Naruto and Hinata

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This is a script of a roleplay me and my friend Nicole made. We are crazy people with wild imaginations, hope you like it.

Submitted: April 24, 2012

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Submitted: April 24, 2012




Hinata comes sprinting down the street (your Neji)

“I-I j-just k-kissed N-Naruto!!!” ~Hinata

“YOU WHAT?!” ~Neji

“I-I t-tripped and f-fell on N-Naruto! W-What should I d-do now?!” ~Hinata

“I’m going to tell Uncle then I’m going to go kick Naruto’s butt.” ~Neji

“No you can’t do that!!!” ~Hinata

“Watch me. You know I’m stronger than you.” *gets up and walks to his uncle while he’s meditating* ~Neji

Neji don’t please!!!” ~Hinata

Neji ignores her begging. Softly slides the door open and sees Uncle sitting on the mat. Uncle lifts one eye seeing Neji and sighs*

“Hello.” *bows* “It seems Hinata kissed Naruto.”  ~Neji

Neji…” ~Hinata whispers softly

“What do you expect me to do about it?” ~Uncle

“It’s forbidden Uncle. You know Hinata and Naruto will never be together. Let me fight him.” ~Neji

Hinata can handle her own problems, and Naruto has beaten you once already proving that he is exceptionally strong. I see nothing wrong with it.” ~Uncle

“B-But…fine.” *looks away and walks away not bother to look at Hinata* ~Neji

“Thank you Father.” *Bows shuts door and follows Neji* “Why are y-you so u-upset?” ~Hinata

“Teh.” *looks away and walks the door to house* ~Neji

“Cousin, please I want to understand!” *Follows Neji* ~Hinata

“Go away I don’t need sympathy.” ~Neji

“It’s not sympathy. I just want to understand why you don’t like Naruto. Why do you hate him so much?” ~Hinata

*looks at Hinata with his Byakugan activated and slowly walks towards her* ~Neji

N-Neji what-what are you d-doing?” *eyes widen a little* ~Hinata

“Tell me…why do you like Naruto? He doesn’t notice you and compared to Naruto your weak…” * Still walking towards Hinata* ~Neji

“I…he…he’s himself…he doesn’t try to be someone he’s not… he has no fears, and does anything he puts his mind to… he’s amazing.” *blushes & pokes her fingers together* ~Hinata

“Teh… you make me sick.” * Quickly uses his hand and starts striking her chakra points & slams her against the wall* “Die!” ~Neji

“Stop, p-please, why do you always hurt others when you’re angry?” ~Hinata

“Shut up.” punches her in the gut and throws her to the ground* ~Neji

“Please stop!” *Tears form in the corner of her eyes* “Please…” ~Hinata

*Smirks and keeps punching her* ~Neji

“STOP!!!” *Hinata jumps up and starts hitting all of Nejis’ Chakra points* ~Hinata

*Easily dodges all the hits and decreases her charka all the way causing her to cough up blood. Uncle quickly comes seeing a huge mess* “W-What the hell?”  ~Uncle

“U-Uncle...” *Hinata says weakly* ~Hinata


“DIE!” *uses his fist to try and decrease her chakra further* ~Neji

*Hinata screams* *crashing sound from behind Neji*

“Don’t hurt Hinata!!!” *Punches Neji* ~Naruto

*catches Naruto’s fist and starts decreasing his chakra* ~Neji

*picks up Hinata quickly and steps away from the battle* ~Uncle

“What the…” *Slips out of Nejis grip and jumps back a couple of feet* ~Naruto

“Naruto…” ~Hinata

*Smirks and stands still in a fighting stance* ~Neji

“Get ready to be taken down again!” *uses shadow clone jutsu, hundreds of clones attack Neji, meanwhile Naruto prepares his ultimate attack* “Now!!!” *Naruto’s launched towards Neji by clones, all other clones disappear, Neji is left beaten up and defenseless* “RASENGAN!!!” ~Naruto

*Gets hit by Rasengan on his stomach and gets slammed into the wall, and knocked unconscious* ~Neji

*Goes over to Hinata & Uncle* ~Naruto

“Hinata are you alright?” ~Naruto

“Y-Yes I-I am. Thank y-you.” ~Hinata *all bruised up*

*Lets Hinata stand on her own* ~Uncle

“Is anything broken? He didn’t hurt you to bad did he?” ~Naruto

“N-No…I’m okay.” ~Hinata

“Is there anything you need?” ~Naruto

“I’ll take Neji to his room.” picks up Neji and goes away* ~Uncle

*blushes* “N-no…” *pokes her fingers* ~Hinata

“Ha-ha…” *Smiles* ~Naruto

“He he…J” *blushes and smiles back* ~Hinata

“Guess what.” *Smiles* ~Naruto

“Wh-what?” ~Hinata

“You’re really cute when you blush.” *blushes himself and smiles* ~Naruto

*turns red like a tomato* “Th-thank you.” ~Hinata

“Um… about earlier… when you… y’know… kissed me…” *blushes* ~Naruto

*blushes more* “Y-yea w-what about I-it? ~Hinata

“Well…I…well…do you like me?” ~Naruto

“Well…” *starts poking her fingers and blushes* “I don’t like you…I love you…” ~Hinata

“Really……can I tell you a secret that no one else knows about?” ~Naruto

“S-sure.” ~Hinata

“Well I… you know how I’m always chasing after Sakura?” ~Naruto

‘Y-yea… wh-what about I-it?” ~Hinata

“Well I only chased after her because I didn’t think a girl like you would go for… a guy like me…the truth is I really like you Hinata… I love you… more than anything in the world…” *blushing more than Hinata* ~Naruto

*Blushes and slowly walks to Naruto and gently kisses him* ~Hinata

“Hinata, Neji is asleep so you could…” *Uncle seeing Naruto and Hinata kissing stops talking and slowly backs away* ~Uncle

The End

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