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cora's character sheet.

Submitted: December 19, 2009

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Submitted: December 19, 2009



Name: Cora/Allelia(A-lay-lee-a)

Age: Birthday: Sept 24


Hair: light brown (ends of hair match wings when transformed)

Eyes: blue Skin: light

Build: average Height: 5’3

Weight: 120 Face: heart

Wings: Like Pegasus’ wings, but are a different color each time.

Character and Personality: A writer and a bit of a daydreamer. She may end up a lot like me, but might also be very sweet, etc., at times. Loves fairy tales and princesses, etc., both classic and retold. Quieter, not cute in the way Miara is. Maybe a bit like Belldandy. Because of her isolation, she’s rather innocent and naïve, and hasn’t seen hard things. She hasn’t dealt with people much, and may be very shy, but then, everyone around her in the underground temple gave her attention. But a lot of time alone (plus the Pegasus thing) has rather put her head in the clouds with stories and thinking, entertaining herself, etc.

Occupation: Does not work. Is going to be a writer, publishing books and story collections, etc.

Hobbies, Talents, Skills: Writing, gardening, singing, living inexpensively, has great skill with horses


Favorite Colors:

Clothing: grecian dress, drapey things, etc. hasn't gotten to modern stuff yet. Skirts and dresses, only wears pants once every 2 or 3 weeks. Wears colors like white, blue, brown, pink, light green. Doesn't wear anything very tight, bras, and most of her shoes are sandals. Does wear underwear, or her traditional tunic under her greek dress.

Has problems with: cruelty, bugs,

Food: Meat: Fruit: Veggie: Least:

Sleep: likes sleep, daydreaming, etc.

History/Past: She is the daughter of Bellerophon and Anteia, whom he did assault. However, the child was hidden when her sister (and Bellerophon’s wife) became jealous, and would have killed her. Anteia faked her daughter’s death, and hid her away in an underground temple, from which she’s never left. Thus she was not affected by the madness her three sisters were cursed with, and eventually was put into eternal sleep by one of the gods until such time as she might have a real life. She doesn’t remember a whole lot beyond that.

Miara was exploring the temple, which she found by chance, and found her, which was no doubt very strange, and woke her. The world is exceedingly different now, except that she kind of knows it, but doesn’t know how.

Dreams: to write, have a quiet happy life with nature and maybe some horses

Lives: Cora's mother hid her in an underground temple of Athena, thinking that since Athena had favored her father, she might favor her, as well. She has spent her whole life there, and also set up small room for worship or prayer to the Oneiroi, the three gods of dreams. She has lived with the priests and priestesses there, as well as with a few servants, including her personal servant, Talitha (damsel, maiden), who was only a few years older than her, and her nurse, Amalthea (to soothe).

Season: spring—which she's never seen!

Time of Day: morning (writing is good)

Power(s): transformation simply adds wings in varying colors, and the ends of her hair change to match them. Not sure how she got this way, or if she was born like that somewhere, that will probably come. can fly in space!

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