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Simon & the Underground Castle-realm of Zelda and Ganon!


Part I. Jovia to the Secret Elder's Palace


NOTE:  (This is a story I wrote in 2018-2019.  This was highly inspired by the video game 'Castlevania II' on the NES SYSTEM and 'Chrono Trigger' on the SNES SYSTEM.)






The Grandmaster Magus' Plea:








Dark realm-bearer of powerful infinite light,

Your presence is hereby requested by the Grandmaster 
Elder Vandorf! 

 Darkness ravages our underground 

Our towns grow desolate.  Our spirits forlorn 
with misery.



  Death follows all who defy the horrors of the 
Dark Queen Zelda and the dreaded, invisible Count Ganondorf! 


Desolation and treachery lies heavy upon our hearts!  Our hope dwindles as the last of our GURU MAGISTRATES have vanished!  Her nightmare curse of darkness is transforming our guards and townspeople into wicked infidels and monsters.







Use this ring of teleportation to reach us!

The Dark Queen, ZELDA  has sealed the former secret passage to the Underground Realms, The King Elder's Portal, ensuring no one may ever reach us again!

The Ring of Teleportation is the only way to reach 
our realm! 



You are our last hope!









The telepathic voice vanishes in a dark rumbling flash of trembling power. 

 You find yourself teleported into the hidden entrance of the  gateways of the underground town of JOVIA. 

 Your quest begins here. 




Part I.


Your name is SIMON.

You are a very alluring, handsome young Warrior with tanned skin and spiky, straight hair, viciously decorated in two sharp pigtails that spike upwards from each side of your head.

  Your hair is shiny with very sharp bangs that are slick with a shimmering substance; they hang down in front of your eyes.



  Various glittering ribbons and strands of flashing 'Nagasuki' are tied into your vicious hairstyle, displayed in a bizarre, avant-garde fashion, which makes your appearance startling yet mysterious. 

Strands of neon hair fall limply into your tantalizing face before your eyes which flash forth in a piercing fury of mystifying desire within the darkness.




Long pointy ears, gleaming in phantasmic essences, stick forth from each side of your head in a sultry, handsome fashion.  A sparkling green 'realm-bearer's headband' rests around upon your handsome brow. 


A telekinetic ring of teleportation rests around your middle finger of your right gloved hand.

Adorning your body is a great glistening cloak of enchantment with a pink tunic and spiky blue boots of mystical darkness.  Adorning your hands are necromantic, dark gloves.  In your flank rests a 'Magistrate's Whip of Necromancy'. 





Your first task is to find the rare, bejeweled chest of the 'Elder's Secret Underground Mansion' that is holding the Map and the Blue Studded Shield of Zeal.


You are on a phantasmic quest to vanquish the dark forces of Queen Zelda and the accursed Count Ganondorf.

However, first you must find the underground passage with the secret hallway that leads to the 'Elder's Palace' and the ancient dwarf-town of Aljiva.







Walking out from a small crooked doorway from a dark passage, you step down the glowing steps and into the town of Jovia.  An eternal dormancy rests within the sparkling ether of this town.

Green and blue smoke wafts throughout the mysterious roar of the darkness.





An elder gentleman with a glistening blue-beard and long pointed ears rests upon a red staff of healing outside a green-brick vandalized Church; the bulky exterior of the building is covered in scrawling graffiti of sparkling desecration.

The graffiti glows in various flashing rainbow colours while smoke rises from below;  almost as if it is glowing in the dark.



The elder's overgrown, bushy blue eyebrows cover his eyes while a shining headband rests upon his morose brow. 

 A glowing cross of phantasmic, rainbow hues flashes in seraphic necromancy above the gateway of the entrance to the Vandal's Church.  Glittering and furry bats, covered in rainbow-glitter, flutter above the church.



The elder speaks to you, "Rare crystals!  Rare wares for sell!  Maychance you buy a token for a pretty jewel my son?"



  You nimbly frisk upon your spike heels and jump over a snow-filled chasm in the cavern grotto to reach the GrandElder and view his wares. 

 A glimmering waterfall flows from a dark doorway here into a sparkling, foaming tunnel of darkness below.



Bluebeard Elder's Wares:

Red Crystal of Belmont:  x200 jewels
Holy Healing Vial:  x75 jewels
Blue Iced Bread Loaf of Restoration:  x50 jewels
Red Candles of Power:x250 jewels




You decide on a Holy Healing Vial, one Blue Iced Bread Loaf and one Red Crystal.  You pay the  strange Elder grandsire the jewels and place the possessions into your traveler's cloak.




Further along the dark pathway, you come upon a bizarre Christmas tree that is twinkling with flashing lights.  The tree is standing next to a dimly-lit alcove that has a strange red pipe which puffs out a green, flashing steam.


Suddenly, a flashing cloud of glittering smoke engulfs you.


You gaze upon trembling silhouettes of furry bats encircling your flashy, bulky form.  Their sparkling pink and blue fur glows with a mystic power of hypnotic darkness upon your eyes.


 You shun their almighty, mesmeric darkness with a flashing 'CROSS OF HOLY NECROMANCY'.





A menacing, vicious dread falls upon your senses as you viciously flail your Magistrate's Whip within the ethereal darkness.  The menacing gaze of the Pink Dwarfin Bats radiate and flash in a phantasmic power of zeal.


Their pink, furry bodies glow in an unknown, forlorn power.  Donning your emerald spectacles that shield your eyes from the blinding flashes of light, you withdraw a 'Holy Vial of Blacklight' from your cloak and thrust it upon the accursed darkness of the mysterious bats. 





Phantasmic, fluoerescent flames arise into the murky ether, while the bats begin to cast a flashing blue smoke spell.  Their screeching, noxious cries echo within the mystical darkness of the hanging stalactites of the cave.



You flail your Magistrate's Whip in the air once more and slay one of the Dwarf Bats in a sparkling flash of glittering pink sparkles.

The slain bat vanishes into a glistening, glow in the dark foaming pool below.  The water glows from beneath with a mysterious black-light.


A kind of shimmering, saccharine essence begins encircling you within the ethereal darkness.




Within the disarray of the glittering smoke and confusion of the battle, you withdraw from the flurry of fur and sparkling power of the Pink and Blue Bats, through a little crooked doorway that is hidden in secrecy within the alcoves of a darkened wall. 


Silently closing it, you turn and scurry nimbly down the dimly lit hallway.  You follow a glistening, checkered (black and white squares) pathway through the radiant darkness.

The path is covered in a thick layer of glitter and red bones.  Little piles of snow and big Christmas trees sit along the sparkly walls in some places.




  Waterfalls glitter and foam in eternal mystery to each side as they radiate a spraying, all-powerful mist.

You turn a corner to find yourself following a very low, dark underground hallway with many curious circular doors to each side, some resting across from glow-in-the-dark, sparkling chasms. 

Pink icy stalagmites, covered in glitter and fragrant honey, decorate a checkered floor in one bizarre enclosure across the chasm.



Above you, in the alcoves and shimmering ledges of neon brilliancy, lay furry, unknown creatures that are deep in slumber.  One has a bewildering green, furry beard that shimmers in transluscence.



A great ruby chest lies here next to a smoking pipe and you cast a black-magic spell of "Unlock", throwing it open to reveal a 'Purple Potion of Elixir', sparkling within a pile of precious jewels along with other unknown treasures. 


Placing these novelties in your traveler's cloak, you turn and gaze behind you.  All remains dark except for the glistening red candles with blue flames.  Their flames sparkle along the slanted ceiling in the unknown mystery of the dark. 


 The glowing flames seem to whisper mantras of almighty power and hidden, forbidden secrets into your long and pointy ears.




Glimpsing above you at the red candles flickering within the glistening blue smoke, you notice a sparkling, translucent RUNE engraved into them.



 'Enchanted spellcasting candles!' you think to yourself.


You viciously begin flailing your spiked Magistrate's Whip of Necromancy in the enchanted air of the mysterious darkness, suddenly crashing two of the candles into a flashing spark of lights. 


From out of the fragrant smoke of the darkness, a little pile of glistening pink hearts, ice-crystals and loaves of 'blue mantra bread' lay in a sparkling heap at your feet.

As well, a glittering pair of "Currier's Boots" with pointy ends is sitting in the sparkling mound of novelties.


You gaze in enchantment as you collect your findings. 





Continuing further along the phantasmic hall, you come upon a vertical room with many magically sealed circular doorways that lie across from a BIZARRE crooked pink Church on a drizzling snowy ledge.



You inspect the premises and find that they are inaccessible;  as if they only open from the inside.


In one corner lies a strange creature with a pink beard and bushy red eyebrows.

A glistening cloak of transmogrification lies wrapped around his furry form, flashing forth in a vicious array of splendour and colour.  His attire is grotesquely bizarre and his long ears drip in rainbow-syrup.





"Welcome to the dwarf town of Aljiva, my child.  What ails you?  I sell wares!  How many  jewels dost thou have?" the creature whispers hoarsely, his warm scent of honey-chocolate hypnotising your senses.



From a blue pipe in a corner, a furry green bat flies down to rest on his shoulder.

You grimace in disdain and admit that you have no costly jewels remaining and must vanquish fiends to gain more. 



"Ah!  A phantom slayer has arrived in our realm.  Welcome sentient child.  As it were, I am quite a lenient and gracious soul.  Take this on my behalf," he EXCLAIMS IN TANTALIZING EXCITEMENT.



Here he chuckles viciously. 

The furry creature retreives a mighty red key and a green book tied in a silk covering from a shimmering chest that is hidden behind him.



  "This red key will open the doorway leading to the hidden passageways behind the water-pipes which shall lead further downwards to the dominions of the Elder's Palace.  And this rare item is a book of summoning and identification." 




Here the green, furry bat on his shoulder squeaks in fright as it gloats itself disturbingly on the sugary morsels of dripping, gleaming pink icing. 


"Ba Ha!  See how enchantingly nimbly it feeds on my homemade dwarfin pink icing-cake." 


Here he pets it admiringly.  "Would thou care to partake of a dwarfin cake of syrup, child?  A rare concoction to bestow on a visitor of such caliber such as yourself?"  The dwarf inquires of you, as his furry bat softly laps up a mouthful of the shiny pink icing.




You grimace and politely refuse, bowing low, as your spiky ribbons in your hair flash forth in a blinding light of formidable power upon the furry creature's squinted stare. 

 You begin to graciously thank the stranger for his kindness and hospitality.


You explain that you must continue on your way further along the secret icy roadway that leads through the underground towns.


The furry little dwarf-creature before you pulls you aside and brings a sparkling red candle close to its bushy eyebrows.  The large candle drips in a sparkling wax while it gently releases a trail of rainbow-coloured smoke into the ether of the mystical air.




"Thou must find the Rib of Akahana.  She was a secret, mysterious woman who lived alone in the unknown quarters of the town of Victim.  That is very near the glowing pipe-works areas of the lower regions below us. 

 The Rib of Akahana will open the sealed entrance that leads further into the underground," he states, twitching his little furry whiskers while the furry bat swoops off into the confines of a secret alcove above, and then continues his speech.




  "There are strange whispers in the darkest of the underground night about mysterious vanishments of our people and nightmare ghouls.  They say the 'Dark Regents' carry off people to be enslaved and trapped down there.  No one knows exactly where they are taken to or its location.  Everything is not as it seems down here in this realm.  You must depart into the hidden, underground realm of Phantoms," he says.




" Farewell if thou must partake of this town,"  The furry, pink creature continues, petting the malignant bat screeching on his shoulder.



"Continue further along the hallway and you will come to the beginning of the Waterworks Stations and the pipes that lead to the hidden gateways of the Elder's Palace," he finishes.

He then scurries behind a pointy Christmas tree that has a large mound of snow below it.




Suddenly, a number of red and green dwarf-crackers twinkle in a shimmering display of radiant light near a dark chasm in an alcove, from directly below you.

A great overgrown mushroom rests next to a strange pyramidal-style building that has many pipes and vents covering its outer walls of sparkling cement.


The ornate pyramidal building has a sparkling, stained-glass window with fragrant steam puffing from a chimney peeping forth from its slanted roof.






An enchanted revelry of fireworks appears to be taking place in the underground neighborhoods and towns of Aljiva, located  somewhere within the gleaming chasms of flashing snow below.




You squint your eyes and place your hand above your bushy blue eyebrows, to view the flitting shadows and scurrying furry bats.Many bizarre furry bats and strange creatures are floating in the steamy grotto-foam in the splashing waves of the pools below.


Coloured syrup drips along the wet walls while divulgent glitter of phantasmic power rains down upon the furry creatures, trickling from velvety pink icicles of the crooked ceiling above in the blackness.



 Coloured smoke flashes from below.



A 'dwarf firecracker show' seems to be underway and the town is invited.  You step down a number of glistening stairs and disappear around a neon-blue pipe in the corner. 





The hallway's sparkling chasm below takes on a more abstract nature, as the glittering underground Christmas trees and crooked neon bridges shimmer forth in a nightmare of nocturnal power.





Mysterious, circular Dwarf Doors continue onwards on each side in the darkness for as far as you can see.  Bulky machines, that resemble large furnaces, lay covered in dimly-lit flashing lights near many of the Christmas trees.

Meanwhile, others have pipes that puff out green and red smoke upon the air. 



No accessible route lies evident that leads across the sparkling chasms in the dark.


Large pink mushrooms are sticking forth from the icy walls along ledges from above you.  Snow rests along the walls as a type of thick syrup drips along the bulky limestone.


 You view rare and sparkling crystals shining in the dark, rocky chasms below.

Red, blue and green furry bats flap to and fro and sway within the smoky ether below in the chasms and also from above you in the forlorn alcoves.



Their mesmeric and furry paws drip in sparkling ether.  Their furry whiskers are covered in fragrant, shiny pink syrup.




Occasionally, after many miles of walking along this hallway in the dark, you glance above you and witness various bluebearded creatures nimbly hopping into pipes and slanted doorways, only to disappear and vanish into the dark.

 They are dressed in glistening-wet clothes that are covered in powerful essences.  Their garb is mesmeric and very mysterious; not easily  described.



Where they are headed you know not.  Some have what appears to be young furry children scurrying after them carrying sparkling presents and twinkling pastel-candles to light their path. 






Various glowing walkways lead over the sparkling chasms to bewildering ledges and pathways above you. 



A strange creature, with two spiky ears and adorned in a glow-in-the-dark helmet, rests below you in the dark, operating a flashing machine that puffs out an electrical pink-smoke.


You withdraw your whip and slowly continue onwards, gazing around you morosely in fright and anticipation. 

 Of what bizarre secrets this underground realm may hold you cannot fathom.  Many  novelties of the dwarfin beings, unknown to other creatures, rest down here in secret.


You silently light your shimmering purple candle, flashing the spark of light forth into the dark.


Coming upon a series of glowing doors that are covered with glow-in-the-dark posters, with candles and pipes hanging along the walls  in alcoves directly above, you witness a dwarf woman in a checkered cloak with light blue hair and donning a sparkling pink tiara; the spiky implement  seems to spark forth in blinding light and enchant your soul from within its very depths.


 She has very large pointy heels on her feet that sparkle in a decadent light.



She is pacing to and fro outside the 'Shopkeeper's Palace' of the town of 'Mynxmare'.


As you scurry near her, you see a very cute and large furry Dwarf-Bat resting on the young woman's shoulder.  It seems to be wearing a red device on its head that flashes a light wildly about to and fro.  Dark red and blue furry Town Bats flap near the townspeople in tragic disarray.





"You must seek the shelter during the evening, my child!  The curse of nightmare begins when darkness descends.  Travesty!  What a horrible evening to have a curse, my child!"  She cries upon the fell air, as another dwarfin being scurries by you. 

 They are holding a green candle that glows in the dark.  They disappear around a dark icy corner and hop into a hidden pipe that is sticking out from a shimmering-wet wall.

Pink icicles hang down in front of the pipe's roaring entrance which leads further down into the blackness.




  Other low peals of mirth and frightening laughter echo upon the darkness of the ether.  The tones resemble neither male nor female, yet a distinct quality of the surreal and foreign rests hauntingly within their tones.


Little bluebearded creatures scatter to and fro from a circular doorway that is sitting in a glowing alcove.  It lies across from you with a flashing sign above reading, "Tavern's Entrance". 




Some appear to be playing pacing back and forth outside where big piles of snow are sitting, while others rest within the sparkling ledges, splashing the Christmas trees and presents with a glittering syrup of rainbow colours, conversing with nearby strangers. 


Their banter and jostling manner intrigues your curiosity further as you gaze for awhile.

Other shop's signs glow and flash above them each in-turn.



  Evident are many that read: ToolShop, Armory, Pawn Shop, Inn and KeyShop.





You turn to the frightened dwarf woman to tell her of your impending journey and your search for the Elder's Hidden Palace to find the map and 'Blue studded shield'.

The poor woman pets the Pink Dwarf Bat the entire time you relay your story. 






Finally, she turns to you and whispers, "The Elder's Palace is hidden deep below us in the Pipe-works Region.  If thou must find him then you must bring a Flute of Brynmaer." 

She suddenly takes a bite out of a thick pink cake that is topped with green icing.


"Continue along the hallway, knock down the green and blue gateway with a Mattock and then follow the waterway chasms until you come upon the underground Vagrant's Town of Brynmaer.  Speak with the townspeople there and the shopkeeper to purchase the Flute of Brynmaer.  You will need this item to open the way down to the Elder's Palace," she says.


Two large ears shimmer with light from above the tiara on her head, as she continues, " From Brynmaer you must find the hidden pipe that leads down into the Elder's Mansion."


She continues in a forlorn, morose manner,

 "Beware!  Red Ambassadors, Bats, Regents and other unknown phantasm of wicked evil rests beyond the dwarf's waterways where the great waterfalls and other secret Castle-entrances are located.  To the land of phantoms you must travel and you will reveal its hidden secrets."


After stroking her bat's fur for a moment in silence, she continues in a frightened tone, 

"Cunning and courage are needed in earnest to brave the dangers ahead!  Take this map of the Chasms of the Waterfalls and the pathway to the Town of Brynmaer, child!  It may be useful in your search!"





Here she presents you with a red coloured map and scurries off, disappearing into a flashing pipe in a dark tunnel.


You unroll the parchment and study the contents.  It appears that you must continue down the main hallway thoroughfare, which is one of the main transit and transportation systems of the underground, to continue further in your dark quest of mystery.





However, before you begin to traipse off to seek the safety of an INN for the night, you turn to gaze upon a smoking, shimmering waterfall that foams in a vicious brilliancy to your right. 

 A very large Christmas tree sits directly in front and a neon sign flashes on and off from above.

The sign reads in crooked lettering, "OUT OF ORDER.  ZELDA'S UNDERGROUND TELEPORT."




You notice a sparkling prism of light from behind the mesmerizing sheen of the waters.


You flash the light of your red candle forth into its entrance of the alcove.  After the green smoke evaporates, you notice a hidden, glittering red pipe with another crooked doorway hidden in the darkness behind the foaming splash of the misty waters.

Holding your breath, you nimbly jump through and study the magical environs. 


Soaking wet and gasping slightly in a faint pant, you gaze around you to inspect the premises.

Just behind the sparkling foaming waterfall there lies a great chest embellished with rare jewels.  You open it to reveal a sparkling blue mattock with a studded hilt of ruby gemstones.




You gaze in wonder as you place the Mattock in your hands and walk near the pipe.



Gazing within its dark, dripping entranceway, you feel a slight breeze of bewildering air coming from deep within and audibly hear the hum and whirr of machinery far below. 

 A strange fragrance of icy-allure tempts your senses as it wafts alluringly upwards from the dark interior of the pipe.



  A hum of indescribable, bizarre voices and soft tramp of marching feet is audible from within the mysterious darkness of the underworld far below. 



A twinkling Christmas tree twinkles in the dark, sitting in an alcove above the pipe.  Glow-in-the-dark graffiti is scrawled upon the low slanted ceiling from above this area.



A sign in glowing blue script hangs from the ceiling, which reads,







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