Thoughts in Island

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Thoughts in Island is an essay where my opinions are stated in my writings. Have faith in God for he will abide in you.

Submitted: November 16, 2015

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Submitted: November 16, 2015



Based on a book I've read entitled "Each man is an island","we're not the same, we're different in a good way", and the lyrics came from the song We're all in this together. All those words I've inserted in a quotation mark were a symbol of an individual base on his personality in what would be a thing would describe him as a person. Yes, true that each man is an island and this phrase doesn't mean that a man is an island but an island defines a man. If you would ask me what would I do if I'm trap in an island all alone, my answer would be simply just pray. We all know that prayer is the most powerful weapon in all things visible and invisible.

God gave us hands to pray to him and a kind heart to feel his presence and to believe in him, because if you believe in your prayers it will truly answered. Let's go back to the phrase "Each man is an island" this phrase is design as a figure of speech which means each man has an attitude that describes him how he comply his responsibility as a person. In an island you have two choices only: you need to work in order to live and the last thing is you would only rely with the things that surrounds you. For me it is always the best if you would do something to work in order to live. We also know that there is no electronic devices but nature is better than that because nature is part of our lives.

When you're all alone in an island, just think of optimistic act that would motivate you to be a kind of person you want to be. Take yourself in that island and serve it as your paradise. Paradise can be beautiful as who you are, what defines a lot of yourself. It serves as your place where you can be at peace so you can reflect in your daily lives. This is somehow God shows us instruments to see ourselves from the mirror that we better step away long enough to take damage and we realise that it is not appropriate. Paradise can be your home. Express everything what you feel inside, share your thoughts with mother nature and listen with your heart, you'll understand someday.

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