because you killed yourself

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my friend who killed himself and all we have been through

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011



i dident belive her when she told me you commited suicide 

i giggled and said shut up

untill her eyes deepend into mine and she hugged me tight

then i knew it was true, 

i couldent help the tears streaming down

i sat for hours thinking

the first time i saw you playing your guitar singing in front of the school

i thought you were the cutiest thing ever

then found out you were in my 6th period

we became friends pretty soon we became really good friends

but you dident know i liked you much more

i kept it a secret

i dident wanna ruin anything

later on when we would sneek out together

my first house party was the best 

when we went to the basement and layed across the roof bed

and we just layed their together listining to your music

it was magical.. blissful

then we went to jens house and we passed out after i almost stomped her cats to death(x

we woke up at 7 30 and took the longg walk home in the crisp rainy morning air

i dident want it to end..

our inside jokes about sa... well you know

we laughed so hard every time we wer together,

just the simple "ew" had us busting out in laughter

i miss that i miss our late nights at the park looking up at the stars

talking with our bottle of jack

because you kissed bad but so did i(:

i really just wanted you

but you were hideing so much 

you couldent take it 

you had to end it you were already dead

before you shot yourself in the head.

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