Raw Emotion

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What is emotion, ok we know the words that go with it but does that mean we know what it is, I am talking about that raw emotion, the stuff everyone craves for even though not many fell that rawness untill it is too late.

Submitted: July 06, 2009

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Submitted: July 06, 2009



Raw Emotion

The barb wire on my heart pulls tight

I few the power of raw emotion

The feeling of love

Sometimes that is not enough

The feeling of pain, of suffering

That is raw emotion

The words break the sicelince

Like an echo through a canyon

The sould is too high to ingnore

Almost as loud as when she slams the door

Raw emotion through pain

The stuff that can send you totaly insane

Raw emotion when she walked out the door

Raw emotion when she said she can't stay any more

I felt the pain pulling at my heart

I fear the explosion as I swallow the pain

The door slamming

It echoes in my mind

I feel the raw emotion in my hands

I fell the words pounding in my head

I gave her my all

I gave her love

She said she needed more

Needed it to be raw

Now she's gone

But I finaly understand

The raw emotion now lies in my hands.

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~Zero Saint~

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