Burnt Out Old Hippy - A Snap Shot

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I have a body of work that I call Snap Shots, they are short pieces of writing about people I have met or known. They should give the picture of how I saw that person at that point in time.

Submitted: June 29, 2012

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Submitted: June 29, 2012



When I look back on this point in time I know the words that will instantly fill my head the words what a burnt out old hippy, said in that husky voice reserved for reading children’s fairytales.

Hours spent on the phone trying to understand, gathering snippets of sentences. Only gathering that I am supposed to feel guilty for being with someone else, for things I haven’t done. His tears and heavy breathes on the other end of the phone, asking where I’ve been. He fanes interest, pretending to be concerned, while he is simply jealous.

He slits his wrists and says it’s my fault. How can I leave, I can’t bare that kind of blame.

He is never sober, a glint of something in his eye, he always smells of incense. This to begin with covers his smell. The smell of depression and self pity. He lays the blame on those around him, he becomes obsessed. He is suffocating. Too much to put up with he will dive you away.

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