Five Fables Retold as Limericks

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Five Classic Aesop Fables put into limerick form

Submitted: August 25, 2010

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Submitted: August 25, 2010



The Fox and the Grapes
Fox walked past a vineyard one day
Quenched his thirst, he thought that they may
Hard to reach though he try
Found out they're too high
Said the grapes are too sour anyway.

The Crow and the Pitcher
A pitcher was sighted by Crow
But discovered the water was low
So pebble by pebble
The volume soon trebled
Soon Crow had enough water to go.

The Hare and the Tortoise
Hare laughed at Tortoise's slow pace
So Tortoise challenged Hare to a race
Midway Hare slept
His lead was not kept
In the end Hare lost more than just face.

Belling the Cat
The mice were in fear of the cat
Wanted to know whereever it's at
On it's neck put a bell
When it comes they can tell
But who would be willing to do that

The Rooster and the Jewel
A hungry rooster was digging around
Looking for food while scratching the ground
He found a gem stone
Which glittered and shone
But he rather it was corn that he'd found

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