The Screw In The Window

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The title um it just came to me so I used it, it does not have a secret meaning well I don't think it does anyway :)

The Screw In The Window

The ghost of the night

The power behind the knife

The strain on his life was almost too much to bare

The feelings they had toward him

He was past it, just did not care

His soul destroyed, beyond repair

A glimmer of hope slowly fades into the darkness

His world turned upside down, inside out

A bottle in hand, drunk in the end

A turning point makes his life more real

All the pain, the pain he could not deal with

Fading away back inside

His life once shaded in darkness

The moon now shining bright

All better for tonight

Waiting for tomorrow night

A rematch of the fight

The fight of his life.

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~Zero Saint~

Submitted: July 22, 2009

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