There Really Is A God. (For Everything!)

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Those ever so bothersome out of control factors in my life I call GODS!

Submitted: December 03, 2009

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Submitted: December 03, 2009



Religion is a very controversial subject, but I don't get all the hoopla about whos God is is better than whos.

I have many Gods in my life.  For example, there's  the:

MATH GODS:  These are the Gods that provide me answers during math test in school  when I know I should have been studying, but chose to go and hang out with my friends the night before an exam.  (ie.  The math Gods have been good to me today!)

OH MY GOD GODS:  These are the Gods of unbelief.  They supply a bit of doubt in your life so that you don't become the conformist that you have alway vowed not to become.

FOOD GODS:  These are the Gods that provide sustanance for my body.  If you were ever a college student, you know that eating is not always as glamorous as it was when you lived at home with the parents.  These Gods tend to show up on holidays when your friends or fellow students invite you over for dinner, and their parent (usually mom) is so good at cooking that you just want to blurt out LONG LIVE THE FOOD GODS.  FOR THEY HAVE BEEN MORE THAN KIND THIS EVENING!

THE CAR GODS:  Again, if you were a starving student like me, than you probably had a hand me down car that you have had to baby along every now and then.  Well, guest what?  That little tradition is still alive and kicking.  When I left for college my mom and dad gave the their old car while they styled around  a new BMW.  I was estatic a first until I found out that the Car Gods are not always kind.  If I have to  go somewhere far, I usually get started an hour before I have to arrive at the destination.  I usually check around the car to make sure the tires are all inflated.  Then I perform my ritual of patting the gas pedal 3 times, holding my breathe, and chanting: Please Please GOD let my poor car start today, before I turn over key.  Sometimes they are nice, and sometimes they are not.  Today was and exceptional day.

If you'd like to here more about the GODS in my life, just leave a comment!  Thanx

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