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A poem for Jess.

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012



You are a bright glint aloft:

a sparking star through night;

your enclosing arms and wings

 of purest temperate light

cut through shrouds of dark

and reflect divinely off

the scattered glass fragments

of my shattered soul

as you whisper secret echoes

through the labyrinth of hollows

in my faulty heart.


A jolt of silent feeling

for your soundless words

tingles through cold canals of veins

and my entropic limbs untwist

to feel brief respite from

 the numbness of bitter fall

and thaw the hardened ice

of my eternal skin.


A  jolt of forgotten feelings

from your haul of weightless words

 arise and give ephemeral meaning

to the nothingness and thirsting void

of nihilism's hapless plunge

into faithless lands of empty sky

as in innocence you cast

a fleeting silhouette of life

in godless clouds.


A jolt of evanescent feeling

from your sweet words

tersely calms the waring chaos

and stops the writhing

fight of ghosts

 in my imprisoned mind

as you pull away the tattered veil

that bleeds nostalgic thought

 across my clouded sight.


And so this graceless

entanglement of

dying symbolism

and faded sentiment:

of ink and fractured thought

to say guilelessly,

without want or need

or tints of design,

that I love you

and you're beautiful.

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