The Prince of Zudall

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A project for my psychology class last year- the story line is fairly simple: a gorgeous prince needs to marry to become King, so he goes to the most beautiful princess in all the land and demands she marry him. She boldly refuses his "proposal" and shows him the door, as the prince left awkwardly. The moral being to not fall to the facade people hide themselves behind, and see people as they truley are.

Submitted: June 13, 2011

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Submitted: June 13, 2011



Once upon a long time ago, Inside a castle that was covered in snow, There lived a princess with brains, beauty, and dough, Who awaited a prince to come be her beau.

And in another kingdom was a soon to be king, But first what he needed was to be wearing a ring, He asked all around for someone to bring A fair maiden who was born into a lot of cha-ching.

Fair maidens everywhere were sent with a call, That a wife was needed for the Prince of Zudall. He was handsome and rich and ever so tall, He seemed to be perfect and loved most by all.

Girls from all kingdoms gathered around, But a girl with enough beauty was yet to be found. Yet the prince needed a queen if he was to be crowned, So he left to go find her, onward bound.

 When he heard of the princess mentioned before, He immediately went and knocked down her door, She was everything he had imagined and more, She had beauty beyond measure then times that by four!


She took one glace and thought ‘what a phony! He wasted his time making this journey.’ But he stood next to her and knelt down on one knee, Smiled and said “Princess, you will marry me.”

She then boldly replied “I WILL marry who?! I fear I will not stand at the altar with you, For I will never tell you the two words, ‘I do’.” And with that she turned and bid him adieu.

Stunned he stood up and said “aren’t thee in love? Every other girl swears I came straight from above! So marry me now and kiss me thereof!” But right after that she gave him a shove. 

What happened then was the surprise of his life, She said “I soon would rather be killed with a knife, Than have to withstand you and become your wife, Knowing that all I would get is much strife.”

Angered he left without a single more word, How he then felt could be described as awkward, Never had he been in a situation as absurd, As this moment that was nothing as he had pictured. 

Now any other girl would have said yes in a heartbeat, Everyone would say he seemed charming and quite sweet, For the prince was a hunk, the most gorgeous you’d meet, If you took a walk down handsome dude street. 

For what is the moral to this story you may ask, Well you see the princess saw straight through his mask. And although it is at times such a great task, We must try to see things deeper and not look them past.

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