For a darling friend, close to my heart

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Hey Trupti, I have seen a time when one word could express a million thoughts and where a million words could express just one. I do not know if I fall into the million or one, but I sure do hope that the words to come would express my confession to its best ~ Happy Birthday

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



Hey Trupti Darling

I realized that two lines is a wonderful way to greet you but not a way to show you how much love I hold for you, so instead now, let me try to extend it just a little more and show you how dear you are to me....




If I had a wish that would could fulfill the heart of my dreams

Catching them by their hands and dancing along the seams

For I seem to have many more than my heart could hold

Waiting to see if reality would ever let unfold


Fourteen wishes, I pray to, please come alive

Start from one two three or to skip over to five

Be it underneath the stars or the golden rays of the sun

For a wish come true, let me be the first one





If my first is for a caring, lovely, enduring friend

My second would be for our bond to never end

Third comes trickling by for a time for us to meet

Fourth asks never for a time to depart so sweet




Fifth asks for a hand for me to dance with

Sixth makes me it a person, I have searched for in every myth

For friends are those few that I can never seem to lose

Be it birthday or graduation, a casual day let loose



Seventh comes rolling around for a better world to live in

Asks the eighth to see a girl's boon with no touch of sin

Ninth asks for lives to be saved from vices known

While tenth asks for a life where a girl can survive on her own


Eleventh is a for a path clear that the future mists

Twelfth is for a destiny that my fate shall assisst

Thirteenth is for a life filled with life and love

Fourteent is a thanks, for all the fulfilled wishes from above


Hey Trupti,

I am sorry that this could potentially be a belated greeting for you and is not half as extravagant as the others. I know that excuses are no time for now, therefore, I shall proceed and tell you all that I havent had a chance to tell you for this past month.


Trupti, you are one of the sweetest people that I have met. You are very genuine with people and have the purest intentions at heart. You are a very lovely sister to me and I am very thankful to have met you through booksie. Though we havent gotten a chance to talk to each other as much recently, I know that both of us have tried our best to keep our frienship alive in this crazy times that we happen to call life.I am truly glad that it has sustained all this time and will continue forever after. I remember when I first met you, we were both shy and we were still trying to find a way to approach each other. Yet as time passed, you became one of my closest confidantes and a person whom I can trust myself with. You have been there beside me through all my rough stages and have held my hand and reassured me all the time. I am very thankful to have met you Trupti, I genuinely am. I cannot express how close I feel to you, you are one of the few people who have the key to my heart.


And I hope you heart stays alive and young, for now and for after

Many many happy returns of the Day lovely,

With lots and pots of love

Take tins and tons of care

Giving you mugs and jugs of hugs


Yours truly



Hope to talk to you, very very very soon


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