Within, Without (Irreplaceable)

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This is dedicated to Sarah (I love you baby, I will never forget you).

Submitted: August 08, 2009

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Submitted: August 08, 2009



Within, Without (Unreplaceable)Within, without
I lost my way, no doubt
In my head my thoughts are dead
My mind misunderstood, misread
Like a bullet to my soul
I no longer have any controlI pray to god
Even though I don't believe
Lost my faith, the death of my once full heart
Down on my knees trying not to scream
My throat sandpaper dry
Salt water running from my eyes
They all say
That real men don't cry
Nothing but a elephantine lieI once held on tight
Held her close
Promised forever
Within, Without
Not an once of hope
Left in my heart
My baby always within
Now I live without
Within, love
Without, sight
So much in this world
Will never be right
Within my soul
Without any such control
On the outside is me
Living free
On the inside is me
Thinking of my future

Within, Without.

Written By

~Zero Saint~

© Copyright 2018 Zero Saint. All rights reserved.

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