A reworking of my novel from the first person point of veiw. I would really like some honest feedback on this, even if you just read a couple of paragraphs and only comment on them I would still appreciate it.

It is about the ever fluctuating mental state of an especially unique vampire driven by his desire for revenge and retribution to an act of genocide against his own species. It is about the confliction this vampire endures as a monster with insatiable blood lust jaded by a strong, contrasting sense of morality. It engages with love and hate intertwined and the loss of both. It blurs the lines between faith and scepticism, sanity and madness, reality and illusion. It does this through an intimate first person point of view, framed within an overarching third person point of view, and a carefully woven narrative structure that at points fluctuates back and forth in time and tense according to prompts in the framing. The tone and mood are ones that delve into the darkest reaches of human emotion through an interchange of abstract contemplation, descriptive observation, and fluid action.

Table of Contents

Dissertation of the Fallen


This is not a romance. There are no happy endings. No destiny that guides this hand. No kindred spirits. No fulfillment. There are no lessons to be learnt. No hidden meanings to uncover. No answers. This is not a romance. It is a mix of burning chaos that pulls itself apart then reassembles. It is a tale of need and pain. Of empty space that can’t be filled. Dream dissolves into life, life into dream. Truth and lie entangle, indivisible, irrelevant.
This is not a romance. But it is about love. Frighteningly.
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A Slight Embrace

“I am a trained professional with three years of tertiary education behind me” Arthur spat out defensively. “I specificall... Read Chapter

Rebirth of the Late

“Right, so you’re this ‘metaphorical vampire’” Arthur remarked, making the gesture symbolic of inverted commas with his free ha... Read Chapter

Presribed Death

“Nothing, nothing… Now you’ve given me some of your history how about we return to the original story you were telling, the one set... Read Chapter

Confession of Anxious Hours

All things considered it seems quite plausible that my dearest, beloved Gabriel should want me liquidated. However one aspect of this sce... Read Chapter

Unintended Playmate

I need to feed, feel the thirst pulling at me, commanding me to take life. Luckily I have already accrued one more human on my list of po... Read Chapter

The Bonds of Old

“Time being fluid, and as I find it necessary to establish the bond between Gabriel and I as well as other matters, I shall now proceed... Read Chapter

A New Hierarchy of Power

I return to the searing scene of my ruined home and pace wearily over to the near vacant shell that is Abel’s wasted body. It stil... Read Chapter

Renewed Direction

I make my way back into the still slumbering city as the accursed dawn rises behind me. I feel the thirst pushing down upon me like ... Read Chapter

Landscape of the Ancients

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The Stealing of Damnation

I leave the battered boat as it thuds hard against the tire padded warf of this dismal city of broken dreams and fallen angels befor... Read Chapter


I'm at my wits end, the very edge of my sanity, literally reduced to hair tearing and blood letting. Some intrinsic part of the very core... Read Chapter