Are We Even Now?

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Karter has always liked Silence. Now, when one of his best friends is having a party, she sets him up with Silence. And Karrter discovers Silence feels the same about him. He also figures out certain, sexual things about his lover. Sex, language, it has it all. If you don't like don't hate.

Submitted: July 28, 2014

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Submitted: July 28, 2014



Across room I see him starring at me. Rariss had invited everyone to her eighteenth birthday party, including me. It wasn't that crowded, but it was none the less. I was leaning against a back wall, my hands behind my back, tapping the wall to the rhythm of the music. He stood on the wall opposite of me, his back was pressed to a door, his arms crossed in front of him. He kept starring at me and I started fidgeting. When I thought I couldn't take his starring anymore, Rariss stood on a table, drunk, and the music was quieted.

"Ladies and gents, this tis my party. And so for we are playing spun the bottle truth or dare with this," she took a long swig of the vodka in the bottle, finishing it, "bottle. You losers who can't stay all night leave. Everyone else get your asses in a fuckin circle on the floor." 

A little over twenty sighed and walked down the stairs and out the front door, the last person accidentally slamming the door on their way out. Everyone else watched as Rariss lost her balance and fell backwards, landing on her head on the couch. I smiled and walked forward, joining everyone else in the make shift circle. The guy who had been starring at me was not sitting across from me. Rariss stumbled towards the circle and fell into Calli-Mae's lap. She laughed and pushed Rariss off. Everyone laughed at Rariss who was drunk once more.

Rariss handed the empty bottle to Calli who placed it mostly in the middle of the circle and helped Rariss sit up. Rariss swayed and looked around. "Oh SIIIIIIIIIILLLLLL!!!" She cooed, looking at Silence. I knew Silence, all of us who were left knew each other very well. Silence wasn't very silent as his name implied. He talked quite a lot if it was on certain subjects. I had always like him, but he liking me? I doubted it.

Silence looked at Rariss and spun the bottle, making his overly large, skin tight coat sway slightly. We all watched as the bottle spun and it landed on Calli. 

Calli smiled and starred at Silence. "Truth or dare, Calli." Calli smiled once more and said, "Dare."

Silence was silent for a few moments before saying her dare. "Calli, I dare you to kiss our drunk host there." Everyone laughed as Calli's face flushed, we all knew she had had a crush on Rariss for a long time.

Rariss grinned and faced Calli. "C'mon sugar lips, kiss meeeee." Calli laughed nervously and kissed Rariss.

Rariss laughed and ruffled Calli's hair. Calli smiled and spun the bottle I don't remember who it landed on because I was at that time drawing on my hand with a marker that had been on the table. I was zoned out of the game and into the swirling design that adorned my hand. I drew designs on my fingers and I drew half of a heart that was only half shaded in when Erick nudged me with his arm. I looked at him then at the bottle. It wasn't pointed at me, so I was slightly confused. I looked at the bottle and found it was pointing to a jacket less Silence.

I looked at Silence and cocked my eyebrow, capping the marker in my hand. "Sil," Rariss was the one who had spun the bottle, "I dare you to," she looked at me, a grin spreading on her face. "I dare you to kiss a certain red head with lots of feeling." She laughed as she saw my face go red.

Silence laughed and I watched as he crawled from his spot, everyone silently moved to fill the gap, moving away from me. Silence crawled towards me and pushed me back, sitting in my spot. He reached out his arms and pulled my small frame into his lap. My face was burning and I didn't look at him. I glared at Rariss over Silence's shoulder. She wiggled her eyebrows and cracked up. She was the only one who knew I liked Silence. She was doing this on purpose. Silence grabbed my face with one of his hands, the other wrapped around my slim waist. I was forced to look into Silence's red eyes and I couldn't break his stare. His eyes closed and mine fluttered shut as I felt his lips press against mine. 

They were warm and soft. I pulled my arms up from my lap, slightly putting them around his neck as I felt him scoot me closer to him with his hands. I unfolded my legs and wrapped them around his waist, he dragged me closer to him. I kissed him, memorizing the feel of his lips on mine, I pressed my mouth to his, wanting to not be apart form his soft lips. I heard Rariss and everyone else laughing in the background, but this was the only thing that mattered, this moment with Silence's lips against mine. 

I heard Rariss say something, but I don't know what it was. She jabbed me in the neck and I pulled back from Silence, slapping her hand away. She laughed again, drinking a beer. "Guys cut it out. Everyone is in little love mood so we have canceled le game! New game, you little shits! Seven minutes in heaven, bitches!! Or however long you want, cause you know, who only takes seven minutes." She wiggled her eyebrows and I laughed. "You little shits find someone and find a room. Everyone already in a room put some sorta mark! And..... GO!!" I watched as Rariss stood and pulled Calli into her room a few doors away.

I thought how huge her house was and realized that there was a basement and the first floor, then seven more floors, each with at least two rooms. That's nine floors with lots of rooms. I held tight to Silence as he pushed up and stood, my legs and arms still wrapped around him. His hands held me up by my lower back and he walked down the stairs, he stopped and looked at everyone else, no one but us and Rariss and Calli had left to a room. "Basement is ours." That's all he said as he continued to carry me down the stairs and down into the basement that Rariss's brother Derek had modeled. It had black walls and purple and green neon carpet. There was a full bathroom in the back side wall and a large four poster, king sized bed hidden by drapes against he back corner. Silence smirked down at me and I looked away. He took me over to the bed and set me down on it. He walked into the bathroom and I heard water start to run as he walked back out.

He came back to the bed and helped me stand up. I held onto his hand as he walked us into the bathroom, closing the door behind him and locking it. The bathroom was large and had a large bathtub against the wall on one end. It was Japanese style, so the entire bathroom was the shower. The floor was linoleum and there was a shower head on the end of the bathroom opposite the mirror that hung from the wall. There was another shower head on the same wall as the bathtub, this on was enclosed by two large sliding doors. the tub and both shower heads were on, making the room hot and steamy. Silence looked me up and down and smirked. He let his hands trail down to my lower back and he pulled at eh hem of my shirt, pulling it up and off over my head in one movement. I was suddenly very conscious of the undershirt I always wore. It was black and skin tight leather with a purple stripe down both sides and wrapped around the top, bottom and center. I looked up, my face burning and saw Silence smirking. 

"I'll be damned. Underneath that baggy shirt you're sexy as hell, Karter. Now let's see what else you're hiding." I blushed madly and looked away form him.

I reached my arms and tugged at his shirt, his hands paused above the sipper of my unbuttoned pants. He laughed and lifted his arms up. I pulled up his shirt and stood on my toes, trying to get it over his head, I couldn't reach. He smiled at me and leaned down so I could. I held onto it and dropped it on my v-neck shirt by my feet. I waited for him to stand up tall once more, but he didn't. He pulled down my zipper and pulled down my skinny jeans. I blushed as he yanked them off my pale legs. He stood back up and smirked down at me as if to say, "Your turn?" My face was bright red as I smirked at him. I leaned down and sat tall on my knees. I laced my fingers through the belt loops of his grey jeans and did something that made my entire body burn up. I could open things with my teeth, so that's what I did. I breathed out and leaned forward, my mouth in front of the button and zipper of his pants. I turned my head and I bit onto the button of his pants, my fingers in the loops pulling him closer. It took me a minute or so before I got it undone. I looked up at a red faced Silence and grinned. I bit the zipper and pulled it down easily. In the process I felt his growing member in his dark red boxers. I blushed and with his belt loops, pulled his jeans down and over his feet. I put them in the pile of clothing. I gripped his hips and pulled myself up form the floor.

He starred at me and I looked at my leather under shirt. He tried pulling it up but I laughed. "Zipper in the back," I quietly said. He spun me around and I felt him unzip my leather shirt, tossing it into the pile of clothes. He tugged at my boxers and pulled them down. I starred at the white ceiling as I felt the absence of all clothing. I pulled his down and grabbed the pile of our discarded clothes, unlocking the door, and throwing them out of the bathroom. I stood up straight and slid the door back into place, locking it once more. Before I could turn around I felt Silence's body press against mine. His hands held my right at my hips and he pulled me to the back of the bathroom. He pressed me against the warm walls, his hand finding my member, the other moving to pull hair away from my neck. He then wrapped his free hand around my waist, pressing into me. He leaned down and kissed my neck. It made me shiver and he kissed my pale neck. It gave me shivers and I slightly moaned when I felt his teeth bite down hard on my skin. He pulled at the skin with his teeth, gnawing at my pale neck and sucking on it, licking it with his tongue. I shivered against his hot (in both ways) body and I felt him bite harder, pressing into me. I moaned and he detached from my neck, spinning me around to look at him. He was smirking and he pressed me against the wall of the shower head that was behind a door. The hot water trickled down my body as I felt Silence go down onto his knees. I sucked in a breath as his mouth closed around me. I clenched my hands, holding tufts of his shaggy black hair. I moaned and I shivered in the hot water.

Silence stopped and kissed my body, he kissed up from my member and my chest. He stopped and fondled with my nipples, leaving a red hickey on my collar bone. He kissed all of my neck, biting and sucking all over. I shivered and moaned as he gave me multiple hickeys. He smirked in the middle of one and went back down to my chest. I dared a glance at him, my hands still gripping his hair and saw what he was doing. There were so many red marks all over me. My chest, on my shoulders, even on my stomach and around my waist. He came up to my face and smirked, kissing and sucking on the skin on my neck once more. I smirked as he looked at me and brought his lips to mine. I kept one hand in his hair, the other around his neck. I grinned as we kissed and I jumped onto him. He stumbled slightly but stood his ground as I wrapped my legs around his waist, both my arms wrapped around his neck now. His hands gripped my ass and he carried me out of the small enclosed space and to the other shower head, pressing my back against the wall, the hot water pouring over us both. I moaned as he swirled his tongue around mine, pressing into me. He squeezed my ass and I almost screamed when I felt him push one of his fingers inside of me. I bit his lip as he did, moaning way loud, my legs squeezing against his waist, my nails scarping against his back. I felt Silence smirk as he pulled back to look at my face. My eyes were squeezed shut and I was biting my lip, moaning loudly, my face was hot and I felt water sliding down my face and chest. He pulled his finger out and I moaned, almost sadly at the absence. 

Silence reached a hand up and wiped a water droplet from my cheek. "You've never had anything done to you before, sexy?"

I fluttered open my eyes and looked at his gaze, his dominant smirk. I shook my head no. "You're the only one, Si-LENCE!" I screamed out the ending of his name when he inserted three fingers into me. I tried looking at his face but I couldn't bring my eyes to open as I clawed at his back with my longish nails.

He moved his fingers and I moaned louder every time. He sighed and but in another finger, making me scream the nickname I always called him, Si. He grinned as I screamed it and as I moaned. my body pressed against the wall, my chest to his, my nails on his back. I felt my member throbbing and I moaned Si loudly before I felt him quickly set us down as he closed his mouth around me and he sucked once more before I felt warmth spread over my member. I had just came in Si's mouth. I moaned as he sucked and I felt him swallow my cum. None of it left his mouth and I moaned once I finished. He sucked  a few more times before getting up and straddling my waist. He smirked at me an whispered in my ear, "That was amazing, sexy." I looked at his smirk and I knew I was blushing. I expected to not be hard anymore once her had swallowed my cum, but I felt myself hard and I thought how much Si turned me on. And I wondered if I did the same to him. As if reading my mind he pulled me up and said, "You have no idea how hard I am trying not to come, Karter. You're hot as hell, you know that?"

I followed after him, my face red as we pulled me into the overflowing bathtub. He turned off the water, letting the shower heads stay on. He pulled me on top of him and I looked through the clear water at his large member. I was blushing madly as I gripped it and moved my hand up and down, giving him a hand job. I felt him shiver underneath my slight body weight and I heard him moan my name. I smirked and it was gone almost instantly as I screamed. He inserted his four fingers inside of me, moving them around and stretching them about. I put my mouth on his neck, my free hand pulled him closer and moved hair from his neck. I bit down on his neck and sucked and licked as he fingered me and as I gave him a hand job. I moaned his nickname so loudly it was like a scream when he put in his almost entire fist. My body seized up and I slammed down, making me scream as he fisted me. He pulled my head from his neck and kissed me hard. I screamed into his mouth and it never came out as it mingled with our touching tongues. He fisted me harder until I couldn't bear it and I slumped into him, my whole body shaking in ecstasy. 

Silence looked at me slumped against his chest and took out his fist, grabbing and squeezing my member momentarily before standing in the water and pulling me up. He kissed me and he bit my neck as I latched my arms and legs around him once more. He carried my from the bathroom, the whole time his teeth biting my neck and his tongue swirling around on my neck. He pushed me onto the king sized bed and kissed me hard. I kissed him back and pushed him back. He cocked his eyebrow at me before I turned him over, straddling his legs as I scooted down on him. He smirked at me and I smirked back. I put my head down, putting his member into my mouth. It wasn't until I saw sucking him did I realize just how large Silence was. He had to be at least nine inches and he was rather wide, too. I brought my head up and looked at him through large breaths and a little bit of his pre-cum on my chin. 

Silence and looked at me and grinned. "I'll bet you can't deep throat all of me."

I smirked and licked him, teasing him and making him moan. "How much you wanna bet, Si?"

He laughed slightly. "You have so much confidence for a little guy. If I win and you can't deep throat all of me and  handle it then you ride me."

I blushed and teased him again. "And if i do deep throat your super large cock and handle it?"

Silence shivered and said, "If you can then I get on top of you and you can claw my back all you want."

I smirked and nibbled his tip, hearing him moan my name. I take a deep breath and lick his tip. I glance at him smirking, watching my every move. I smirked and looked at his member. I breathed out and I put my mouth down. I slowly put Silence's member into my mouth, hearing him moan and feeling him fidget. I decide to do it. I lick around with my tongue, making him moan, and I do it. I push my head down, opening my mouth wide to be able to have the size of him inside of my mouth, I push down and I feel his large member press to the back of my throat, I do not gag, though. I push down and my nose hits his skin. I can can feel all of his nine or so inches of him in my mouth and I pull up, hearing him moan loudly. Satisfied, he tries to pull me up to him. I grin and go back down, putting all of him into my mouth once more. But this time I lick him on the way down and suck once I get him all the way in my mouth then I lick him as I go up once more. I do this repeatedly, feeling the throbbing of his member in my mouth as I go all the way down and suck once more, I feel warmth as he grips my hair. I pull my mouth up and suck on his tip, taking in his large quantum of cum. I pull back, my mouth open and my tongue slightly out. I cough slightly as his cum trails down my lips and down my chin. I glance at him and his face is bright red. I see him looking at my mouth and I notice the trail of cum that goes from his tip to my tongue that is out of my mouth. I breath heavily and I lick his tip, getting the cum when I feel more come again. It overwhelms my mouth and I pull back, his cum falling out of my mouth, the rest going on my face. I sit up and I straddle his hips, putting my face above his. While he watches me I wipe cum from my cheek and chin, licking it off of my fingers. He breaths out and looks away from me. I grin and look at him.

He sighs and looks at me, "I swear. Do you have any idea how great that was? How fucking sexy you are? You just deep throated me when I'm almost ten inches. And that," he pointed to me still licking my fingers, "Is fucking hot as hell."

I suck the cum from my fingers and ask, "So, does that mean I win?"

He grins and laughs, nodding his head. I smirk and I shake my head no. He looks confused but I don't say anything. I lean back and push him up, so his back is slumped up against the pillows, that way he's almost sitting up. He stares at me as I sit almost on top of his member. I take his hand in mine and bring it to my lips. I lick his finger first then individually I suck on them, feeling him shiver beneath me. I look at his member and bite my lip. I suck on his fingers as I spread my legs and I sit so his member inserts slightly into me. I scream loudly and drop his hand. I close my eyes and I drag my nails against his chest, clawing all the way down from his collarbone. He moans and grips my hips, pushing me down on him more. I scream again, clawing his chest even more. 

By my hips Silence brings me up so I'm hovering above his member, my nails digging into his skin still. His breathing is heavy like mine and he looks me in the eyes. Between breaths he tells me, "This is going to hurt, alright?" Before I can ask what he lets me fall back onto his member, I scream, and I dig my nails into his skin, dragging them down. He flips us over so he's now on top of me and I cling to his chest as he thrusts into me. I scream and my nails rake into his skin and my scream is louder than I have ever screamed before in my life as he thrusts in fully, all of him inside of me. I feel his hair against my ass so I know he;s inside of me fully. He pulls out and thrusts way harder, making me scream out his nickname because I can't even say the whole thing. He pulls out and I put my hands on his back, feeling drips of warmth hit my chest, his chest is bleeding. I have no time to do anything as he thrusts into me repeatedly. I screamed out his name every time I felt him slam against me, my nails clawing into his back. "Karter!" He screamed as he thrust into me so hard I feel tears run down my cheeks. "Aaaah," I moan and he thrusts once more but harder than he ever had and I scream, "AHH SI-LENCE!!!!!!!!!" I feel warmth as he cums again and I feel more warmth drip on me as I see I came once more. Once I can't stop the screaming because he keeps thrusting, he pulls out and licks me off. I moan his name and he pulls me so I lay on top of him. My breathing is heavy and I feel the warmth of cum on his waist, where my cum had gone and I feel the stickiness of his blood on my chest. I try to sit up but I fall back onto him immediately.

He laughed at me, "What was that?"

I try glaring at him but I only laugh. "I can't sit up. I can't move at all. Silence, your overly large cock has wounded my small ass." I say this as seriously as I can and he laughs again.

I lay beside him and he looks down at his chest. "Karter.. Look what you did!" I nervously laugh and kiss his chest. There is blood all over and there is blood on my chest from the wounds I inflicted on him. "Hey, you scratched my back really hard, is it bleeding?" Silence turned so he was lying on his stomach and I suck in my breath. "I take it you did worse on my back than you did on my chest, eh?"

I examine his back, but there is so much blood I can't tell where the wounds are. "Uh, do you think we could take a bath? I can't tell what's blood and what are scratches." 

Silence laughs and sits up, going to the edge of the bed and dragging me to him.  He stands and picks me up bridal style. He carries me to the bathroom and sets me into the tub, turning the water on and the two shower heads off. I sit in the warm water, waiting for Si. He comes to the tub and gets in, sitting across form me. I smile at him and he kisses me lightly. I smile and I rub his chest carefully with water, getting blood off. The blood runs down his chest and turns the water a light pink. Once I can see where the scratches are I nervously laugh, "Wow, those are deep." Si look at his chest and sighs, nodding his head he laughs. I ask him to turn around and he does. His back is much worse. His whole back is scratches. There are scratches that are long, extending from shoulder to hip and some that are short. I rinse him off and he sucks in a breath, I know it stings. I kiss his back and he turns around to kiss me. "I'm sorry, Si. They're super deep and they might even scar." I look down at eh red water and avoid his kisses. He pulls my chin up so I look him in the eyes.

"Hey, hey. Karter," he bites me neck, "It's okay." Another bite and I begin to shiver as he leaves more hickeys on skin that is free. "Don't feel bad." Another hickey. "It was way worth it." I moan his name as he puts me on his lap and opens his mouth as wide as he can and bites down super hard on my neck. He sucks and licks and bites painfully hard. I moan and it hurts, but I don't stop him. He releases me and I feel warmth on my neck, I touch it and see blood on my fingers. He leans forward to whisper into my ear. "Do you want to pay me back? Because if you do.." His voice trails off as I nod and as he circles my chest with his fingers. He stands and picks me up, my body dripping with water as he throws me onto the bed. 

I land on pillows and look back at him. He's sitting on his knees behind me and he grins devilishly at me. I shiver and keep starring at him. He smirks and gets up for a minute, coming back with something in his hands. I watch as he stands in front of me. I watch as he produces the belt from his pants. I watch him, my eyes wide as he binds my hands together. I look at him and his smile is cunning. I'm on my knees and my bound hands when he kneels in front of me. I look and all I see is his member. I train my eyes up to his smirking face and he puts his hand on my cheek.

"Repay me, Karter. Lick my fingers, get me hard again." His voice is smooth and there is so much lust in his words that it makes me shiver. I turn my head and lick and suck his long fingers, making him moan slightly. I lick his tip which still tastes like his cum. I lick and I suck until I feel him start to grow in my mouth. I look up at him and see lust in his eyes. He pushes me backwards and he lies on top of me, kissing my chest.

"Silence..." I moan his name slightly. He licks me once more and meets me face to face.

He kisses me softly then harder as I do him. He smirks and pulls me up. I see that he has my shoelaces with him as well. He ties them to my wrists binds and to the top piece of wood above our heads. My arms are outstretched above me and my knees are still on the bed. Silence looks me over and says, "Hot damn, Karter. Aren't you sexy when you look like this. Tasseled hair and hickeys all over your body, and your body stretched with you hands above you, your dick sticking out too. Sexy." I stare at him and lean against my binds, licking his hand that's rubbing his jaw. He shivers and crawls towards me, kissing me hardly.

He licks my neck and gives me a hickey again. I moan, unable to help it. Silence places his hand on my face and says, "Ride me, Karter." I blush and nod slowly.

Silence lays underneath me and I feel his member touching my ass slightly. He smirks at me and I grin nervously. I go down slowly until Silence grabs my hips and slams me down. "Siii!!" I scream as I go up and down on his member. My ass throbs and it hurts so bad, but I force down hard on Silence and I cry out as his hands claw at me back. "SIIIIIII-LENCEE!" I scream out his name in gasps as he claws at my back and as I slam down onto his large member. I feel blood trickle down my back and I scream his name repeatedly. I go up and he quickly gets up and unties me. I fall slightly and I'm on my hands and knees, my ass to him. He grabs my hips and he thrusts into me, my face slamming into the bed. I feel his nails clawing my back and I feel blood on my spine and I feel him inside me and I repeatedly scream his name. He pulls out and I get on him, turning around and sucking him. He screams out my name and I moan.

I lay my head in his lap, looking up at him, out of breath I ask, "You good? Because I'm wiped.. I mean, there's always tomorrow.. But for now we're even?" He kisses my head and nods yes. I fight to stay awake and as I drift off I hear him say "I love you."


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