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Reality's Mirage

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Chrysel is a girl who wants to escape the only life she has has ever known. She is tired of being controlled like a marionette and life of infiltrating, spying, and killing is getting to much for this 18 year girl to bear. Chrysel's life became more troubling when these confusing 'memory lapses' start to mess and causing doubt about herself.To add more trouble to her problems, her partner, Cindy, is also having these 'memory lapses.' Normally these odd occurrences would hardly mean anything, except there's one small detail about Chrysel and Cindy. They are androids. Machines that are supposed to be void of 'memories and emotions.' So, who or what is she really? With fear of having their secret found out, Chrysel decides to break out of this containing life and bring Cindy along with her. Only one problem stands in their way. How will they get rid of Shandon and Charlie, their overseers? What's even more troubling, both Shandon and Charlie seem to be keeping secrets of their own.

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