Zero Tolerance

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i dont wanna ruin its gonna be great :P

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



zero: main character: serious nature:
out cast: usually picked on: black belt in karate

eve: main character: sweet: innocent nature:
popular among other students: has a crush on zero

ezaki: friend of zero: funny natured: wise guy: his
comedic actions make him popular among the girls

kaeko: friend of zero: chooses not to be popular it
makes her sick: playful nature

chiru ka: teacher: hates her job: spoils zero for
some odd reason moody natured

kazu: bully: tough: hateful natured: seems to
hate the weak: twin brother of sazu

sazu: weakling: strong will natured: likes to watch
plants grow: twin brother of kazu

kira lin: friend of eve: popular girl attitude:
hypocrytical nature

sato: popular boy: badass nature: hates zero

natsu: popular boy: careless nature

kimiko: mother of eve : kind hearted nature

jin: father of eve: fatherly nature

chapter 1: THE EVE OF DAWN
SCENE.1 Bed Room of eve
ring, ring,... thump thump thump thump thump...
eve dont you here your alarm clock, knock.. knock.
im comming in sweety. wait mom dont! mom im
not dressed. just be happy its not your father this time.
you people are horrible! slam!Eve eagerly slams the door
in her mother face.

well if you havent already noticed my names eve
i have a pretty normal life speaking out of terms of
my crazy parents. im popular at school. and thats about it.
oh yeah and i have a crush on zero, but shhh dont tell
him hehe.

SCENE.2 School Bus
eve: hi zero!

zero:what do you want?

eve: uh err hii!

zero: if you got nothing to  say then
go back and be miss popular

kira: eve what are you doing
talking to him?

sato: yeah you know hes not popular..

kira: yeah you dont want to risk
your popularity cause of some loser

natsu: leave her alone she can talk
to who ever she wants

eve: thanks natsu (smiles)

zero: grrrr (grins with hate)

ezaki: hey zero! whats up amigo

zero: you know where in japan right?

ezaki: damn have a sense of humor
who shit in your breakfast today

kaeko: yeah you seem kinda down?

zero: keh. its nothing its just those damn
wanna be popular kids they piss me off!

ezaki: heh. what doesnt?

zero: why you! get over here im gonna
kick your ass!

kaeko: aha stop it you two

ezaki: whoooh you cant catch me!

zero: oh yeah!
ezaki: oww that fuckin hurt!

zero: hehehe serves you right
SCENE.2 pt.2 Twins
kazu: hey weakling give me your lunch!

sazu: but mom packed you one just like mine..

kazu: give me!

sazu: but.. but.. im telling mom on you!

kazu: whatever nerd.

zero: damn whats with those two?

kaeko: you know its weird their twins yet they're
complete opposites

zero: shit id say the same. ones a total weakling
and the other one trys to fight everyone on the damn bus

ezaki: you know what i would say

zero: pow! shut up

ezaki: oww.. that one hurt more than the other

kaeko: shhh shut up you two i cant hear what sato
is saying

ezaki: probally saying how wide his vagina is (xD)

kaeko: pow! shut up ezaki!

ezaki: damn i shoulda stayed home today (mumbles)
you two always hitting me id think i had a tumor by now

sato: today in chemistry we' sh pss..

kaeko: damn i cant hear

sato: then zero should be sick for days

kaeko: zero! there planning to make you sick today in
chemistry! and today were schedualed to make
the common cold in a test tube!

zero: ehh fuck him. ill be dammed to let a little cold
stop me from beating his scrawny ass to mars!

sato: okay eve this is what you do.

eve: wait me? why me!

kira: cause stupid your the only one who can get close
enough to zero with out getting kicked in the face

natsu: sigh.. ill do it. besides he'll never expect me to do
something like this anyway

SCENE.3 Lunch
eve: hey zero

zero: humph.

eve: cant i atleast get a single word from you jeez!

ezaki: cant you see he dont wanna talk shit bitch
dont you have anything better to do than piss
a guy off

eve: uhh.. oh i see.. (begins to frown)

zero: uh keh.. wham!

ezaki: oww what the hell man

zero: thats no way to talk to a lady take it
back or i got another leg here just waitin
to taste your face

ezaki: err im sorry.

zero: much better now the fuck you want eve?
you and your damn popular friends try to kill me
every damn day!

zero: dont you see your causing us lower class people
as you call us trouble

eve: i uhh

zero: all you ever do is mumble and studer shit you got
something to say then say it!

eve: well i uh..

kaeko: well?

eve: well i was wondering if we can sit together?

zero: the fuck?

eve: you see

kaeko: dont trust her zero shes probably scheming with

zero: im sorry get lost eve..

eve: but zero! remember when we were ki..

zero: shut up and go away those times are long gone
they left when your family got rich and we couldnt see
eachother no more

eve: but then you snuck out and...

zero: what part of shut up dont you understand?

ezaki: si hush enimiga!

zero: grrrr
(this is fucking japan!) wham! pow! wham!
zero: look just go back to your keeper sato

ezaki: hey you dumb bitch you dont hit me like that
ill have you know only my friends can do that

zero: ?? (confusion).

kaeko: shut up ezaki

kaeko: you know zero

zero: hmm?

kaeko: we could use her to an advantage

zero: oh yeah and how?

kaeko: she knows what sato is planning shes
in tight with the upper class

zero: true but i dont wanna.

kaeko: huh?

zero: yeah i kinda feel like relaxing today

kaeko: no wonder the attitude.

ezaki: i knew something was up

kaeko:! yeah your just lazy today!!

zero: keh.. shut up. you dont know a damn thing

SCENE.4 Janitors Closet

eve: hey why'd you call me here zero i.. i
thought you hated me.

zero: keh.

kaeko: actually i called you here

eve: well in that case later

kaeko: hey bitch i know a little secret, one
youve been hiding from zero..

eve: what howd you!

zero: wait what! what secret! tell me i wanna  know!

kaeko: if she leaves you will

kaeko: pss hush pss

zero: hey speak up i cant hear!

eve: thats black mail!!! your evil!

kaeko: you gonna tell us or not?
if you dont ill tell zero the big secret

keako: hey zero guess what eve

eve: wait.. ill tell you.

kaeko: good girl. muahhahah

eve: sato is planning to spill a test
tube of phnomonia all over you zero

zero: heh.. some old friend you are
if it werent for kaeko id be nearly dead

eve: but.. zero! (slam)

kaeko:you call yourself his friend?

eve: zero i love you..

kaeko: yeah some love you show ( click, slam)

SCENE.5 Chemistry

adam: hello class im a sub teacher for ms.ka
unfortunately chiru san could not make it today
so i will be your teacher

adam: first off attendance,kim....jon.. lan..
kaeko, kira, natsu, kazu, sazu, ezaki, eve, sato, and last

sato: hah as usual last

zero: great a sub..

adam sin:today i will be showing you how to
 make the common cold in a test tube

zero: well here it goes(to self) i guess my
secret will be let out early

sato: mr.sin adam may i call you

adam: yes sato? (he walked over to adam)call me adam

sato: okay adam, so.... lets say if i were to add
chemical 7 with chemical d the result will
be catastrophic?

adam: yes i belive so sato. now class lets get started!

kaeko: you okay zero?

zero: im fine.

ezaki: you know its not all that bad being sick
its kinda fun you know no school, video games

zero: our ideas of fun are different. therefore sato must die

kaeko: woah zero you cant be serious

ezaki: zero here comes natsu with the test tube

eve: no zero( slip, bam)

eve: oh no mr.sin!

kaeko: ahah what a clutse she tripped and the
vile landed on adam.

eve: im so sorry mr.sin

adam: please call me adam and its alright anyway you
saved your classmates health thats what counts

eve: yeah i... i guess even though he wont... never mind

RING! adam: alright class is over( to self) damn what
was in that vile, i dont feel very good.

zero: alright what you guys wanna do today?

kaeko: i dont know, i kinda gotta do something ill
catch you guys later

ezaki:well i guess we can walk through the park
or something

zero: heh, leave it to you, to wanna do the gayest thing.
eh what ever i got nothing better to do anyway

SCENE.6 the dead Park
ezaki: well this is just damn right fucking

zero: yeah where is everyone

ezaki: hey look its adam! hey adam! over here!

zero: what the hell is adam doing all the way over here?

ezaki: how the fuck should i know? maybe he just
wants to enjoy the scenery?

zero: wait a minute somethings off here. hes walking

ezaki: yo adam you okay?

zero: he wont answer he only grunts and moans?

ezaki: shit i know you feel sick asshole but theres
no reason to have a stick up your ass!

zero: ezaki. shut up. lets get out of here

ezaki: what? already

zero: shut up and just come on!

ezaki: fine where we going?

zero: we gotta find kaeko before its to late

ezaki: late for what exactly

zero: you talk to damn much.

SCENE.7 Bitch Hunt 6:20
clak, clak, clak, stomp, thump
zero: damn how hard is it to find one stupid bitch!

ezaki: zero there trailing behind us

zero: dont worry we can out run them

ezaki: what the hell are they?

zero: if youd ask me id say there dead.

ezaki:! de de de dead!!! wahhhhh!!!!!!

zero: shut up ezaki your just atractting more!

ezaki: keh.. what a nice time for a bitch hunt...

zero: there all cut up like something attacked
them ,mauled them, and theres a bunch of biten
off skin and flesh

ezaki: could it be? a z.z z z zombie!! wahhh
save me zero!

zero: if youd shut up i could try. look ezaki over there
you see that bus kaeko always takes that bus when she
says she has to do something

ezaki:but its surrounded!

zero: alright ezaki ready to be a hero, i need you to get
up there and kick in the emergency hatch on the top of
that bus

ezaki: wha wha what!

zero: you wanna save kaeko or not!

ezaki: alright lets do it

zero: when we get near the bus i need you to launch off
the palm of my hands

ezaki: what about you?

zero: im gonna hold them off and buy you sometime.
you get everyone off that bus

SCENE.9 slaughter bus 5:58
driver: (opens window) get the hell away from my bus!
"ahh.. moan.. ughhh.
driver: no wait wait ahhhhh!! someone help me!

kaeko: quick close the window!

lady one: why should we listen to a little girl? i say we
escape while we can through the open window

lady two: are you stupid, did you see what happened to
the bus driver?

nova war: i'd say we listen to the damn girl before we
all die do you people not see whats happening right before
your very eyes?

war: damn you gotta do things your damn self around here
instead of cowaring like stupid children prepare your self
for the war to come

lady two: wha what do you mean?

lady one: yeah arent they just rioting?

war: do those people look like there rioting ?
is eating human flesh part of rioting? god damn you
people are so stupid! hey smart girl whats your name?

kaeko: the names kaeko

war: alright kaeko wanna help me figure a way out of this
slaughter bus?

kaeko: well uh? i guess we can try to escape from the
ceiling theres an emergency escape door but were gonna
need something to fight them off

war: true. hmm hey kid can i see your bats?

kid: sure thing lady.

war: hey kid you hit any home runs with this thing?

kid: nope

war: well its about to become famous. here kaeko
take the steel bat

kaeko: uhm thanks. hey whats was your name again?

war: the names war, nova war

SCENE.10 WAR Ground ZERO 6:25
(tat, thump)
ezaki: alright im up!

zero: (mumbles)dammit ezaki lower your voice
now kick in the door

ezaki: hi ya!


ezaki: holy shit it worked man!

zero: will you shut the fuck up!

kaeko: zero!

war: who the hell is this idiot

kaeko: ezaki..

ezaki: why hello there beautiful(smirks)

war: is he serious at a time like this?

zero: (pow! slam! hiiiii ya!! wham!) wanna
hurry the fuck up?

ezaki: right kaeko we came to rescue you!
and your beautiful friend to!

kaeko: how did you find me

ezaki: well?? zero said something about it but i forgot?
all i recall is screaming out bitch hunt? weird huh?

kaeko: why you!(anger)

war: kaeko theres no time for this your friend needs us

kaeko: right!

(tat, tat, tat, fwip, clank clink clank splat
moan!, clank splat)

kaeko: zero behind you!

zero: got it (shs wham!)

kaeko:(thinks to self) zero since when did you know how to do a
spinning back kick?

war, zero: kaeko look out!

takashi udamashi: hey war having trouble helpin
some kids stand there ground?

war: takuda!

takuda: hahahah hey hows it hanging? you know
you guys should really get one of these comes in
handy at the right moments.

zero: hey your takashi of the elite gun squadron sector y

takuda: hmm? you know me? well then you must be

zero: they call me zero now

takuda: well ill be damned small world after all your
the kid they found, the elite sectors took you in trained
you damn well and gave you your own sector,

war: wait you mean this is Z takuda?

takuda: yupp the kid with no parents. god knows
how he came into existence. the strongest man
alive they call you

kaeko:zero what are they talking about?

zero: its nothing now can we find a fucking
safe spot already shit i havent ran this much
since that day

kaeko: (to self) zero what are you hiding?
cant you see i want to share everything with you why
why cant you do the same?
END OF ChapTer 1

© Copyright 2018 Zero Izaki. All rights reserved.

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