There is an empty space inside in me

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Sometimes we individually endure inner conflict and it feels very bad when one feels like something is missing in a soul or heart but not excatly sure what is it....take your time and hear how it feels like

Submitted: October 09, 2012

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Submitted: October 09, 2012



There is an empty space inside in me

By : Zilungile Soboyise

I was crawling to the sky

Hoping i could fly

The millions of stars

The billions of sparkling stars

I thought i had the universe

Nor a voice to speak aloud this verse


There comes a storm that perished my smile

Whose sound strikenned my life

It wasn't a thunder but a destroyer

It dug to the deepest of my heart

And posed the greatest of hurt


My heart teared apart

My light was turned off

A gap in my soul emerge

My life and sorrowengage


Sometimes it comes and goes

Sometimes it haunts me

No one can feel these pains

For they travel through my  veins


It used to be real life

It used to laugh

Yet now it is tough

I thought i was stonger

With life that is longer



But then the clock of pain


An empty vessel in my soul


Thirsty for the Lord or for life?

Maybe both are ineed

Indeed there is an unfilled gap in me






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