Too Close for Comfort

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I was there, and I was feeling. The ocean called and the storm responded

Submitted: June 26, 2010

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Submitted: June 26, 2010



Too close for comfort.

The glistening waters break hard on the giant toe like rocks on the shore,
salty breezes rush their fingers through your hair, while gulls like kites squeel in the sky

leasurly you perch on the rocks feeling the spray of the oceans mighty breath.
wondering, allowing your feet to dangle and kiss the frothy waters below

In the distance a lone guitar plays a pleasent meldoy.
The palm trees sing their own turn with the winds sighing through them.
IN blissful contemplation, you wonder how long will all this last.

IN the distance the first rumbles of a storm make your ear.  you look the the horizon seeing a wall of clouds building like a mountains face
It menacing vistage slowing creeping forward. Still it is far away.

You could sleep the night here on the soft weathered rocks, without worry of being caught in the rain. 
you could be totally taking the warmth the sounds and the breeze with stride knowing that it could be like this forever.

But still that storm chases the horizon and it blusters a sound making its presence known

Time to go you think all things must come to an end, still you sit there feeling, and seeing, and hearing everything that you desire.  and just when you have become so comfotable that you could go to sleep you hoist youself from the rocks down the shore, and onward to your trek back home.

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