Torturing Secret

Poem by: ZeroDemon95


Just a poem


Submitted: April 18, 2012

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Submitted: April 18, 2012




Only I know the depth of my love for you;

My soul is bound to secrecy.

My heart dares to divulge all.

But I have put under oath not to betray what is not returned.


Do not stand so close,

Least you smell the scent of my love.

It’s sweet, seductive fragrance,

Lures me through gardened paths of hope.


My red rose hidden behind my back,

So that you will not know.

The love I hold so dear in my heart for you,

It will ignite a passion that rivals my own.


I struggle…

Tortured I stand before those lips,

They spark my desire,

And haunt my nights with longing.

How can I sleep?


Memories of you I willfully summon,

To tease my senses,

Disrupt my world,

Which cries out for your love.

It bangs at the door of my soul,

Until finally knuckles bleeding,

Exhaustion claims this obsession.


The burning need to be where you are,

Even if I am only your shadow.

Then I shall bask in darkness,

And shade your soul,

From every form of pain.


Happy just to inhale your air,


A shard of glass pierces my heart,

Whenever you speak to me,

As if I am no more than just a friend.




I am jealous of your very breath,

For it I closer to you,

Then I will ever be.


Your eyes do not lie,

They tell me nothing that I want to hear.

No matter how much I fix my hair,

Or dress in the most charming clothes.


Your eyes girl speak only of friendship,

A love that has no flames.


I am weak from sorrow’s pain,

Tears constantly blind my heart,

Tortured by ‘Clandestine thoughts’

That can never be revealed to you,

Tortured Secret, My Secret Love for you.

© Copyright 2017 ZeroDemon95. All rights reserved.

Torturing Secret

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Just a poem
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