Good girl Gone bad i wonder

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What happened to her..? She was so an angel..wonder what went

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012




  Good Girl Gone Bad

By: Zilungile Soboyise

There was a time, when she smiled from the deepest of her heart

A time when she was proud

Her beauty was seen from the outside out to the inside core of her heart

She was bounded by love for all

Her deeds were constructed accordingly

She was a good girl, as good as gold

Like a sparkling, transparent and good looking plastic

For whom who glance is pleased, as the tears are washed away by her sweet loving voice


Oh! a good girl has gone bad

Her heart is as stiff as a solid craft

As if she has been strangled by the rope of hatred, whose power is opsession

The transparency is gone, lost in the foggy life

Love is eliminated and a heart is shaped as a sphere of a greedy Being

The light is shattered, the rose witted yet life is chaotic

Her deeds are disorganised more as psychotic

No one knows why,when nor how

It pitched up in a sudden

Ears are sealed, life is getting onto her and may be destroying her

Some say the blame is on teen age

But i ask.."Isnt being nineteen means wake up?"

With age she's moving forward

Yet with mentality she's backward

Is it life, is it challenges, is it her,is it age?..Poor girl she used to be good very good

Wonder what happened, What went wrong


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