The Secrets We Keep 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

So the story continues here since it couldn't in the other one after reaching maximum capacity of chapters. I should have known that I couldn't keep adding without there being a limit. For new readers, there is a first part. You need to read 'The Secrets We Keep' first. This is the second part. :)

Table of Contents

Chapter 100

Chapter 100 "I think we should talk about something before talking to everyone else." Kerim leaned against the closed door. Kathe... Read Chapter

Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Briar had barely been able to sleep the rest of the night and in the morning after the party. She didn't know what had ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Edward was annoyed that he had to get the door himself. He wondered where the maid was, he certainly paid her well enough... Read Chapter

Chapter 103

Chapter 103 "Leave a man crying and pissing his pants in fear. Check. Killing someone because they fucked with your family, uncheck."... Read Chapter

Chapter 104

Chapter 104 "How are you feeling?" "Better." Beth put her hand on top of Adrian's as he kept it on her stomach. The shock was... Read Chapter

Chapter 105

Chapter 105 "Home sweet home." Jake tried to sound cheerful despite the horrendous scowl on Maleah's face. They had finally arriv... Read Chapter

Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Ava had been following her target for days. It was time to take the next step. She applied a dark red color to her li... Read Chapter

Chapter 107

Chapter 107 James leaned on the door frame of Charlie's bedroom. She was packing up her things in boxes. She glanced up and smiled. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 108

Chapter 108 "Ugh, spare me the details of the proposal before you make me gag. I've had enough unpleasantries." Ava filed her nails. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 109

Chapter 109 They got into the club with no problem at all. Briar had been wondering the whole way there if Ava had been serious a... Read Chapter

Chapter 110

Chapter 110 "Hey. Have you guys seen Briar?" Chey asked Noah and Angel concerned. She had been dancing with them and then she was... Read Chapter

Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Noah insisted on walking Angel up to her hotel room. She thought it wouldn't be a problem. She was also too busy thinking... Read Chapter

Chapter 112

Chapter 112 When Briar woke up she felt slightly dishoriented. Then she saw Eli calmly dry himself off at the foot of the bed. It... Read Chapter

Chapter 113

Chapter 113 "You are fine." Charlie smoothed down Linc's shirt collar and brushed off imaginary lint from his shoulders. "Everything ... Read Chapter

Chapter 114

Chapter 114 Two months ago Adrian and Beth had moved to his small town. The divorce had been finalized and they had been busy making ... Read Chapter

Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Maleah grabbed the covered tray filled with sugar cookies from the counter. She went to the front door where Jake was wai... Read Chapter

Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Ava tried Mitch's number again but he wasn't answering. She was supposed to be going to Austin's house again. She had... Read Chapter

Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Angel enjoyed the night air as she stood out on the hotel balcony. She felt Eli when he appeared in her room behind h... Read Chapter

Chapter 118

Chapter 118 "I could just strangle that woman." Ann looked back at Esteban's mom. "I would be grateful if you didn't. Esteban is ... Read Chapter

Chapter 119

Chapter 119 "How do you feel?" Mitch poured coffee for Ava. "Tired. My head hurts." She pushed back the hair away from her face a... Read Chapter

Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Maleah made breakfast as she heard Jake get up for work. She was always up earlier than him. It was something she had gro... Read Chapter

Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Maleah's scream had Jake rushing to wake up and caused him to fall off the couch. He squinted against the light coming fr... Read Chapter

Chapter 122

Chapter 122 "You're doing it. Come on. Only a little bit more." Joe encouraged. Sophie bit her lip. It was taking effort and pain... Read Chapter

Chapter 123

Chapter 123 "Thank you so much for coming with me to pick out a dress. Heaven knows I need your expertise." Charlie went into the lar... Read Chapter

Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Ava desperately yanked at Mitch's shirt, nearly ripping it apart. She nipped his lips and dipped her tongue int... Read Chapter

Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Maleah grabbed the bowl of popcorn and her sunglasses. She took it with her as she went out to her front lawn. There was ... Read Chapter

Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Noah hugged Angel. "I'll be here when you get back." She assured him as he let her go. She was careful to keep her ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Bright and early friday morning Jake and Maleah packed the car with their suitcases for the weekend and anything they wou... Read Chapter

Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Lidia swept Charlie's hair to the side and put in the pearl clip. She took a step back and her eyes watered. "If you ... Read Chapter

Chapter 129

Chapter 129 "I can feel the love I want. I can feel the love I need. But it's never gonna come the way I am. Could I change it if I w... Read Chapter

Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Charlie giggled as she stopped kissing Linc. Being married so far was happiness. Then again they had only been marrie... Read Chapter

Chapter 131

Chapter 131 It was sunday morning. A week after waking up in bed together. Like Maleah had predicted, things had changed between ... Read Chapter

Chapter 132

Chapter 132 "We'll be coming as soon as I'm walking." Sophie assured her parents. They were at the airport saying their goodbyes.... Read Chapter

Chapter 133

Chapter 133 "Everything has been cleared. Austin Gordon has been the sole mastermind behind all the murders. Maleah and Jake had noth... Read Chapter

Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Maleah drove up the familiar drive and parked outside the house. Jake came in next to her. She sat there and stared a... Read Chapter

Chapter 135

Chapter 135 "Nooo...I don't want this vacation to be over." Ava pouted. She was laying with the other girls out in the sun. "It w... Read Chapter

Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Maleah got up and dressed. It was mid afternoon and she knew Linc had to be at his place by now. Her mother had told her ... Read Chapter

Chapter 137

Chapter 137 The door to Daniel's office banged open. He wasn't surprised at seeing Maleah. He knew she would be coming in someday to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 138

Chapter 138 "I think this is the last box." Briar had her room all packed up and it was being carried out to Noah's truck by her fath... Read Chapter

Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Jake put the last bale of hay inside the barn and closed up the stable door. He was currently working at the ranch. H... Read Chapter

Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Laney ran around the park with a little bell tied to her hand. It was so Ava and Mitch could keep track on her in case th... Read Chapter

Chapter 141

Chapter 141 "You will follow orders. You will not whine. You will leave this place ready to risk your life for the better good of oth... Read Chapter

Chapter 142

Chapter 142 The next few months flew by. Maleah and Ava graduated along with four others into the new Special Unit division. They... Read Chapter

Chapter 143

Chapter 143 "Oh look, Jake's here." Charlie commented. "Jake?" Linc frowned and saw him. He was talking with James and Mitch. Mal... Read Chapter

Chapter 144

Chapter 144 "It doesn't hurt that much." Jake was clearly lying. He winced as Maleah pressed the bag of peas to his face. Before ... Read Chapter

Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Ava was jetlagged. She was tired and nervous about meeting Mitch's mother. She sounded nice, at least from what she g... Read Chapter

Chapter 146

Chapter 146 "I just got a text from Ava." Noah looked over his phone and opened it up. "It's a group thing of the family. Great, craz... Read Chapter

Chapter 147

Chapter 147 "Thanksgiving with the family here we come." Sophie smiled brightly. She and Joe had just gotten off the airplane in ... Read Chapter

Chapter 148

Chapter 148 Briar couldn't hide in the room forever. She had to come out and face her brother. He had knocked earlier but she had pre... Read Chapter

Chapter 149

Chapter 149 With their trip coming to an end Ava had felt sad but then she remembered that she had a wedding to arrange for soon. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 150

Chapter 150 Briar focused on school. That was another reason she later convinced herself that it was a good thing she was not with No... Read Chapter

Chapter 151

Chapter 151 "I think summer is the best time for our wedding. I like the heat and we can have simple decorations, you know. It's goin... Read Chapter

Chapter 152

Chapter 152 "I'm getting married...I'm getting hitched..." Ava danced a little in her room. "Are you done?" Tricia grumbled. Yes ... Read Chapter

Chapter 153

Chapter 153 "It's so fluffy!" Ava's voice imitation of Agnes from Despicable Me had Laney in a fit of giggles. She was talking ab... Read Chapter

Chapter 154

Chapter 154   Nine years later...   "Jacob! What did you do to your brother?!" Maleah screamed when she saw tha... Read Chapter

Chapter 155

Chapter 155 "You cannot do this to me." Briar begged. She would have gotten on her knees but it wasn't that bad. Slightly though beca... Read Chapter

Chapter 156

Chapter 156 For their reservation tables had been pushed together to accommodate the large group. Noah, being a gentleman, pulled... Read Chapter


Epilogue   6 months later...   The waves rolled up to the shore. Foam stayed behind as they retreated once agai... Read Chapter