The Love Story of Two Musicians

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Story of Zander and Stevie

Submitted: July 03, 2012

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Submitted: July 03, 2012



Stevie's Pov
I was walking down the hall when I saw Zander talking to some girls.I could see he was having a hard time impressing them.I walked up to the girls, two smart girls who didnt think Zandre was a math genious
"Hey Zander,I know you're busy but can u help me with my math later"I asked
"Uh sure Stevie"He said
I walked away and in no time the red head girl gave him her number
"Thanks"He said
"No problem"I said
I walked down the hall to Science,I saw Justin

He smiled and waved at me,I did the same
"Hey Stevie"Kacey said
"Hey"I said
"Looks like u got a crush tailing u"She whispered as Grace and Molly walked by
"What?No"I said trying to stay cool
"Hey Stevie"Molly said"Hello Kacey"
"Get lost Miss PERFume bomb"I said
"Laugh now Stevie but u wont be laughing forever"She said walking to her table
"So Stevie I heard u helped Zander land another date"Kacey said
"So he needed help"I said


Kacey's Pov
I looked to see Stevie sitting with Justin at lunch,she left us for him....its been like that for a week.They've been together for a week and Im getting sick of Stevie's new attitude on everything.Plus Nelson and Kevin were always acting jumpy or scared when Justin came over to us.They also acted like they were hiding something.Something important.
"Hey Kacey"Nelson said in a high pitched voice as he came over
"Nelson r u ok u've been talking like that for a week"I asked
"Yeah he's all good"Kevin said
I smiled as they sat down mostly at Kevin because ever since Molly acted like a jerk to me a week ago, he was defending me.It meant so much to me that he would defend me.I saw Stevie walk over to us when Justin left for class.
"So Stevie about practice next period-"I wa saying when her phone went off with a text from Justin.I rolled my eyes.I was sick of all of this love stuff but she was happy
"So Stevie hows Justin"I mustered to say


Stevie's Pov
"Oh good"I said as the guys left.I grabbed Kacey's arm so she would stay as everyone left.When we were alone I finally found my voice
"Kacey,do u think Justin is acting alittle too perfect"I asked
"What do u mean"She asked suddenly interested
"Well he's been acting like the perfect boyfriend,the one u would dream about after reading a romance novel"I said
"And whats wrong with that"She asked
"It seems too good to be true.....nobody is that perfect"I said getting up
"Well Stevie maybe he really likes u"Kacey said walking off
I shrugged and then Justin came to me.He asked me if I would go to his first FootBall game with him next week.I said yes and walked off to Study Hall.There was a skip in my step


Nelson's Pov
I couldnt take it anymore this week was too painful and theres only one more week till-gulp!I could keep the secret and watch Stevie's heart brake to a hundred pieces or I could tell her and get a trip to swirly town.I walked to class with my lips tightly sealed.If I spoke I would tell the truth,I can do it I can do it!WAIT!Is that Molly talking to Justin???I listened to what they were saying
"Ok so at the Game u bring Stevie right in front of everyone brake up with her and dump purple gunk on her"Molly said
"And u promise not to tell everyone right"Justin said
"Yes I promise Justin just do what I ask and Loserberry will get whats coming to her"Molly said as they left
WHAT????I have to warn Stevie
"HEY!"Justin said
"I did not just here what u r gonna do to Stevie"I said WHY DID I SAY THAT
"Oh well come with me"He said
He grabbed me and I faced the worse sensation in the world....SWIRLY!!!!!!AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Tell Stevie and I'll do worse"He said
He left


Kevin's Pov
We were all waiting for Nelson,and when he came he was soaking wet
"Um...."I was gonna say
"Dont ask"He answered
"Here"Stevie said handing him a towel
"What happened"Zander asked
"I just took a trip to Swirly Ville"He answered
And I knew who did it
"Dude!U told Stevie!"I shouted
"Tell me what"She asked
"No Kevin and I was gonna tell u Stevie that-I LOVE YOUR BROWNIES!Will u make more"He said
"Sure"She said"But what does that have to do with-"
"Uh oh I think Im gonna barf"I said acting sick
"Ill get a bucket"Stevie said running out
When she was out I turned to Nelson
"Well nice job man u almost blew it"He told me
"What r u talking about and who did that to u"Kacey asked
"Oh we cant tell u"I said
"But-"Zander was gonna say
"LALALALALALALALALA"Nelson and I started singing loudly
"FORGET IT"Kacey shouted"Tell us later"
I sighed but woud we have time to tell them


Stevie's Pov
When I returned with the bucket Kevin was fine...did he trick me???
"So shall start practicing"Zander asked
I grabbed my bass and we started to practice but my mind was elsewhere.I couldnt wait for the big game......
"Stop stop!"Nelson called over Kacey's singing
"Why"I asked
"U and Zander were lagging behind"Kevin shouted
"Sorry"We both said together
After an hour the others left until it was once again me and Zander
"Hey Stevie before u go I need to ask u-"Zander was saying
"Yes"I asked
I smiled as he gave me a confused look
"Ill help u with your math"I said
"Actually its civics but ok"He said
We laughed and I smiled,Zander was always the lady's man but he was interested in different girls that werent me.As we walked out I waved goodbye to Zander



Zander's Pov
I smiled as me and Stevie walke dout but the minute she left I felt somewhat sad,she was such a nice girl,and she was really sweet.I dont know why people call her loserberry but she's nothing close to


Kacey's Pov
All week Nelson and Kevin were freaking out whenever Stevie talked to them,it was Friday and the game was later today,Stevie was no where to be seen and I was stuck with the guys
"Kevin"Nelson moaned/whimpered
"Nelson"Kevin repeated in the same tone
Then they screamed
"WHATS WRONG"Zander screamed at them
"Guys,its Justin"Kevin said quickly
"What?"I asked
"Justin is dating Stevie to get on the FootBall Team"Kevin answered
"And he has to dump her at the game and Molly is using this to humiliate her too"Nelson siad
"WHAT"Zander and I shouted
"He said if we told we would get swirleys and so many other horrible things"Kevin said shivering
"Come on the game already started"Zander shouted
"Stevie!She's been at the game!"I shouted
"We have to hurry before Half-Time"Kevin shouted
We ran out of the Band room suddenly fearing we would be too late



Stevie's Pov
I watched as Justin and his team made 2 touch downs and scored more points.I sat in the front watching them


Stevie's Pov
It was almost Half TIme in!Justin came running over to me after tlaking to his teammates
"Stevie come with me"He said
I followed grinning ear to ear,I couldnt help it.He grabbed a microphone I stood near him
"ATTENTION Fellow Student!!I have an announcement"Justin said in the microphone
I felt myself blushing
"Stevie-"He started to say
Then it went down hill from there



Zander's Pov
We ran to the feild and heard Justin
"I have an announcement"
We ran faster
We stopped at the bleachers hearing the rest
"U r a fool to think I really trully like u....I never liked u and we never had a thing"Justin said

We heard Stevie scream and saw her doused in purple goo.No!



Stevie's Pov
I screamed and had tears running down as purple goo poured over me.I caught a glimpse of Molly laughing at me,the school half laughing at me and my friends coming to my rescue but they were too late.I ran off the feild crying as the game resumed.


Grace's Pov
Poor Stevie I knew Molly hated her but this was alittle over the top.
"Molly Ill be right back I have to go powder my nose"I told her running off
She probably wont even notice me gone,everyone think Im dumb but I just dont know alot about school...not my fault.I followed a trail of purple go to see Stevie sitting at the Perf tale crying her eyes out.I knew when I went to find her that the rest of Gravity 5 would come too.I wanted to go over but I would make things worse.I turned back to tell Kacey where Stevie was,I was about to exit when Gravity 5 ran in
"Perf table"I whispered
I heard Nelson whisper a thank u and I blushed,I did like him.



Stevie's Pov
I sat at the Perf Table crying my heart out,I was stupid not to see that but love fooled me.I saw Grace looking at me for a sec but didnt stop crying.I heard people running over and I wished I would run off but I was too shaken to run anywhere.I heard a slight gasp
"Go away"I murmured through my sobs 


Zanders Pov
Looking at Stevie like the way she was it made me heart brake.She was always so strong and tough and she was pushed too far.I ran to sit next to her hearing her say another go away
"Stevie,its ok"I said
She scooted away still crying
"No its not!"She moaned
I looked to the others for support but they seemed either scared or speechless
"Stevie please listen to me"I said putting my hand on her shoulder
"Leave me alone"She said louder
"Stevie u r too good for him he doesnt know what he lost"I said shocking even myself
"U think so"She sniffled looking at me tears in her eyes
"Yes,and he doesnt deserve to be on the team or have a girl plus he isnt even good looking"I continued
I saw Kacey coming over but she stopped realizing we were having a moment
"I was so stupid"Stevie said
"No u werent he was"I said
I gave her a hug before she could protest and got alittle goo on me but I didnt care.She was my friend and she needed me.I heard her sniffle and hugged her more 


Nelson's Pov
I felt so bad for Stevie,me and Kevin were to selfish and scared to warn her.I looked to Kacey who gave us a deadly dont think about it glare.I kept my notuh shut,Stevie was crying into Zander's shoulder and Kacey wasnt even moving.Stevie and Zander broke apart and Stevie stared at Zander then us.Her eyes were red from tears..I felt guilt in me.Then Stevie left leaving us alone
"Is she ok?"Kacey asked confused
"I dont know anymore"Zander said looking at us
"Im sorry I was scared"I said
"Me too"Kevin said
"Dont tell us tell Stevie"I said
"I've never seen her cry and I dont like it"Kevin said
"Well well well,if it aint four out of five losers wheres Stevie"Molly said walking over to us
"I swear u r gonna pay Molly-"I said about to attack her but the guys held me back
"Well Ill say its an improvment for Stevie"Molly continued
"SHUT IT!!!!"I yelled at her
She looked at us frowning and walked away
"Woah Nelson u seem mad"Kacey said"Nice"
"This isnt right"I said 


Kacey's Pov
The next day I went into the Band Room to study for my History Test when I found Stevie sitting in there playing bass.She didnt see me so I stayed unseen.She was singing something
"Why would u brake my Heart...Why would u hurt me like the way u did...I gave u my trust and what do I get...Nothing but a broken heart...U turned my smile into a frown,u turned my happiness to sadness and my eyes are no longer dry....Oh why did u brake my Heart!"Stevie sang
I was clapping and u couldnt blame me she jumped and looked at me scared
"U heard it all"She asked
"Yes and I loved it but-its so sad"I said
"Just like me"She whispered walking out with her stuff.She left her bass on the couch.I picked it up she had been playing to calm down and she was still sad.I put it on its stand and looked to the mic.Maybe just maybe we could fix this



Kevin's Pov
We were looking for Stevie when she ran out of the Band Room jumpy
"Stevie"I said
"Yeah"She said startled
"We r so sorry"I said 

"Why?"She asked
"We knew about Justin's plans but we were scared to tell u"Nelson said
"He threatened to give us wedgies and swirlies"I said
"Guys its ok,u didnt know it would be this bad"I said
"Actually we overheard but-we were beyond scare"I sighed
Stevie stared at us,she gave us a small smile but it didnt hide her sad expression.
"Its all good guys u never meant if to happen"She said walking away
"That was-strange"I said
"Our normal Stevie would pummel us for that"Nelson said
"We have to help her!"I said
We ran into the Band Room to see Kacey holding her mic smiling.An idea showed in her eyes
"Guys go get Zander I have an idea A brilliant idea"She said
And we ran off for Zander 


Kacey's Pov
Kevin and Nelson ran in with Zander who was shocked by this secret meeting.
"What?"He asked
"What if I told u I knew how we could make Stevie happy"I said
"How"The three boys said in unision
"Well we can get revenge on Justin,I hear that the Perf's r throwing a party this weekend and the FootBall team is invited.We sneak in play and get revenge on the Perfs and Justin"I smiled
"Kacey one small error Stevie!"Zander said
"We tell her we have a gig!"I said
"But what do we do?"Kevin asked"For revenge"
"I have a tshirt cannon ready to fire out green/blue goo"Nelson said with an evil smile
"We have alot of planning to do"I said"And no one tell Stevie"
"Tell me what?"Stevie said just walking in
"Stevie!"We all said 


Stevie's Pov
I was already upset from....well I cant say without crying I know sad isnt it.And now I catch my friends having a secret meeting without me!It broke my heart even more.
"So...what r u suppose to tell me"I said
"Well-um"Kacey said trying to obviously think of something I saw her give the guys a pleading for help
"R u guys hiding something"I asked
They didnt say anything and I turned to leave disgusted that they didnt even try to lie to me.They obviously dont want me
"Actually Stevie we were talking about how we were going to prepare for a gig and we didnt want to tell u because we wanted to make sure we surprised u"Zander said
It sounded convincing and I gave a smile at them
"Ok I believe it FOR NOW!"I said turning to leave



Zander's Pov
I sat on the couch sighing in great relieve when Stevie was gone
"Zander that was genious"Kevin said
"Yeah but she doesnt completely believe it"I said I know Stevie and she knows when we lie to her
"Zander that was still Genious" 

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