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just my life

Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011



i have a boyfriend but my eyes still wounder.. my boyfriend used to be the guy ive always wanted back when we were more then friends but not a couple. he was so sweet and told me he would take care of me protect me that i was the only girl he wanted. an incodent happend he went away for a month while we were more then friends but not a couple i was falling for him hard and he came back with the news he slept with 4 girls not sex of course but in their room. what was i suppost to think i felt hurt crushed betrayed.. i wouldent talk to him. he came to my house with the best apoligy and a dozen rosses i remeberd why i fell for him. i forgave him we moved on still more then friends but not a couple. a while later he hit me, slapped me in the face i got angry and confused .. i stopped talking to him.. again.. i kow people think its stupid to be with a guy who hits you but he really isent like that he dident mean to, i still dident forgive him he begged me called txted everything i ignored it. after a while i relized i missed him that he ment everything to me so i forgave him.. again.

it was a tuesday it think he called to meet up he had to tell me something, we were still more then friends but not a couple, he told me that the previous thursday he had fallin inlove with me.

i dident know how i felt, did i love him back hinastly i dident think i did so i dident say it back.

we were still more then friends but not a couple when i met up with an ex i was head over heels inlove with .. we kissed. when i told him what i did i could see he was hurt.. i dident know what to but reasure him i liked him he was the only one i cared for.. it was true that kiss happend because my ex kissed me i pulled away of course. shortly after instead of being more then friends but not a couple we became a couple. i was thrilled. as the relationship progressed things chaneged he dident love me anymore that was obvious i dident know what to do so i told him we broke up but imediatly got back together. i couldent just leave i was falling in love with him.. the relationship isent regular we ignore eachother at school no pda what so ever not to mention the mass amount of girls on his dick 24/7. one in peticular cori.. her and him are apperintly "best friends" i dont like her not because she was tall or blond or blue eyed or had a nice body but because he was more intrested in her then me. he tells me hes not but i can tell he deffinitly is.

i love him, i fell in love with him i only wish he felt the same.

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