything better. And he couldn’t of what to do if that were taken from him. He had a wife, a father, and a home. Everything he had dreamed of having as a child and teen.


There was a nock at the door and a wave of concern came to him like the waves that crashed along the ships in the Caribbean’s. He heard the door crash open and he could hear footsteps coming his way. His father in law was yelling and so was Meelah. The doors to his room opened with the power of Zeus and he could see two of the royal king’s guards coming right at him. One was a rather large man with a gruff look and scarlet blood in his long mustache, the other was rather scrawny and had a clean cut face and a scared look on his face. He must have been new.


The men called him by name and told him in the order of the king, he was thereby arrested for stealing the crown of King Ferbam. Though he did not do it, he still went with the men without complaint. He didn’t want to get in more trouble than he was already in.


The palace was made of pure gold and was lined with jewels. If was heavily guarded by blood lusted hounds and angry reliant guards.  When he entered the castle there were maids everywhere and it was so immaculate and magnificent.


At the end of the hallway the king was walking in circles pacing around the golden floor. When he saw Chadmin he glared.


“So you are the man who hath stolen thine crown.” The king said in disgust.


Chadmin looked to the ground and shook his head. “I have not stolen thine crown, in the least your highness, I have only been on port for one day.”


The king went to Chadmin and yanked his hair, “Then prove it.”  The king paused and waved his hands to the guard. “Have fun in the dungeons.” The kind glared evilly and turned to Chadmin who was shuffling in the guard’s arms.


“Wait!!! Your Highness!!! I haven’t done fault!!! I just earned my freedom!!!” He paused and tears fell from his cheeks like a river of sadness upon his face. “Please don’t take that from me… I have just earned my freedom, my wife, last night we wed and I wished to be with her for an eternity… please let me live it. Please, I beg you, please let me go!!!”  Chadmin felt betrayed and hurt. It was like there was a knife that was plunged into his abused heart and it was twisting deeper and deeper into loneliness and sorrow.


The king went to Chadmin and patted him on the shoulder. “There is one way…” He smirked and turned away from Chadmin. “Have you heard of the Arena of Death?”


Chadmin looked directly to the selfish king and answered no.


“It is a life and death challenge that you are placed with. No one has survived it, but if you can miraculously survive it, I will grant you your freedom and release your charges… Then we both get what we want. Me, entertainment, and you… freedom.” The king laughed and walked away. “Tomorrow morning, be ready, the rink of death will consume you and take you to Haties of the underworld where you will live an eternity of death.”


And with that Chadmin was taken to a dungeon of rotting criminals and decaying bodies.  People moaned with pain throughout the night and cried to be home at last. The people Chadmin had gotten to know were just as innocent as him. The king was a foul person who would send the sweetest flower on earth to make up for his loss.  He was consumed with pride and lavish, that he had no feelings for another soul.

The night was ever so long and filled with a hole in his heart and the crave to be with his dearest rose that brought the happiness in his life to him.  When the morning had come it had come in an instant, guards grabbed him by his peasant shirt and yanked him like a rag doll to a huge arena where people were gathered cheering and screaming. The one person who stood out to him the most was his dearest wife. She wasn’t cheering… she was crying. Chadmin winked at her indicating he would be ok.


A lumber some lizard was behind the arenas closed doors. As Chadmin was standing in the middle of arena he could hear a beast screeching from behind the locked doors. The king’s guards opened the doors and the beast shot out, furious, with a piercing look in his eyes. The eyes contained a galaxy which could make any man fall into a deep trance. Chadmin knew he needed to avoid the eyes to survive. The lizard was snapping his mouth flashing all his blood stained teeth. His black scales glistened in the lights and shown into Chadmin’s eyes blinding him momentarily. On the inside Chadmin was terrified but did not let it show, instead Chadmin didn’t budge. He knew he could defeat the monster with his strength. The monster came barreling at him with an immense speed and Chadmin sidestepped the lizard and grabbed a fang from his tooth as he flew by.  The onyx Lizard screeched as it slammed into the arena walls rumbling the whole city and causing rocks to fall from the arena distracting the lizard and giving Chadmin something to use as a weapon, his sword would definitely not get through the tough scales of the monstrous amphibian. Chadmin jumped upon the lizard while it was in a daze. He seized the head and flipped the lizard on its back, he then grabbed the nearest rock and hit the lizard upon the head multiple times hitting harder and harder with a mass of effort and crushed the lizard’s skull. The lizard let out it last high pitched scream and then… It was over, Chadmin had defeated the monster and Chadmin was left standing in the middle of the arena.


A huge wave of relief swept over him, it was over. He could finally go home to his wife… or so he thought. The audience was silent… almost too silent… like they were waiting for more, and soon enough he heard another sound from behind him, suddenly the ground underneath him cracked open and was splitting apart like an earthquake… but this was intentional. He jumped to one side and saw the ground beneath him being sucked into the sides of the arena and now what was underneath him was water. An ocean with only a floating rock in the middle.


The walls had pushed him into the water and Chadmin wasn’t the best swimmer, he needed to get to the floating rock to keep him afloat. He paddled over and heard the most pleasing sound he had ever heard in his life a gentle voice with a melodic tune was echoing throughout the ocean. Part of him wanted to go see what it was but he knew nothing good would come of that. He heard a sound from the rock and saw a creature emerge from it. He remembered seeing one in a book he once read. It was called a TriMuse, though he had never seen one in person. He felt his whole body become numb when he heard the melodic tune once more.


He watched the three headed siren wiggle on the rock in a somewhat addicting way. He saw the tangled red mass of hair with barnacles and sea forms stuck inside it. It's skin looked slimy and murky color. Chadmin remembered the TriMuse hated knowledge.  As most TriMuse’s they are a brownish and a murky color.  The siren believed she was very sneaky and stealthy but she had the stench of death, of rotting flesh, seeping between her teeth.  But you will ever regret making her furious because you would see the cold daggers from her eyes and any creature knows when they have crossed the line. The TriMuse doesn’t play games, if any creature happens to capture her, she has already coated herself with the slimiest, gooiest, and smelliest slime that will ever assail your vision. By the the time you make your ever so quick move, you won't know what happened.


Chadmin knew exactly what he was going up against and he was going to use it as his advantage.  But then he looked back at the TriMuse, and it did not look anything like it had before. The ugly hair and body was replaced with the beauty of Meelah. It was the exact spitting image of her and it tempted Chadmin so much. The music drew him close. He swam to the TriMuse believing it was his dearest Meelah. He sat upon her rock and listened to her sing. With every note he drew another inch closer, and addicting ray of beauty was enveloping his mind to misfortune and doom, but he couldn’t get himself to draw away.


Suddenly his brain leaped in his skull like a heart beat and then he got back to focus, he tried his hardest to envision the fraud of Meelah as the most gruesome thing he could imagine. But he thought to himself. He needed to pretend he was still hooked and find a way to kill the TriMuse. And then it hit him.


He grabbed the monster’s hair lightly and pretended to play with it. He formed it into a braid and quickly placed it around her neck and then he tightened it. The TriMuse got knocked out of Meelah’s form and was thrashing trying to get out of the rope of hair that was choking her. Her Murky skin tone was replaced with a turquoise pale, and soon to white, her fin slashed for the last time and Chadmin let it fall off the rock and it just floated on the water.


And suddenly a ginormous splash came from under it and went about twenty feet in the air. Whatever the thing was, Chadmin knew something for sure… that thing was huge! Not twenty feet… more than that! It had eaten the TriMuse and Chadmin feared he was next. He just sat upon the rock waiting to see the creature come back. And suddenly he saw it. An eel like creature about forty feet circling the walls of the arena sea. It was a dark slimy green, like moss in the dark night sky. It was extremely fast and the spinning it was doing was causing the water in the tank to go in a circular movement thus creating an immense world pool.


Waves upon waves were moving and consuming the rock Chadmin was laying on. And soon enough Chadmin was sucked under the water. He could not swim to the surface; he just saw the creature spiraling around the tank without end. He couldn’t think of a way to stop the creature so he just lied in the water giving up his life. But then it hit him. Meelah… he needed to return to her. He pushed his hands with all his force and made himself known to the water as the master. He gasped for air and went back under unsheathing his sword. He went to the side of the take close to the eel and waited for the opportune moment.


The blade would not go through the scales, but it could go through its gills. When the eel went around the next time Chadmin through his sword aiming it perfectly into the gills of the monster. Suddenly there was a huge blast and the whole eel had exploded into a golden light. The arena was empty… the water was gone and the people were drenched. Was this it? Had he finished or was there another?


The audience stood up one after another clapping and shouting. They seemed shocked and pleased as well, and the king looked scared. Chadmin wandered around the arena thinking through the past events and then he saw a golden object under the skin of the carcass that he had just made. He reached out to it and ceased it. And what he beheld was the crown that had been stolen from the king.


A huge ray of light came from the skies and on a cloud, the mighty Zeus was coming from the heavens. His voice was like thunder. “Rejoice fellow peasants.  Chadmin hath been chosen by the crown to rule for all eternity in this kingdom of Rome. No more pain shall be followed by this king of injustice and no more sorrow to the lost love ones, because thy crown hath chosen the true ruler of the kingdom.  Now this man of sick attributes shall be banished  to the outskirts and be eaten upon the gruesome acts of others which he hath already consumed. and Chadmin, the servant of Olympus shall take place in the kingdom and restore peace and love. Now everyone come forth and sing, sing in praise, sing in joy.”


With a flash of light Zeus was gone and Chadmin was lifted upon the shoulders of servants and praised with flowers and cheer, and most of all Meelah.


“My brave husband. I knew you could do it. With your courage, and knowledge, you were able to destroy those who hath separated us from one another. You didn’t give up and that is what makes you a hero… my hero… the Hero of Olympus."


The End.



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