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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In future when movies will be outdated and almost forgotten there will appear a scene called Throne Room. The stories shown in these scenes will be accompanied by the great natural affects where lightning, thunder, hail and fire would come down to earth to impress and convict people of the realities of the stories.

Today my son invited me to his favorite performance. As always it will happen outside of the city after the sun set. My friend and I got off the train and walked up the hill with hundreds of other people. The road had lamps in the ground on both side to direct our way. As we started approaching the summit we saw one field after another where the ground was scorched as from fire and covered with burnt trees and grass. The burnt smell was still present.

At last we came to a field. Its limits disappeared into the horizon. The size was impressive. I started to understand why we had to come all the way here.

I still wandered why would anyone need such a great field to do the performance?

The field had black soil and few trees. Several men were far away at the field planting several already grown up trees. Small helicopter was flying over the field scattering seed, collected at the entrance.

Thousands of people were already sitting on the slopes that faced the field. There was high structure, which reminded me of the amphitheater, on the right from the entrance. The requirement was to bring a package of seeds with us. We gave our seeds and received our bracelets.

Photographers and cameras located themselves at the top sector of the amphitheater. Man, women, children covered the slope.

It was dark now and first stars started to appear in the sky. We were sitting at the slope talking about our kids and business.

- I am wondering how it is possible to influence them at all…Growing up on the Throne Room performance my son has over-developed imagination and visual skills but lacks analysis and reasoning sometimes. Information from such performances enters him so smoothly. Ideas are engraved so accurately. I am just unable to compete with this.

- Of course you can’t. You know they told me that the more people come the better performance will be.

- Better money I guess...

At that moment little lamps along the border of the field were lit. Flashlights started flashing very second.

Then, coming out from the darkness where the field was, I heard voices talking in the language I did not understand. Suddenly these voices turned into uncountable number of multiple voices.

Out of the darkness a huge diamond appeared. It was turning around itself illuminating the ground beneath it and the slope. The stone was shining from inside with different colors. Slowly it started going lower until it touched the field with one of its edges. A sudden blinding flash lit the field, slope and sky followed by a strong hot wind, which blew into our face. I was blinded for a second.

After this thousands of stars appeared over the field.

Everyone applauded.

Lightning stroke and lit the sky and the field now turned into the churning sea. This sea had no boundaries and reached ends of the world. It was violent, untamed and seamed that no one will be able to subdue it. Every time lightning stroke it eliminated bottomless depth underneath us. There was no more flashlights. People seamed paralyzed by this scene. I was afraid to move. My hands grabbed the ground tightly. Lightning stroke again and I saw hundreds of fish deep in the water. 

Comparing to this lightning and thunder I felt smaller than a dust. It seam that small wind could blow me away. Everything seemed out of control.

Little by little the sky became brighter and the sea became quieter and quieter. Stars disappeared and the sun started to show from above the horizon turning black sky into red. The scent of the sea water and the sound of the waves filled the whole place.

The wind finally stopped and the sea became as smooth as a glass.

As the sun was rising and the sky becoming brighter strong wind started to blow in all the directions creating great waves. The waters started to leave under this strong wind and the dry land appeared.

By the time the sun was right above us the dry land completely covered the area where this great sea was. It was warm and comfortable to sit in the chill wind and just watch into this endless field with black soil. I heard beautiful music and singing that was coming now from all the directions as though everyone was singing. Then we also joined the singing.

I looked at the people sitting on the structure and the slope. They were all dressed in white. As they sat there watching all that was going on they looked like some heavenly beings in front of whom the history was unfolding. Sheer blackness was behind them.

I looked at the field and saw that black soil started to turn green. The grass was sprouting from the ground before my eyes. The plants and trees started appear from the grass in different places on this field. The grass grew taller and taller and the wind blew it in one direction and then into the other like waves on the sea.

The gear moves fast turning into yellow circle shining like a sun blinding out everything else.

The sun started to become dimmer as it was hiding behind the mountain.  

We started to notice the big mountain.

The mountain pick was covered with snow and the huge moon was right above the ground on the left of the mountain. It was hard to look at the mountain because of the sun but I saw that the mountain was fuming. Suddenly the wind stopped. The Sun and the Moon hid behind the mountain. I looked around and saw that slope and everything else turned into a millions of stars. Their number was uncountable. The surface of the sea turned into ice.

Then the ground beneath us shook very strongly and the mountain erupted with fire and smoke. Lava started to flow down from the top of the mountain. It flowed towards the lake diving into it and creating a lot of smoke.

Lava was flowing continuously into the lake. Then at some point I felt rhythmical beating of the ground. I looked at the sea and saw that underneath the ice was something, which looked like a human heart. It was live and beating. With every beat I noticed red net of veins appeared in the ice. First, veins covered only central part of the lake with the running red lava inside these veins. The lava kept flowing from the mountain into the lake. The heart was beating faster and with every beat veins of lava reached further and further.

The ice on the lake started to melt. It cracked and little by little pieces of ice started to disappear under the water. As soon as ice melted I saw hundreds of lava veins networks covering the bottom of the lake.

It reached banks of the lake and then black soil started to get covered with grass in all the direction. Trees started to grow everywhere. I saw various fruits grow on the trees. They were of different colors and forms. Birds came with the load cries and filled its branches. Animals came in from all the directions. Some came out of the water and stood on the bank. It seemed as though life entered every little thing and it came alive. Everything was growing and blossoming. There was no more singing. The sound of the birds and the smell of the plants brought beautiful thoughts in my mind. I was trying to remember this smell so I could remember it in the future.

Could be continued...

Submitted: June 04, 2013

© Copyright 2022 zeusthegr8. All rights reserved.

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