Sports for life

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An article in which sports are applied to daily living.
(I've write this article during my Website making which is for project purposes only.)

Submitted: April 09, 2016

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Submitted: April 09, 2016



I named it teine because it is fire. Fire symbolizes as dauntless. Dauntless stands for braveness, fearless, free, protector and serves as an army who fights rebels. Fire because it has no fear and its characteristics  is mettle. In life, we encounter many challenges and sometimes it takes detour.


From the word itself fire, life needs braveness, freedom and choices. In basketball, you need to be conscious and always alert with your battle. You need to protect the ball from your enemy. Life also needs protection in things that are yours. In track and field, you need to run fast in a direction given to you. Life also needs to run, as running stumbles us down but it is not a barrier that we should give up instead it is a lesson to move forward, to stand up. In swimming, you need to dive in deeper. You dive in yourself to see who you are-it is about creating and wandering yourself. Our life in this world is temporary. Everything is temporary. You need to come up with a good output. 


Boxing-here's to taking risks in order to win. You need to fight until the end. We know in boxing that when your kidney or liver had been punched, you urinate with a blood. This is the reason why professional boxers take risks after the game. In life, you also need to take risks. We take risks not because we accidentally do it but because someone needs us. We need to fight until the end and together we will pursue everything. Here's to stepping back so you can jump higher. We step back because we turn back; we turn back because we know what is right. In turning back, may we never forget where we came in how we have reached the top.


We may face difficulties and challenges, I hope we also remember the word "mettle". According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary; mettle means a strength of spirit and the ability to continue despite difficulties. So whenever we take challenges, let us have the characteristic of an eagle which has a courage to face the strong wind.

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