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Every thing has a meaning, a purpose, a reason. the meaning to this is a strong one to me, writing this and showing everyone will bring out a lot of different meanings which is the idea for me posting this on here. so please read and let me know what ur own take on this is.

Submitted: September 13, 2009

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Submitted: September 13, 2009




Bite tight

Rip at the skin

Scream unto the night

Hold tight

Grab at the skin

Shread the paper

Stop the cut

Shout loud

Break the silence

Choak the life out

Kill the evil inside

Bite tight

Rip the skin

Rid the sin

Hold tight

Grab the skin

Beat out the sin

Free to be

What they all

Cannot see

Feel the need

As the others bleed

Inside the out

Outside the in

As free as an angel in sin

In the end the devil will win

You the hero

All that's left

Hope all lost

Watch the stars as they cross

The blood red moon will shine brighter

The boods drips off

Unto the ruined

Unto the lost

Nothing left

All faith in a box

All pain under the skin

Bite tight

Hold tight

Shout loud

Keep calm

Free to be

Free to see

Free the world

That will never be.

Written By

J.D Caine (~Zero Saint~)

© Copyright 2019 Zero Saint. All rights reserved.

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