New Year's Contest Results C:

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Contest Results Yay!!! ^u^

Hey lovelies! ^-^

So, here are the Contest results.

In first place is 'It All Started With a Dare' by Miss Melodramatic

In Second is 'Christmas Gift' by Kenisha Liyanage

If you guys have forgotten what I said I would do for your prizes then here it is, again. :3 You are both amazing and I'm so glad you chose to enter my little contest! Thank you so much C:


1st Place - I will fan you and read any five of your works, anything you want. And if you want me to I will write a review or comment on all five of them. I will post the link and title of your work as well as your name on my dashboard. (This is the new thing) If you want me to, I will create a story or poem or so on of anyhting you want me to. 


2nd Place - I will read any five of your writings. And I will write a review or a comment on them if you want me to. I will post the link and title of your winning story on my dashboard, along with your name, for a month.



Submitted: January 10, 2015

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Miss Melodramatic

Glad you liked the story (although it was cut off?) There was a problem with Booksie so that's why the ending was a bit abrupt -that wasn't the ending :) But anyhow, thanks for reading it and I'm just about to publish another short(ish) story so I'd appreciate if you'd read that. Thanks for hosting this contest and I do hope there'll be more participants next time x
P.S: Inviting people to whatever contest your hosting usually does the trick

Tue, January 13th, 2015 8:31am

Kenisha Liyanage

Thank you so much. You made my day :D

Tue, January 13th, 2015 2:09pm

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