Too Late & Wait

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When it is too late, all you ever do is think back and started questioning yourself why didn't you do anything. Only when he left, did you realize how much he did for you and not a single thing have you done for him. But, it is now too late because you can't turn back the time and no matter how you wish you could go back in time and start all over again, he's gone to a place that you can't reach him anymore.

Submitted: November 12, 2011

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Submitted: November 12, 2011




This is my new short story. Hopefully, you'd give it a try and drop me a comment \"mail\" about my short story. Happy reading. 


PS hope that it didn't bore you. Heheheheheeeee.... \"laugh\"



I don’t even know when I started falling in love with him. I’ve just been here for only over a year, which means that I only know him for like a year. We go to the same school, and even attended the same classes. Is this fate that brings us together or just a coincidence?

I still remember the first time I saw him. He was sitting at the first seat of the third row and I took a seat in front of him. He never looked up when I was making my way. He’s just too busy chatting with his friend, who’s sitting next to him at that moment.

I quickly made friend with the girl sitting next to me, on that day itself and her name is Kate. She’s very nice because she showed me around the school and invited me to join her for lunch. She even asked me to join the same club as hers, which is the paintball club. On the second day of school, we had a brief unofficial club meeting. Kate introduced me to the president and the rest of the club members. I can tell that Kate is fairly popular in the school. And guess what, because of all the chit chatting and introduction, I was late for my very first class on that day. I thought that I can make it to the class on time after the dismissal of the club meeting. But, clearly I was wrong because I forgot to get my books from my locker. After getting my books, the second bell rang and I knew I was late. When I pushed open the door of my classroom, the teacher is already in.

‘Thank you for joining us, Miss Clark.’

I nodded and made my way to my seat, again in front of him. But this time, he greeted me. Just when I plopped down to my seat, he said ‘Hi.’

I turned around and he smiled, lopsided smile. And I realized that he’s kind of cute. And that was the first time I saw his face properly.

I never talked much to him in the first two weeks. Only ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’. But, I noticed that he’s always hanging around with the cool crowd. But on the third week of school, during physic practical class, I was surprised that he took a seat next to me. And that’s how we get to know each other. And eventually I get to know his friends as well. He’s friends were mostly nice, just like him, though there were some who gave me a look sometimes, as if I’m an outsider.

Then one day, when I was texting my friend, he came over to me and said, ‘Nice phone.’

I looked up and smiled. I thought he’d leave after that but he was there until I finished texting. Then he asked for my phone. I looked at him, wondering why he wanted my phone, but still gave him anyway. He pressed something into my phone and as he handed it back to me, he grinned and left. Weird. I checked my phone settings and all, afraid that he’d prank me by changing my ringing tone and all. But when I was about to text my mom, saying that I’d be stopping by at Kate’s place before heading home, I saw a message typed out in my phone. It’s his full name and his phone number, I suppose. Funny. What a way to give me his phone number.

The following day, he came to sit next to me again. ‘Did you text anyone yesterday?’

I nodded and say no more. He looked like he was about to say something but then he looked away. We were quiet for some time. The silence made us feel so awkward and he moved to other seat. So, during lunch, I was sitting with Kate and her friends. And he called. I answered his call, of course.

“Hello.” I said.

“Where are you now?” he asked, without even saying hi or anything. Wait. How did he get my phone number?

“Erm… cafeteria? Wait. How did you get my number?” I asked.

“Okay.” He said and he hung up. I was staring at my phone after he hanged up and I was telling myself that he’s weird. Just when I was about to pick up my fork, someone tousled my hair from the back.

I was a bit irritated by it but my anger went off when I saw his grinning face. My friends were literally staring at him. He seemed to sense the sudden change and said, “I’ll be joining you all for lunch today if you don’t mind.”

And that’s how rumours started. Rumours of me going out with him had started going out since then. But, the rumours went off because we were not dating. We don’t hold hands. We don’t make out. Nothing intimate.

He knew I love ice-cream and he’d always asked me out for ice-cream. And I never went out with him for ice-cream. He’d always asked me to go out for movie and dinner. And when I said no, he’d asked ‘Why not?’. Then, he’d be telling me that he’d drive me to and fro and that he’d pay for everything. Is that normally how a guy would ask a girl out?

I told Kate about it all. Kate told me that he might have a thing for me and I would always laugh it off. But, you know, sometimes, I think he might really like me. For example, this:

He bought himself a green mechanical pencil and asked me whether it’s nice or not. I hate green and I told him that. He just smiled and said, “Too bad.” Later, he asked me what colour I like. My answer is orange. Bright orange. Not the dull, dirty orange, but bright orange. Then, the following day in the lab, I saw his friend using the same green mechanical pencil. And so I teased him, “Wow, you’re using this mechanical pencil also? Jeremy has it too.” To my surprise, he replied, “Ya. He gave me this. It’s new but I wonder why he gave this away.” I turned to look for him and I saw him standing on the opposite side of the isle in the lab. He’s using a bright orange mechanical pencil. I was surprised. Did what I say matter to him? But it’s just a mechanical pencil colour. I was getting the sodium chloride when he came over to stand next to me. I looked up to him and said, “Hey.” He grinned and showed me his pencil. “Orange.” I said. “Ya. I like bright colours.” That’s his reply.

Things get weirder since then. He began texting me every day. And he would tell me what he did, what he ate and everything. So, I told him mine as well. When he ditches class, he’d inform me beforehand. He’d tell me that he’s playing basketball and want me to watch his game. He’d tell me everything about him.

One day, I made a joke about prostitute and he’d tease me non-stop that I’m a prostitute. He’d call me that even in school. People began to wonder whether it’s true or not and he cleared off the rumour of me being a prostitute. But, in his text messages, he’d claim that I’m his prostitute. And I was like angry. He annoyed me so much that I can’t stay mad at him.  

 Then, one day, it rained after school. I saw him running to get his car and I laughed at the way he ran. He’s just so cute sometimes. I was leaning against the pillar, waiting for the rain to stop. A car stop in front of me and he rolled down his window.

“Get in! I’d drive you home.” He shouted over the sounds of the rain.

I looked at him, wondering if he’s serious. And he drove away before I could even say YES. Then, my cell phone rang and his name flashed across my phone screen. “Hey, I’m sorry about earlier. I’m waiting for you at the end of the third building. You won’t get wet if you get into my car here. Come, I’ll wait for you.”

That’s so thoughtful of him isn’t it? Even though he’s being so nice to me, I don’t dare to think that he liked me. Maybe he’s just born to be nice to people?

When I went to Goa for summer holiday, he called the night before and told me to have a safe journey. Just before he ended the call, I was telling him that he’d surely get a girlfriend over the summer but he’d said that when I came back from Goa, I’d be his Indian princess. And I only smiled to myself.

And there’s one time that I fell down to a pot hole. And I injured my knee. I was absent for a few days and he sent me messages asking about my condition. When I went back to school, and when he saw me, he’d come to me and carry my books and even my bag. I was embarrassed that he’s taking my handbag as well. So I told him to give it back to me. And when I’m climbing up the stairs slowly, he’d follow my pace as if he doesn’t want me to feel left out. That’s how he is.

But then, he’s moving away. Till the very last day of school before he moved, none of us said anything about us. I mean there’s no point anymore, is there?  He’s leaving. Even if he did confess, we can’t see each other right? I mean if he ever confesses, there’s no way I’d say NO. He’s almost perfect. Good grades, athletics, and he even play guitar and piano. I never realize my feeling for him until he finally leaves. I did not see him off because I know it’s going to be awkward. I mean I can’t ask him to stay, right?

The thing is I didn’t know I like him till he’s been gone for a few months. At first, after he left, I felt nothing. But I missed texting him. When he’s here, I used to look at my phone so much now that he left, I still can’t stop staring at my phone. Hoping that he’d text me first. But he never did. And every time I looked at my phone, I’ll open up my inbox and read some of the messages he sent me.

I only realized my feeling for him when Kate sent me a picture message. It says, “You know you love someone when you save their text message & re-read them when no one is watching.”

And it’s so true because I really am in love with him.

He’d done so many things for me but I’ve never done anything in return for him. And now it’s just too late to do anything. I miss him. I wanted to see him. But all my feelings for him can only be kept inside my heart. I can only hope that one day, he’d come back for me. 

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