7th Hour

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Have you ever been stuck inside a giant metal coffin underwater? Well I have. I witnessed my best friend die. I was nearly kidnapped. All because I took a field trip to the Mississippi. And now everyone thinks were dead.

Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016



7th Hour

It’s 6:45 am. Kids crawl out of their parent's car and walk to the front of the school. Cassidy and I hug mom and dad. For we will be gone for the weekend. Or so we thought. Kids assembled and picked their buddies for the long trip to the mississippi river. “100 bottles of beer on the wall, 100 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around, 99 bottles of beer on the wall,” Kids sang as the bus from the front row in seat one all the way back to seat twenty six. Cassidy and i didn’t sing though. We just talked. Most brother and sisters don't get along, But most kids don't have a twin that they do everything with. We got on the bus at 7 and now it's 9. We cross a large bridge on our way. The bus starts to slip to the left. Then to the right. “57 bottles of…” Kids stopped singing in the middle of their sentence. The bus rocks back and forth again. Back and forth. Back and forth. When all of a sudden, the bus rams up against the side of the bridge. The lights at the top of the bus flicker. On and off. On and off. Then just off. The only light was natural light from outside, which wasn't much since it was only 9 O’clock. A big bump occurred again. Kids held on for dear life. Next thing we know, we've plashed into the cold icy water. Everyone yelled, screamed, and cried. But it was like being 6 feet down in a grave. No one can hear you scream. The bus driver, the only adult, stood up and yelled across the bus “Everyone stay calm. I’m going to swim for help. No one leave this bus.” The kindergarteners cried. Older kids went to cheer them up. All the kid’s lunch boxes were in the compartment under the bus, so no one could eat. About 7 hours went by. No bus driver. Air was fading. Kids with asthma had their inhalers in their mouth trying to get air. Kids with breathing problems are struggling to stay alive. We lost one. My 2nd best friend in the whole world. When all of a sudden, Everyone became quiet. No sound whatsoever. CRACK. The water pressure is breaking the window. I grab Cassidy's hand and yell. “Everyone, the water pressure is breaking the window. Soon they will all be broken,” In the middle of my sentence all the windows cracked. Then broke. Water piled in. “Swim out the window. It's our only hope.”

“No. The bus driver did that and he hasn't come back and he told us not to leave,” a little kindergartener said.

“Who cares. Just come.”

“We have to. We will all die if we don't,” a fifth grader yelled. It was Nelson. He followed us as Cassidy and I swam out the window. We were almost to the top. Nelson suddenly made a loud sound. He was stuck on seaweed. He tried to yell help, but water just filled his lungs. We were seconds away from having to breathe. We had to leave him behind. “Ow!” I heard a yell just as we put our heads above the water. It was Cassidy. When she was swimming, she threw out her leg. A huge log floated by. Cassidy got on top of it. I left her there while I try to find someone. I swam toward land. I found the bridge we fell out of. It was about a half a mile swim. Darkness came. The only light came from the city about 30 miles away. I wanted to sleep. But I couldn't just sleep in the middle of the forest. I had to find someone. Or a phone. Just my luck I found a payphone. I had no money. The winds start to blow the leaves from the forest to the river where my friends had drown. I had to sleep. Anywhere. I made a lump in the ground for a pillow. I gently close my eyes.

“Help me. Someone please help me,” Cassidy yelled. I got up and ran to the water. I dove and made a huge splash. I swam like I never swam before. I see the log Cassidy was laying on. But no Cassidy. I swam further and went underwater. I see the school bus… And Cassidy. I swim through the window and try not to look at my fellow classmates. I grab Cassidy and bring her to the top of the water. “Why did you go down there?” I asked.

“I-I-I wanted to find Lisa,” Cassidy said nearly crying “We promised each other that if one of us were in danger we would help the other person.” Cassidy stopped and swam down again. I swam after her. I went in the bus and… No Cassidy. She had been gone already. I swam to the top of the water to take a breath. It was no hope… She was dead. I woke up screaming. “That can't happen. I have to go back,” I said with my voice trembling. I swam back out to the middle of the river again. The log. Cassidy. All gone. I lost my sister in the middle of the Mississippi. I swam further. I swam under the water to find the bus. I swam back through the window. I see the little girl that refused to leave the bus to save her life. But still no Cassidy. I cry softly as I swim back to shore. I think of Cassidy. On our 5th birthday when she pushed me down a hill and I broke my arm. When I got up and pushed her down the hill and she broke her leg. That was the biggest hospital bill Mom or Dad has ever seen. I cry more. I think of everything we've been through. I decide to run to town. 30 miles. I run through the woods trying desperately not to fall down and cry. I hear twigs crack. I stop. The twigs still crack. Someone's following me. I run faster than I ever have in my life. But that helped nothing. A car with its lights flashing straight at me stops. Someone pops out of the bushes. I back up but the goons in the car grabbed my arms. “Go ahead take me. I have nothing to live for. My family won't ever find me, my friends are all dead, I couldn't even keep my sister safe. Throw me in the river. I don't care,” I say to the goons. When they fell down. I don't know what happened but they just randomly all of a sudden fell down. “Miss me.”

“Cassidy” I screamed that the people in town could probably hear. “Wait. But where'd you go. I went back to the log and you weren't there.”

“I was trying to find you. You just left me behind,” Cassidy said with tears of joy.

“Well looks like someone forgot about me. That hurts my feelings” The insane kidnapper said fake crying then he lifted his head up laughing. We picked up a rock and threw it at him. Poor guy. He didnt see it coming. We ran towards town again. We found a small cabin with smoke coming out the chimney, brown wooden logs, and a large fireplace. We knocked on the door. An old lady walked outside with a smile. We told her everything that happened. She offered to drive us home. Although we've been nearly kidnapped, nearly drowned, and were still getting in a car with a stranger.


10 years later

“See ya mom. Cassidy and I are going to meet up with some friends,” I said walking down the stairs with Cassidy standing next to me. The TV starts talking. “The world's largest river. Mississippi. School bus with 54 kids inside found. We will now list all the kids that died on that very school bus. Mary Ann. Lisa White. Jonathan Jensen. Cassidy Jensen.” The news reporter went on with all of our friends that we had lost that day. And according to them… We were dead too.

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