Everyone is Gay Chapter 1

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Everyone is gay here.So join Naruto and Sasuke in the fun.

Submitted: March 12, 2014

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Submitted: March 12, 2014



Everyone is Gay Chapter 1 A Change

The wind was blowing hard that practical Saturday.Naruto and Sasuke had a day off so they decide to go and have fun.Naruto had stopped off at the market to get tomatoes for Sasuke.This made Sasuke very happy.So he decide to get ramen for Naruto.

"Aww thanks Sasuke,"says Naruto as he reaches for the ramen.
Sasuke smacks his hand and runs off with the ramen.Naruto understood he had to catch Sasuke if he wanted the ramen.They jumped from branch to branch laughing and calling each other names.

"Sasuke Baka,give me the ramen,"shouted Naruto.
 "Catch me first,Dobe,"replied Sasuke.

After a while,they were both sweating hard.Their sweat glistened in the sun.Sasuke was having fun for once.When he looked back he saw Naruto had taken off his shirt and jacket and wrapped it around his body.Naruto's body was lean and slick with sweat.

He could smell Naruto's scent from where he was.He saw images in his head of Naruto moaning his name.Naruto's body was twisting around and drowned in sweat,while Sasuke was thrusting deeper and deeper.Sasuke thrusted faster then ever and Naruto's lips were calling Sasuke.When he stopped daydreaming,he saw he had a major problem.

His pants had gotten tighter and he couldn't jump as far.Sasuke could not let Naruto see this.Sasuke looked in Naruto's eyes,he used his Sharingan on Naruto.Naruto instantly passed out,that would leave Sasuke with at least 5 minutes to take care of himself.Before Sasuke could jump away,Naruto's scent drifted towards him.The wind blew harder and faster.His cock rose more as the smells filled his nostril.

Sasuke grabbed Naruto's sweaty shirt and jumped far away.Leaving Naruto asleep in the tree.Sasuke was so turned on.He deeply sniffed Naruto's shirt and almost hit a branch.For once in his life Sasuke losted his cool.Sasuke stopped when he reached a secluded area by the pond in the training ground.He made sure no one was around.

He sniffed Naruto's shirt and his boner instantly rose more.Sasuke unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers.He slowly grabbed his cock and moved up and down.He grabbed Naruto's shirt and stuffed it in his face.Sasuke groaned,his entire body was feeling tingly.

He was excited yet scared but that only turned him on more.What if Naruto caught him?What would he do?Sasuke's mind spun as he pleasured himself.He was embarrassed that he was doing this,but God did he feel good.

Back to Naruto
Naruto had awoke from his slumber.He noticed two things,no Sasuke and missing his shirt.He though Sasuke was waiting for him in their training area.Naruto jumped through the trees.His blonde hair blowing through the wind.He liked the breeze in his hair.

His mind drifted off into nowhere.He though about Sasuke and then his body.The way Sasuke was slim and pale.He liked Sasuke's build.Naruto also liked Sasuke's coc...What was he thinking?No,Sasuke is his friend he would never want to do that.Right?Why am I thinking this?I never liked guys before.

Will Naruto change his sexual preference?Will Sasuke deny his feeling?
(Even though she's unimportant)Will Sakura ever give up on her huge crush.Find out in the next chapter.By the way,I'm going to try doing chapters now yay!!????

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