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My first experience at the university with my three friends

Submitted: October 08, 2012

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Submitted: October 08, 2012




Four big fools

 It is so amazing to find that happy life is not necessarily about having money, food, good clothes or being known. To me a simple, laugh engulfed life is the best aspect of happiness. University life is full of experiences good ones and bad ones, struggles, hardship and most of all its not quite easy to be in-depended or living in your small world all by yourself. It is so alarming for people from different cultures to have so common experiences.

When I first got to the university, it was like part of my life had been removed away from me and substituted by a soaring wound that opens to torture my heart. Actually part of life was shifted and I was entering to the newest level of life. I was confused, not knowing which path to take nor to leave. Life just seemed like a misery, the one that is pushed but without motion only emotions of vulnerability. Once I even asked myself and said “Is this really what I call life…I mean is it just illusion in me or am I dreaming?” There is this say, saying that ‘growing up is hard as hell’, being an author means bringing dead words to life not as if its real but to comfort the heart and I just thought these words where one of those ‘brought from dead’. I was very wrong in that because what I perceived as just words turned to be alive in me. Challenges came in my way, attacked me and turn me into dust.  God came into my rescue, lifted me up and told me to rise again. By then confusion was playing around with my cognition but the inner core of me turned to see from the bright side then I thought ‘who said life would be easy?’ If it’s not me then who has to be? These thoughts brought the smile through hardship, even when life was miles away; one laughter one joy brought it all together.

When I finally found the place to call ‘mine’ but not really just being borrowed, it was another small spinning of life from worst to better. I found a friend I could call, from same regional culture and having the same cognitive strategy I guess. We were both into the Zulu land from the land of Transkei. She introduced me to two of her buddies belonging to the Shaka Empire (historical event of Zulu people). Together we made what I call ‘four big fools’ and became one stick to another. For me it was hard to first get to know them very well but then it took few months to get along so well. One was a big funny story teller, second was a chicken-like laugher, third was formally funny,she would evoke a joke and hardly laugh at it while everyone is laughing and me lastly….what can I say? I just put everything on the paper as I have put this down.

Together we all lived a united simple life, sharing common life experiences. The first ‘fool’ did not have a father and her mother left her when she was young and pitched up when she was on her teen. The second ‘fool’ lost her mother through illness in 2005 but still had her father and the third ‘fool’ lost her father this year (2012) but still had her mother. For me both lovey mommy and daddy passed away, mom in 2005. These were attributes that combined us and built the fools. We though had some differences which I could basically call ‘personalities’. One was always eager to know who has what, how much one has and what amount of food one has compared to hers. Another was always into doing things that are basically beneficiary to her like begging another person to do something in her favour and the last one was much concerned into interpreting other people around like who wears what, where is it bought and how well does it suits him or her and for me I don’t know maybe they could describe me inbetween because these are just my views personally into how I perceived them but from my point of view I see myself as quite disorganised, up and down, tick-tack and really not collected .

We lived in the residence like one quite happy family, laughing and joking. Once we had one joke not that we were trying to be perfect than others but just one little joke that still exists. One girl from around the residence was wearing a dress, black and white dress that was necked and long sleeved. The dress suited her and she had a hair band that matched with the dress. It was sunny, quite very sunny but then she was seen by a ‘fool’ the one who interprets people. When we got back to the residence she was chicken-like laughing and the three of us followed her with laughter but not yet knowing what she was giggling about (the fools hey!). Finally she told us that the girl just looked more like a ‘cow’….oh my Goodness that killed all of us with laughter, we laughed that everyone seemed to be starting to wonder “are they really okay, psychologically?” In case you were also wondering we were perfectly fine not offending the girl but just laughing how our ‘fool’ mate anticipated the dress in her. When defining the nature of the cow thing, she made an example of a cow found in the outer bottle of ‘amasi’ traditionally called ‘inkomanzi’.

Another term that arose to personally call the second girl was R-O. According to our personal academic definition it stands for ‘Residence Owner” and here is how it rooted. Myself and another ‘fool’ mate went to God worshiper’s church and we quite enjoyed being there because it was so enjoyable. We went with some few girls from the Residence informally called ‘Res’ including the so called ‘cow’. One girl was before the church, thanking God and everything but then in her talk she mentioned that she thank sisters from her Res in encouraging her to attend church. Nothing was wrong in that to people neither notable but to ‘fools’ one, single phrase was notable. It was not because we saw anything bad to her but something that provoked a joke to us and the phrase was that saying ‘her Res’. For God’s sake no student owned the residence but then the poor girl was making a formal talk, bad for her she never realised or smell the presence of the ‘fools’. The notion of her being the ‘res’ owner became the one and daily joke that made us ‘fools’ to laugh everyday as much as the ‘cow thing’.

C:\\Temp\\msohtmlclip1\\01\\clip_image00Yes I admit the contexts of our lives were different, the basic units that built us were completely diverse but then something was so identical, something that was so familiar either so wonderful and I call that “fools”.  You know nowadays many people believe that there is nothing like a friend some even associate friends with enemies but I do not blame them in that, the thing is in the game of friendship one has to play it smooth and gentle in order to yield something better. We all need friends not to always lean on but to just have that special time of joy and laughter, putting aside our strains and stresses. Fools have struggles and difficulties individually but they take time to put aside everything and just giggle, isn’t that healthy? OPEN YOUR HEART AND LAUGH A LITTLE!!!!


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