You say we are friends, but i want more

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

a poem for those who love someone who wont accept them


My heart pummels for a thousand miles,

Every time I see your smile.

Let’s leave this place forever,

Let’s leave this place together.


Let me take you where I can look,

Into your beautiful eyes,

I’d rather look there,

 Than the Heaven’s in the skies.


I feel a shiver run down my spine,

Can you believe it’s just from those eyes?


I hear the beating in your chest,

A pulse that puts my fears to rest.

I pull away from a good-bye hug,

The feeling intoxicating me like a drug.


We part until next time as friends do,

But you don’t know that I never stop thinking of you.


I’ll be here forever and always.


I’m your friend,

Can’t you see?

Even though I want more,

That’s all we’ll ever be.



Submitted: April 17, 2012

© Copyright 2022 ZeroDemon95. All rights reserved.

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