Sasuke and Hinata

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Another script but for Sasuke and Hinata


Hidden Leaf Village


“Um h-hi S-Sasuke, u-um have y-you seen N-Naruto?” ~Hinata

“No. Why do you need something from him?” ~Sasuke

“U-Um… w-well” *blushes and looks down* “I…er…well…” *pokes her fingers together* ~Hinata

“Why are you stuttering?” ~Sasuke

‘Th-that I-I talk S-Sasuke.” ~Hinata

“Whatever. Hey Naruto…” ~Sasuke

“Hey Sasuke! Hm? *looks at Hinata* “Hi Hinata!” ~Naruto

“What do you want Naruto?” ~Sasuke

“Aw (:D). Are you going all emo on me Sasuke?” ~Naruto

“H-hi N-Naruto.” ~Hinata

“Why do you care Naruto? And talk to Hinata already, she’s been looking for you.” ~Sasuke

“She was?” *Looks at Hinata blushing and making him more nervous* “Hey Hinata do you have a fever?” *Touches her forehead* ~Naruto

“Don’t touch her Naruto!” ~Sasuke

“Why not?!” ~Naruto

*faints* ~Hinata

“Because that will happen.” *Pokes Hinatas cheek* ‘Are you alright Hinata?” ~Sasuke

‘Y-Yes.” ~Hinata

“Haven’t you learned yet that she faints every time you touch her?” ~Sasuke

*Blinks* “No… besides I never knew that you like Hinata! Wow you two make a strange couple!” ~Naruto

*Makes a sad face and looks as if she’s about to cry* ~Hinata

“No offense, to Hinata, but she’s not my type. And how come you’ve never realized that before, she faints every time you even poke her.” *Blushed a little when Naruto said that he liked Hinata* ~Sasuke

“Because she’s weird, Sasuke.” ~Naruto

*Sad face* ‘I-I’m s-sorry Naruto, Sasuke.” *Leaves crying* ~Hinata

“Nice one Naruto. What are you going to go do next steal candy from babies?” *Leaves and goes after Hinata* ~Sasuke


After a couple hours of searching Sasuke finds Hinata at the training grounds, no one else is around


“Are you okay Hinata?” ~Sasuke

*sniff-sniff* “N-no.” ~Hinata

“Why do you go after Naruto? I mean he doesn’t notice you and he’s always chasing after Sakura.” ~Sasuke

“B-But who will like me? My father lectures of how pathetic I am.” *cries* ~Hinata

“Well...I… like you…I mean I think your pretty cool… and I know your strong because you stood up to Neji in the Chunin Exams…” ~Sasuke

“Y-your just saying that to make me feel better.” *sniff* ~Hinata

“No I’m not. In case you haven’t noticed I don’t do much to make people feel better. But, I do mean everything I say.” ~Sasuke

“Y-yea you-your ri-right.” *sniffle* “But I still like Naruto.” ~Hinata

“Do you really want to chase after someone who doesn’t even notice you for the rest of your life? In case you haven’t noticed he only has eyes for Sakura.” ~Sasuke

“I-I know… but… w-why are y-you so w-worried a-about me?” ~Hinata

“Because like I said, I like you Hinata.” *wraps arm around Hinatas waist, pulls her close and kisses her, then lets her go* ~Sasuke

*blushes and kisses back and smiles* “Th-thanks Sasuke.” ~Hinata

“So…what now?” ~Sasuke

“U-um… w-want to g-go o-out?” *blushes* ~Hinata

“Alright.” *smiles* ~Sasuke

*watches the whole thing, makes a sad face and runs away* ~Naruto

“So what about Naruto?” ~Sasuke

“I-I don’t like him anymore. I-I li-like y-you now.” ~Hinata

“Than it’s official, your mine and I am yours.” -Sasuke




Submitted: April 24, 2012

© Copyright 2020 ZeroDemon95. All rights reserved.

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Wow i really like this one too:)

Fri, May 11th, 2012 12:11am


thanks glad you like it

Mon, May 14th, 2012 1:21pm

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