The Dirt Road

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Two travelers on a dirt road.

Submitted: April 01, 2010

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Submitted: April 01, 2010



Clouds blotted out the sun as two travelers followed a dirt road. Quietly, they walked. Birds could be heard overheard, cawing to each other. Talking in language unbeknownst to men. The travelers continued around the road, moving the dirt with their feet. Dust swirled behind their feet.


One of the travelers looked up at the cawing birds and then glanced at the sun that had come out of hiding. Light gleamed on a metallic object tucked away between the traveler’s waist. He reached into his rucksack and pulled out a canteen made from animal skin. Squeezing it, water filled his mouth. He passed it over to his partner, who declined, pointing at a darkening cloud.


The two continued walking along the dirt road. Lizards were bathing openly in the sun. Their eyes followed the travelers. A lizard quickly run underneath a rock as a bird swooped down, in a vain attempt for lunch. Lizards around the area eyed looked at the bird and quickly started moving towards it, themselves hungry for lunch. The bird cawed and cawed. It tried to jump off the rock to fly away, but the lizards had clung to the bird.


It’s calls went unheard as they stopped as quickly as they had begun. The travelers could hear thunder in the distance as the sun went into hiding once more. Clouds could be seen darkening and moving ever closer to the travelers. A light breeze blew one’s hood off, revealing a shaved head and several piercing in both ears. He quickly put his hood back on, looking around to see if anyone had saw him. His eyes did catch a bird being surrounded by lizards. They jumped on it and brought it to the ground. The traveler stopped to watch this battle. In seconds the bird had been covered with lizards. The traveler felt a hand on his shoulder, he spun around to see his partner, signaling him to keep walking.


The road be had become wet, making it harder for the two to walk along its smooth path. A butterfly landed on a travelers hood, he quickly flailed his arm to his head, killing the butterfly and taking his hood off a little. His head was shaved as well, but he had a number tattooed into the right side of his forehead. He pulled his hood down as he felt water spraying his hair. The two men sighed, but they continued walking.


At this point there were no more signs of life. There were no lizards or birds or rocks. Just a lifeless road. The traveler with piercing looked at the cloud covered sky and stuck his tongue out, hoping to catch a few drops. Every drop of water avoided his tongue. The two travelers quickened their pace. A few feet ahead there was a crumpled piece of paper. The numbered traveler picked it up, read it, and threw it away. The pierced traveler looked at him questioningly, but the numbered traveler said nothing and the two continued walking.


‘Bring your torches! Bring your pikes! The legendary outlaws, Vero and Lem will be stopping in this town!’


They could feel water splashing from the sky as a town came into view. The two travelers looked at each other and continued walking on as rain began to drizzle down. 

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