Lost In The Headlights

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Have you ever felt lost, unsure of who you are ment to be, who everyone wants you to be. (puts hand up) I have, been there done that, Thats what this is about, being lost and trying to find answers to who 'you' are, someone once told me that it was like I was lost in the headlights, blinded by the fading light of my own mind, so that is how The title came to be

Submitted: June 22, 2009

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Submitted: June 22, 2009



Lost In The Headlights

Who are you

What did you do

How did you get here

Maybe you got lost in the spotlight

Your a dear frozen in the headlights

What did you do

Was what you thought ever real

The car stops at your feet

What ya waiting for, a reward

Ha, yeah right

Who are you, what do you need

Please, try it again

What did you find in the mirror

A stranger staring right back at you

Your life, a joke

Nothing but a sick joke

Walk on the freeway

Dodge the lights, making tracks

How long can you really last

Out there, lost in the headlights

What did you ever do right

Ypu don't know who she is

Who are you, lost in the headlights

Where did you go

Gone for so long

What the fuck is wrong

With you, with your screwed up mind

Your just like a dear frozen in the headlights

Out of your mind

Lokking for something you may never find

It's about fucking time you didn't lie

To me, to yourself, to the man in the mirror

The one looking back at you

It is like you are lost in the headlights

Blinded by the fading light of your own mind.

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~Zero Saint~

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