Page Turner

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I will say that this is depressing but then thats what you get when you write about depression, there was a moment in my life where I went through a state of depression, the weeks following the passing of my girlfriend (I still love you baby) hit me really hard it sent me into a downward spiral into depression, so thats why I wrote this (I must state one thing depression is serious and should not be made fun of, for instance the way some people call people who have had it hard 'emo' let me say this to them don't judge or call names over something you could not understand unless you have been through it).

~Zero Saint~

Submitted: July 05, 2009

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Submitted: July 05, 2009



Page Turner

You turn the page

Where the darkness spells out your name

You wonder If this is you going insane

The life you led

Has become a life that's long been dead

The scar on your soul tells a story

That of pain not of glory

The future is bright

But not tonight

You only just made it through one more day

The demons in your mind scrach at the surface

As if they are fighting for a purpose

The answer to your mind

You are too sure you will never find

You look at yourself

Trying to find what you know is not there

Thinking to yourself, "I'm not scared"

You believe that you are prepared for your fate

That your future will be great

What you see is seldom what you get

A bullet from the past could hit you all over again

You tell yourself that you are strong

But you also tell that you could be wrong

The power you lost

You feel can never be returned

You look for the answers but give up to soon

You would much rather wait

For your impending doom

You worry your parents as you hide in your room

Away from the world

Lost in the emotionless world of loveless sex

Traded that lost love for a meaningless fuck

Money for booze

For the power to forget

Still you have not lost any regrets

You try to find a way to end the pain

It stays until you make the change

You turn the page

You are the page turner of your own destiny.

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~Zero Saint~

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