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What is it to teenagers with sex......watch what being sex addicted did to Andy...he lost someone he truely loves

Submitted: October 25, 2012

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Submitted: October 25, 2012



A break up:  by  Zilungile Soboyise 

"Hey sweety, wait i gotta talk to you" Andy shouted Malulu seeing her passing by.

Malulu just pretended as if she was deaf or something by proceeding with her peacefull walk.

These two had been lovers for the past three years but then Andy decided to cheat or play around with her feelings.

He ran to her, grab her and tried to hug her. "Wow Wow..hold it right there Mr. What the hell are you doing,huh?"

Malulu softly pushed him away and with the sign of confussion written in her face, she turned around and folded her arms staring uncosciously right into his eyes.

"C'mon Lu..don't tell me you still mad about that chat thing" he pleaded like the 99% of cheaters out there do, sweet talking and trying to impress, well that time Andy was bad timing.

"Oh now is the 'thing'...? How nice is that, very nice. So before wasting another minites of my time what the hell do you want from me? A congratulation,huh?" she vigorously posed a question to him.

What happened is that once, Malulu accidentally went through Andy's inbox messages and suprissingly founded love,romantic and sweet messages sent to Andy by a girl claimed to be his girlfriend (Zama).

Malulu kept this to herself and never said a word to him but then always brought up the name Zama as Andy's second girl. Then few months Andy's social network was used by a person suing to be Zama and told Malulu that Andy is his best lover.

"What did you espect me to do Malulu, for damn 3 years being together you cannot even allow me to have sex with you, you not satisfying me, c'mon i've got needs"  he defensively tried to conviced her.

Malulu's face turned green, she felt disgusted and could'nt bear to glance at his lameness face.  "Andy i'm happy that you finaly found your sex machine, so now are you done cause i gotta go" she smiled and looked at him.

"Okay listen to me now, it was not Zama in my phone it was me. All was just a joke girl believe me i was kidding" he pleaded

She laughed "A joke...did you just say a joke? Well your 'joke' wasnt that funny to me. Maybe evaluate it to another person possibly one can find it amusing.

Andy ran out of words he didnt realise it but it was close to a 'break up', there were no signs but then Malulu had already made her mind that the bonds are going to be broken, like an incomplete water where hydrogen bonds break away from oxygen.

She was fit enough to let this f***n cheater go, to her desires she wanted to do it soft and smooth so that she can leave an unbearable burden in his heart which is guilty and regression, that was the nice reward, isnt?

"Before i go just one thing, as this is a goodbye to a wonderful 3year relationship..one last hug please" she seemed unrealistic cause the face was overwhelmed by irresistible smile.

"I know you do not mean that sweety, i know you we can't just let this go. You and me belong together" he was very sure that was just a joke

"Dear you should know me better joking is not my favourite and if this was a joke you would be laughing by now so goodbye..in simply terms this is a 'break up'...its over.Enjoy Zama nhe!"

He started detecting how serious she was by then Malulu turned and walked away. He grabbed her arm and appealed to her "Lu you can not do this to me"

"Oh really? Watch me" Malulu said that realy walking away from him.......




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