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Submitted: April 29, 2013

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Submitted: April 29, 2013



Sometimes in life you realise that you're all you've got in this world. You are just a stranger in the mist of crowed, whose desires seems extinct.

Sometimes laughter just live for a moment, no matter how much you wish to see people happy and smiling at you. You come to a point where you realise that life does not always revolve around you.

Sometimes the wounds of your soul are reborn again and when that moment comes you think to yourself that u never make it in life.

Sometimes you realise that making people feel the same way as you is impossible for there will never be a full guerantee that those people even care.

Sometimes an individual you expect to understand you is the one who blow you off even though you fully understand him/her.Holding onto a person's hand is like trying to catch a fly because even if you finally grab it, it will die and you'll be left all alone with nothing on your hand but a dead fly (useless)

Sometimes you come to learn that friends and everyone you assume to know are not exatly as you percieve them.

Sometimes you keep on writting what you feel but never understand how this love of writing was born and while you know its just an unacknowledged work. Yet deep down inside your heart you realise a pen, paper and writin words are the only buddies you've got besides yourself.

Sometimes in the mist of confussion you realise that its just a brain floating through the ocean of thoughts

Sometimes you realise that these are just words written from the crushed heart, whose eyes are filled with tears because life keeps on pushing harder and none seem smoother.

Sometimes you wish so hard if things were different, that life was so easy to understand that people's minds were not so complex to be revealed

Sometimes you wish that fairy tales were real, that everything happen like in the movies where end is known and game easy to play. But you realise that they are just scenes on a screen......................................at the end you realise that writting is what lives in you and that you should be proud.

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