Just Move On, Find That Someone Special

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You can't get over that girl because you like her so much but trust me, just move on.

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



Having a crush on my friend of 12 years and knowing

she doesn't like me back.... well it's devastating. I can't 

help feeling this way. It sucks. It would never work out

between us anyways. She is in love with my best friend

and I hate that so much, but sometimes you just have to

accept the fact that you are never going to get that girl

you desire so much. You see, the thing with Junior High

crushes is that you'll never get them. You think you have

a chance because you either hang out with them a lot or

have a lot in common with them, but in reality she will

never go for you because she only sees you as a "friend"

or she doesn't think of you "that way". What I've learned

however, is that you just have to accept the fact that they

don't like you and just move on because right now, the

girl you are looking for is looking for you too. So why

not forget that girl you called "the love of your life" and

try and go find the real girl that will actually like you for

who you are? The thing that I have learned is that you

should never give up on finding true love, because right

now fate and destiny are working together to make the

perfect girl cross your path so you can fall in love with

her and live happily ever after. You should never give up

on finding "the one", because between you and me, I'm

not giving up either.

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